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16 Five Star Rated AIDS Information Sites & Blogs

1. My Journey With AIDS

My Journey with AIDS is a personal site run by Kenn Chaplin who was diagnosed with HIV in 1989. Since then he has battled a range of AIDS-related illnesses. Kenn’s journey online gives hope to some, solace to others and for many, a window into the life of a HIV sufferer as he negotiates his life. As Kenn states, AIDS is not a single issue journey, so there is information on his other problems and unique situation as well, such as bipolar II. The site also includes a HIV/AIDS glossary and information about Kenn himself and photos from his life.

2. Denying AIDS and Other Oddities

Denying AIDS and other Oddities is a blog based on a book of the same name by Seth C. Kalichman. They both chart not only the rise of HIV and AIDS, which have been bad enough for human health, but also the rise of denialists and naysayers who call AIDS a conspiracy or try to persuade sufferers to forego their medication.
As well as covering AIDS denial in all its forms, it covers stories of those who deny treatments and vaccinations in general, although its main focus remains AIDS and HIV. The site also carries information about the book and a thorough list of book reviews. It is an important site for those trying to keep people aware and to stop people either giving up or not seeking treatment from some misguided belief in a non-existant conspiracy. Some of the stories covered are truly sad as people turn their back on survival after reading lies online about their condition…

3. AIDS Meds

AIDS Meds is a website dedicated to HIV care and medication. The site combines a wide range of information. Firstly, it introduces information about HIV and AIDS for the uninitiated or those who wish to know more. For those with HIV/AIDS or those who are close to someone with the condition, there are information sections about prevention and treatment. While the disease is not yet curable, the news section brings more information about developments in that area. As well as a community section, AIDS Meds includes a Spanish language section and a magazine called POZ. A sister site, HEP Mag is dedicated towards those with Hepatitis.

4. Stop AIDS

Stop AIDS is a San Francisco based website that aims to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS and to prevent its transmission. Aimed specifically at men, this health website combines news and awareness with community-based organizations and events. Information that it provides includes how to get a HIV test, ways of contracting HIV and where to find free condoms. With a positive attitude, the site would like nothing more to see HIV and AIDS eradicated through good behaviour and carefulness. It raises money for its events, employs a wide range of volunteers and is a strong resource on all men’s health issues.

5. AIDSmap.com

The Nam AIDS Map website aims to change people’s lives by sharing information and knowledge about HIV. By giving out clear and prescient information, the site hopes to help reduce if not eradicate HIV entirely. To this end, the website includes basic information on HIV such as transmission, testing and treatment. It also includes news items about HIV, resources such as counselling, checklists and information, plus translations of the information into over a dozen languages from Dutch and Czech to Somali and Thai. In addition to this there is an E-Atlas with country and organization profiles.

6. The A Word

The A Word is a Calgary specific blog-site aimed at HIV and AIDS sufferers or friends/relatives of those with the disease. While light on permanent content or fact filled resources, the A Word is a long running blog that has covered a multitude of subjects. Top posts cover subjects such as HIV and brain disease, the differences between HIV and AIDS, the Pope’s views on condoms and a post about female condoms and anal sex. Categories show that there are posts on stigmas, myths, sex work, safer sex and projects such as AIDS walks and helping the homeless.

7. The HIV Justice Network

The HIV Justice Network is a wide ranging website looking for justice for HIV and AIDS sufferers the world over. To show off its international credentials, the blog lists the countries and states covered and how many times they have turned up in blog posts. The blog itself focuses on looking at laws around the world. While it also includes subjects such as penalising HIV/AIDS sufferers, it centres around non-disclosure laws and how those who carry AIDS but continue to practice unsafe sex should be prosecuted in all countries if they are intentionally infecting others.

8. Teach AIDS

Teach AIDS began inside Stanford University and soon developed into a fully fledged website containing teaching materials for those who want to learn about HIV and AIDS or those who want to teach others about it. The learning materials featured on the website have been worked on since 2005 and seek to be not only up to date with modern thinking, treatments and laws, but also are designed to be culturally specific. The site is run not by sufferers or those who know sufferers, but by medical experts. It conducts research on HIV and AIDS using money from donations.

9. The AIDS Committee

The AIDS Committee of Guelph and Wellington County is a community specific website to Guelph and Wellington County. The mission of the site is to aid those with the disease in seeking treatment, social care and awareness. It works with both individuals involved in HIV and AIDS, and whole communities who wish to better understand the problem or aid those with HIV in their midst. It also provides moral and information support to carers, HIV victim families, friends and loved ones throughout the progression of the condition. The website highlights testing locations, publications, how people can help others and provides information on events and workshops across the county.

10. The International AIDS Society

The International AIDS Society is one of the world’s biggest and most important associations of HIV professionals that is independent of both pharmaceutical companies and governments or inter-governmental agencies. By bringing together such professionals and their knowledge from over the world, the IA Society promotes dialogue, education and networking. It publishes a journal with the latest news and opinions on HIV as well as providing a wide range of resources on its website. The overall aim of the site is to help professionals working to treat and prevent HIV, so it is light on information for actual sufferers or carers.

11. PoWeR: Surviving HIV

PoWeR’s mission is to improve health literacy by spreading valid information about medical problems. Surviving HIV is aimed at promoting education and learning about all aspects relating to HIV and AIDS. This includes giving information to those already with HIV and to people in general, so they can avoid the risk of catching the disease themselves. The blog itself contains a range of informational posts about topical issues and news including a social media campaign aimed at combating stigma and the release of new HIV drugs.

12. AIDS Drug Assistance Programs Blog

The AIDS Drug Assistance Programs blog looks directly at the American governments role or non-role in funding the ADAPs AIDS Drug Assistance Program for people with HIV and AIDS. While political in the sense that it discusses government policy, the site is neutral and sticks to key information regarding ADAP programs, drugs, tests and the ADAP Leadership Awards. It provides detailed information about everything related to the federal government’s role in drug funding, but also covers HIV and other STD related events and programs such as the National Hepatitis Awareness Month and whether home testing kits by pharmaceutical companies should be released for general use.

13. Marvelyn Brown

Marvelyn Brown has HIV. She is a CEO, author and HIV awareness activist. While she has her own website, she uses this blog to write about her life as someone who is HIV positive and to raise awareness of the issues and problems that arise from it. These can be slice of life posts such as the date with another HIV positive person who wanted to cover up HIV awareness. This biographical blog helps to inspire those who have just found out they are HIV positive or those who know people who are, and it helps show how a normal life can still be lead.

14. Shawn and Gwenn

Shawn and Gwenn spend their time educating people about HIV and AIDS as well as working with AIDS service organizations to help those who are positive. Gwenn is HIV negative, but has been raising awareness since her undergraduate days, while Shawn was infected with contaminated blood products as a kid. This website covers details of their books, speaking engagements and media activities while also containing a blog. It is light on medical information and is more concerned with raising awareness, blogging about life as someone with the disease or as someone who campaigns to help others.

15. International Planned Parenthood Federation

IPPF is a HIV and AIDS site run by the International Planned Parenthood Federation. It seeks to provide universal access to contraceptives, safe abortions and gender equality. The IPFF AIDS website is a series of blog posts on a range of HIV, AIDS and contraceptive themes from a challenge to come up with a new slogan for condoms to HIV and the law. The majority of posts are factual and concern current affairs relating to these issues. It also discusses other help organizations and a range of related awards.

16. Justin’s HIV Journal

Justin B. Smith is a gay activist and is also HIV positive. His blog is related to the key issues surrounding his life as a black American, a man who is HIV positive, an air force veteran, gay rights activist and as someone pursuing his education in Maryland. His blog helps to raise awareness of the many myriad issues a newly HIV positive person will encounter as they learn to deal with their condition. The site is educational from a personal perspective and is very community and personal orientated. It will help those with HIV and also those who have just found out someone they love dearly has the condition.

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