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Our 19 Favorite Stop Smoking Resources

1. Tobacco Free Florida

Tobacco Free Florida is a fantastic blog that offers up-to-date information for all smokers wanting to quit, not just smokers in Florida. Describing itself as a movement to protect the people of Florida from the dangers of tobacco, they offer local help as well as help to anyone that can access the internet. Just a few of the innovative tools you can use here are the ‘cost calculator,’ a quick an easy way to see how much you will save by quitting smoking. They also have a free downloadable ‘quit kit,’ packed full of resources, tips, and support to help you cope with giving up cigarettes.

2.Smoke Free Wisconsin

Smoke-Free Wisconsin is an informative blog which is regularly updated with well-researched and relevant feature articles. Even though it’s aimed at people from Wisconsin, there are facts and news here that people from all over the world would be interested to read. The blog has already been running for 5 years, and explores areas like government decisions to educate people of the dangers of smoking, and the efforts of tobacco companies to keep people smoking. For independent and informative journalism that centres on the scourge of smoking, this is a great place to start.

3. Ciggy Free

Simple and to the point, this blog will help you quit smoking when you are committed to doing so. It has a wealth of categories to choose from, so that you can quickly find the type of information you’re looking for. From real-life stories written by people who have successfully quit smoking, to analyses of smoking related diseases, the articles here are hard-hitting and eye-opening. For some really effective persuasion to stop you from lighting up again, head here and read an article when you’re tempted.

4. Fresh Office for Tobacco Control

In an effort to reduce the amount of smokers in North East England, the Fresh office for tobacco control was created. Fresh, along with its website and blog, has now evolved so that it can be used by people worldwide, with its in-depth research and shocking statistics on the damage smoking does to a person’s health. They also offer a lot of support campaigns like plain packaging on cigarettes and initiatives to stop young people smoking. There are some great infographics and educational videos available here to really hit home the dangers smoking poses to young people.

5. lets Be Totally Clear

Here we have a blog that is not only full of essential and shocking information, but looks great and is simple to navigate. Part of the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living, Healthier Air For All aims to educate people about the dangers of second hand smoke. It lists smoke-free venues and smoke-free events for people wanting to avoid second hand smoke, and regularly tweets new places that have gone smoke-free. One of the unique features of this website is the statistics on air quality in smoke-free bars compared to bars where smoking is permitted; the average is a 95% improvement in air quality from smoky bars to smoke-free bars!

6. No To Smoke

A one-stop-shop for safe substitutes to smoking and products to help you stay a non-smoker once you have quit, No To Smoke has a wealth of features to take advantage of. There is lots of information about electronic cigarettes, herbal smoking as an alternative, and drugs that can quell the cravings once you have quit. You’ll also find a handy glossary that explains some of the terminology used by doctors and drug companies when it comes to smoking and the diseases it can cause.

7. NY Smoke Free

The first place smokers from the state of New York should head for support, but also a great site for anyone trying to give up smoking. A large online community uses the site as a hub to discuss issues about smoking, and offer support to people trying to quit, or suffering from a smoking-related illness. The information here is very matter-of-fact, and it separates the facts from the myths for all to see. Try out the “Why I Smoke Test” to realise what it is that keeps you lighting up.

8. Safer Smoke Supply

Safer Smoke Supply is all about showcasing the new electronic alternative to smoking actual tobacco. Electronic cigarettes offer smokers an alternative to tobacco that can provide the same sensation and action, minus the harmful chemicals and carcinogens. There is plenty of information on the site so you can find out how they work, how much money they can save you, and the benefits they offer over tobacco cigarettes. You can even find out the closest store to pick them up, or order them online.

9. Stop Smoking

If you want to know more about the addictive substance that gets people hooked on cigarettes, then look no further than the Stop Smoking Foundation. This blog concentrates on nicotine addiction and the psychological barriers that people must overcome if they want to successfully give up smoking. This sets it apart from other blogs, and provides some insightful articles about how nicotine affects the brain and the best ways to fight nicotine cravings. Packed full of tips for kicking the habit, along with recommended programs to help you quit for good, there is much to learn here.

10. Stop Smoking Wales

An advanced website that offers across-the-board support and advice for smokers wanting to quit. Stop Smoking Wales isn’t just for people living in Wales, but will certainly be even more relevant if you do. A great feature available here is the option to ‘listen’ to the site. It is speech-enabled, which means if a person has difficulty reading the text, they have to option to listen to it being spoken. This feature is especially useful for people who use English as a second language, or the visually impaired.

11.Campaign for a Smoke Free Alberta

The Campaign for a Smoke Free Alberta works hard to protect the children living in the Canadian province for all types of tobacco products. It’s a great place to find out information on spit tobacco, which is largely ignored by many other stop smoking blogs. There is also plenty of information about flavoured tobaccos that are becoming popular among young people. You’ll find the latest anti smoking news from around the world here, and an archive of videos that add weight to their anti smoking campaign.

12. Smoke Free Horry

Another regional stop smoking blog that is regularly updated with the latest developments in the global campaign to stub out cigarettes for good. There are lots of smoking statistics for Horry County and South Carolina here, including things like property damage fires caused by smoking and cleaning costs incurred because of smoking. The great thing about this blog is that it takes into account the social, economic, and environmental impact of smoking, not just the health issues. It’s a great place to find some alternative information about the different types of damage smoking is responsible for.

13. Smoke Free Indiana

It’s one thing trying to give up smoking yourself, but when you’re a non-smoker working in a smoky environment you can indirectly suffer the same health problems as smokers. This blog aims to change that, and offers up-to-date news and analysis on eradicating smoking in working environments. It’s a great place to find reliable resources on how unhealthy workplaces that permit smoking are, and keeps up-to-date with new legislation and government action on this particular area of the smoking problem.

14. Smoke Free Southwest

Smoke Free Southwest offers tailored advice to smokers and concerned relatives living in Southwest England, but the resources available can help smokers across the world to kick the habit. A comprehensive site that highlights the wide-ranging problems caused by tobacco, it dispels the myths about hand-rolling tobacco and explains the dangers of illegal smuggled tobacco. Here you’ll find video articles and informative written features that touch on a variety of topics, including the danger or smoking inside of your home.

15. Allen Carr

Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking is a worldwide network of clinics that help people to stop smoking for good. Using books, seminars, and online programmes this site offers support and guidance to those people that want to give up, and is available to people in over 50 countries. At the blog you can read personal stories from people that have successfully used the programme to become a non-smoker. The programme has been running since 1983, and still people are applauding the great advice offered here.

16. NYC Smoke Free

Here we have a health advocacy group that focuses on creating awareness of the deadly implication smoking has on a person’s health. With some startling analysis and plenty of resources to back up their arguments, you will find plenty of reasons to quit here. Being based in New York City, there is a large database of venues and events to visit for a smoke-free atmosphere. There are also some great articles on the persuasiveness of tobacco advertising and they welcome contributors and supporters to join their cause.

17. Clean Air Quality

An extremely interesting an enlightening blog that reveals some little-known secrets about the close ties between pharmaceutical companies and the smoking ban agenda. Taking a different angle than most blogs, the write Marcus Aurelius strives to expose the private nicotine supplements manufacturers who provide funds for the smoking ban movement in a bid to increase sales of their quit smoking products. A whistle-blower site that aims to inform and protect the public from the power of big business, and the promotion of quit smoking products that may not be suitable for some individuals.

18.Quit Smoking Hub

The Quit Smoking Hub is a great all-round resource to find an assortment of information about smoking and its effects. You’ll find guidelines on how to quit, the likely side affects you will have to endure, information on what exactly is inside of cigarettes, and much more. The blog is informative and entertaining, with stories about celebrity attempts to quit smoking, and the different methods used, from hypnosis to isolating yourself on a deserted island!

19. Quit Smoking Support

A website that has been operating since 1989, Quit Smoking Support has built up a wealth of resources and information to support people on their journey through giving up smoking. There are some graphic photos and x-rays of the damage smoking does to the lungs, along with self-assessment questionnaires which can help you reveal aspects of your addiction you might not be aware of. You’ll also find a forum for people to connect with other people trying to quit, where you can offer and receive support and guidance to keep everyone focused on giving up for good.

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