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18 Extremely Valuable Student Health Resources

1. Amplify

A modern urban looking blog encouraging young people to learn and speak out about a variety of health issues, primarily concerned with sex and body image and related areas. Controversial issues are covered in an informative and non-judgmental way such as abortion, living with HIV, female genital mutilation and human trafficking. A superb blog with high quality information and great signposting to helpful organisations. Fits in perfectly with the intended audience of modern teenage, tech-savvy readers.

2.Health Sciences Today

A very comprehensive and useful blog run by the Public Affairs team at the University of Utah Health Care. Regular weekly posts about the newest technologies, research and new services as well as helpful articles on keeping healthy and maintaining well-being at relevant times of the year. Recent articles include firework safety for July 4th, skin cancer concerns during summer months and how to help patients in hospitals get a better night’s sleep. For particular interest to local readers and students it also has a section on living in Utah including recreational activities, public transport systems and a restaurant guide.

3. Indiana University Health Blog

A thorough and wide-ranging health blog comprehensively covering diverse health issues from wellness issues such as sleep, weight loss, pain management, allergies and asthma to articles about a wide range of treatments for cancer, cardiovascular problems, orthopaedics and plastic surgery to name a few. It also has an interesting innovations section covering advancements in technology etc. Combining a clean look with great usability makes this a great student health blog.

4. Institute for Women’s Health Research Blog

The aim of this blog is to make some of the biggest issues in women’s health research more accessible in the modern world and speed up the time it takes for scientific research discoveries to impact on women’s health and well being in everyday life. Based at Northwestern University, hot topics include breast cancer, pregnancy, sex differences and weight management. This blog brings to light important pieces of legislation that relate to women’s health such as aspects of the Affordable Care Act. A great blog for women’s health medical practitioners and interested students across America.

5. University Health System Nevada

Aiming to nurture and promote wellbeing across the state of Nevada, this health blog combines an ‘Ask the Doctor’ section focussing on common problems such as obesity and sports injuries with the latest news about local medical successes and clinical trial opportunities. It is also available in Spanish, hoping to reach the wider community.

6. Emory Health Now Blog

This blog is maintained by Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center of Emory University including medicine, nursing and public health. The information available is suited to all health sciences students as well as the interested wider community. It has education, news and research categories, as well as a focussed section on children’s healthcare. All the articles are informative, well-written and detailed.

7. Rush News Blog

News, Views & Health Tips from Rush University Medical Center. The articles are aimed at journalists and bloggers wanting updates from Rush University Medical Center. The majority of the articles relate to the Green Transformation and Rush Campus Construction Project as well as a large proportion being related to research news.

8. York University Faculty of Health Blog

York University’s Health Blog is broken down into five categories: Kinesiology and Health Science, Nursing, Health Policy & Management, Psychology, and Research. Some articles are written by lecturers and some by students, detailing their own experiences. The site itself isn’t that simple, but for interested parties, the articles are worth hunting out.

9. University of Minnesota School of Public Health Blog

Written by students of the School of Public Health to describe and inform about life in the Twin Cities and at the University of Minnesota. This blog complements another written by their Alumni, documenting early life as a public health professional. There are currently ten contributors with topics of genuine interest to prospective public health students as well as any prospective University of Minnesota student.

10.University of Michigan SPH Life Students Blog

Seven current students contribute to this lively blog. Posts are up to date and regular, covering important and emotive areas of student life from graduation, to spring break, to the weather, to schedules and organisation. Helpful and informative on all aspects of student life, but with a particular public health slant, such as why the library and exam halls are incubators for disease and how to get health related internships. The posts are in easy to digest formats with useful sub headings and structures. A great blog!

11. City Connects Blog

A student support blog for students in high-poverty urban elementary schools, mainly in the Boston area with the aim of supporting student’s health and well-being in order to raise academic attainment. A weekly round up of relevant national news is posted which is particularly informative as well as news about the City Connects program.

12. Rackham Graduate School Blog

News and information relevant to Rackham Graduate School Students. Daily posts keep the site well maintained and up to date, vital for a news blog. Categories of posts include a Meet the Bloggers section and accounts from current students about graduate life, applying for graduate funding and dissertation/writing help and advice.

13. Global Health Blog at Northwestern University

A global health blog with information from trips to large parts of Africa and South America as well as other countries such as Pakistan. With a previous dominance of HIV/AIDS articles and community health posts, current key topics include the cross between medicine and culture when it comes to global health decision making. An informative and easy to navigate blog for anyone interested in global public health.

14. Notes from the Field

An inside look at the masters of public health program at St Georges University, this blog covers the specific program, student experience and current relevant news in public health. With a focus on ‘notes from the field’, articles written about field work and research conducted away from the laboratory environment, this blog will appeal to current and prospective students of St. Georges University and public health students across the world.

15. Student Health and Wellness

A national student health insurance company blog, helping college students to stay healthy, get better when they are ill, and reduce their health costs. Covering topics such as preparing for college, what to take with you, healthy eating, cooking on a budget, working out and socialising. A basic blog with few really innovative ideas, but a great starting point for all soon to be college students, or current college students who need a few pointers in the right direction to boost their health and their GPA. Nicely laid out and categorised with info graphics and good blog-style posts, well suited to college students.

16. Arts for Health

Manchester Metropolitan University’s Art’s For Health organisation is the UK’s longest established arts and health organisation. It aims to better understand the impact of art and creativity on health and well being. The site lists events and opportunities for students and the general public to get involved as well as publications and links to other relevant sites. The blog itself is the North West Arts and Health Network detailing arts events relating to health from around the country, and relevant news items from different media sources. This site has wide appeal to people in the UK, particularly students at Manchester Metropolitan University but also families and individuals who have a desire to understand how exposure to and involvement in art, creativity and culture can have a positive impact on their health and wellbeing.

17. Global Health

Following the University of Southern California’s trans-disciplinary team of students and faculty as they travel around the globe to improve health and educate those who are involved in policy decision making all over the world. Recent destinations include Panama, South Africa and Chile. A cross between a travel diary and a global health blog this will be of most interest to global health students.

18. Minnesota College Health Corps

The Minnesota College Health Corps is a cohort of VISTA members who are placed at community- and campus-based sites throughout the state of Minnesota, each dedicated to reducing health disparities and improving the health of low-income people. The blog details the projects and successes of the College Health Corps as well as being a key way of communicating news such as positions that need to be filled. A vital site for members of the College Health Corps and useful for hopeful candidates.

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