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18 Commended Men’s Health and Fitness blogs

1. Male Pattern Fitness

The Male Pattern Fitness blog is as much about the involvement of readers and fans as it is about providing insightful analysis of current men’s fitness trends. It provided regular features about what experts across the world are saying about men’s health and fitness, along with reviews of books promoting new fitness regimens. The blog’s readers are invited to write in, and provide links to photos, videos, interesting quotes, and other useful resources that fitness enthusiasts could benefit from. There is also an exhaustive list of links to other sites that offer authoritative information and news about the world of men’s fitness.

2.Men’s Fitness

A lot of work has gone into making this blog look as good as it reads. There is so much to explore here, from exercise regimes to keep you trim, how to build muscle fast, and the right nutrition to complement your fitness programme. You’ll find a range of videos and photos that demonstrate exactly how to perform all sorts of different muscle strengthening exercises. There are also interviews with celebrities and professional sportsmen which reveal how they keep in shape. To top it all off, the latest fitness gear and equipment is tested and reviewed, along with clothing and footwear to keep you looking good when you’re working out.

3. Excuse My Abs

Excuse My Abs is the brainchild of two guys, Jordan and Chris, who wanted to keep track of their competition to lose weight. The blog has now taken on a life of its own, but Jordan and Chris still keep it regularly updated with their daily routines, workouts, and diet, along with photos to show the results. They also offer tips and guidelines about things like gym etiquette and losing fat. The blog is light-hearted with plenty of joking around, so if you want a light humorous read this is the place to head.

4. Iron Man Magazine

As the title suggests, this blog has a heavy slant towards bodybuilding and big muscles, so if this is your thing then Iron Man Magazine is the one for you. There are tons of instructional videos that demonstrate the best ways to build muscle, and plenty of questions and answers features so that you can get advice from the experts. To add to that, you’ll find information about nutrition, lifestyle, and training which is designed to make you better informed about bodybuilding. If that wasn’t enough, the blog has its own internet radio show, and there are loads of free wallpapers to download too!

5. Davey Wavey Fitness

Davey Wavey Fitness is written by a guy who struggled with obesity as a child, but is now a personal trainer who knows what it’s like to be overweight. His articles are informative and compassionate, aimed at everyone whether you are an experienced with fitness or are just starting out with your fitness program. There is plenty of practical help here, and it is all split up into sections making it easy to find. You’ll find articles dedicated to cardio-vascular fitness, weight-loss, muscle exercises, healthy nutrition, and more. You can also sign-up to a free monthly newsletter to get the latest fitness tips emailed straight to you.

6. Fitness Beans

Fitness Beans is an excellent blog that offers a comprehensive selection of articles that cover pretty much everything to do with men’s health and fitness. It’s written by a small tight-knit team that offer their own expert views and analysis which is completely independent from companies involved with the health and fitness industry. You will find information about the right types of food to eat to lose fat, the pros and cons of particular exercises, and the benefits of news fitness equipment that becomes available. They also have their own shop where only thoroughly tried and tested products are sold.

7. Men’s Health Advisor

Here is a site that concentrates more on the health side of being a fit and healthy man, rather than the fitness side. There is a wealth of information here about all types of different conditions and health issues, along with great advice about how to lead a more healthy life. There is a special section that deal exclusively with heart problems, another for arthritis, and one for eye care too. You can find out about dietary supplements that will boost your health, and read articles that offer advice on nutrition. For health-orientated advice, Men Health Advisor is a great place to start.

8. Dr. Elizabeth Celi

This blog is written by Dr. Elizabeth Celi, an Australian who specialises in men’s health issues and is a qualified psychologist. She offers a unique stance on men’s health which focuses on the psychological feelings of men rather than diet and fitness. Her views are interesting and backed up by real research and evidence, and she has appeared on many television shows to share her views. She is the author of a number of books, and offers practical guidelines on her blog which cover things like how to manage anger and how to communicate your feeling effectively.

9. Men’s Health

The Medical Center at the University of Rochester is responsible for creating this men’s health blog. If offers educational articles on many aspects of men’s health and wellbeing, covering things like skin cancer, hair loss, and dealing with mental health issues. Research carried out by the University of Rochester Medical Center is also published here, giving readers a sneak peak at the latest developments in the world of men’s health. You’ll find academic analysis of all the current trends in men’ health, along with breaking news stories about men dealing with health issues.

10. Men’s Health Forum in Ireland

The Men’s Health Forum in Ireland is an organisation that deals solely with health issues that affect only men, of condition that are more serious among males. The vast resources available here make it a hard site to match, and any man dealing with a health issue should head here for some advice. It’s is a firm supporter of Men’s Health Week, but operates all year round as a place where men can find the information they need about the health problem or condition they are suffering from. They offer a free regular newsletter to keep you informed of the latest developments in men’s health, and a number of downloadable poster images to help spread the word about the help available to men struggling with an illness.

11.Foundation 49

Foundation 49 was setup in memory of Tony Hitchin, a journalist and editor who died from a rare form of cancer, and campaigned to raise awareness of men’s health after he was diagnosed. One of the great features of this site is the collection of fact sheets about different men’s illnesses that are available to download. These have even been translated into a number of different languages besides English, so that people across the world can benefit from them. You can even take an online health check that will give you an indication of any conditions that you could be susceptible to.

12. Men’s Health Forum

The Men’s Health Forum is a UK site that cover’s pretty much anything and everything to do with Men’s Health. It’s a place to find completely independent advice about conditions that can affect men at any point of their lives. A unique feature of this site is that you can select your age, and the most relevant information for your age group is displayed. There is also an ‘online gym’ feature, which provides ‘how to’ articles about different ways you can improve your health by exercising.

13. The Turek Clinic

The Turek Clinic is run by Dr. Paul Turek, a master surgeon who specialises in procedures and issues surrounding male fertility and sexual health. He has featured on news networks and the Discovery Channel, and his blog is full of expert opinions on men’s health issues. You can watch videos of him being interviewed, and read articles by himself and other leading physicians who specialize in men’s sexual health. He also provides links to a variety of trusted medical sources so that you can see what other doctors have to say.

14. Men’s Sexual Health

If you are concerned about any and every aspect of your sexual health, then the Men’s Sexual Health blog should be your first port of call. The great thing about this blog is that so many readers write in with their stories and questions about their own sexual health issues, which can then be answered by anyone. You will see what everyone has to say, see different suggestions for treatment, and be reassured that there are other people suffering the same thing as you. If you think you’re alone with a sexual health problem, head here to find out that you’re not!

15. Men’s Health Network

The Men’s Health Network organisation blog has a focus on preventing ill health among boys and men, and help them increase their feeling of well-being. You won’t find detailed descriptions of workout techniques here, instead it is a resource for information about illnesses and how to lead a happy, healthy life. You can find a variety of press releases and reports that provide the latest information about men’s health issues, along with a wide range of health facts put together by experts. You are also invited to join the organisation and share your thoughts and experiences about health issues.

16. Male Fitness

Male Fitness is a great blog if you are interested in improving your appearance through working out and leading a healthy lifestyle. This is a blog perfect for those of you that love hitting the gym regularly and building up your muscles. The articles here cover all sorts of topics, from how to motivate yourself to the best ways to prevent injuring yourself while working out. There is also a section devoted to advice on the best supplements to help you build muscle faster. This site is perfect for the amateur bodybuilders out there.

17. Anthony Catanzaro

The personal blog of the ‘superman of fitness,’ Anthony Catanzaro has devoted his life to fitness and health, and now offers personal training to those that can afford it. His knowledge of how to stay fit and healthy, and how to look your best through working out, is hard to match. He is an example of what men can achieve with, and sums up how he did it with his quote, ‘If you want to fly like an Eagle, you can’t think like a chicken.’ Anthony writes fitness articles for a variety of publications, and you can find excellent personal fitness tips at his blog too.

18.Men’s Health Cures

Men’s Health Cures takes a completely natural approach to subject of men’s health and fitness. There is lots of information about managing health using only natural herbs and plants. It also explains different spiritual healing techniques that could help men to relieve pain, instead of relying on synthetic medicines. There is also exhaustive information about prostate health and erectile dysfunction, along with natural ways to help treat these two potential men’s health problems.

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