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20 Authority Diet Information Sites

1. Diet.com

Diet.com offers a great range of dieting tips and recipes from healthy buffalo wings to sin free desserts such as baked rhubarb. The site is a veritable resource for all dieters and has been around since 2004, meaning it has years of experience, know-how and content. It is designed to help users plan their diets, mix them with a suitable fitness regime and to keep track of both. By mixing exercises with healthy food, diet.com believes all users can reach their dieting targets without putting their health on the line.

2. Diet To Go

Diet To Go specializes in healthy eating and manages to keep many of its menus at affordable prices too. The site is determined to change perceptions about healthy dieting menus, to show they are not weird concoctions or extreme things, but are a mixture of nutritious and delicious meals. It is a full on diet plan with many options to choose from. As well as offering low calorie and sensible eating ideas, Diet To Go is a very interactive site allowing users to connect via Facebook, Twitter and even to call the team.

3. Smitten Kitchen

Apart from having a great name, Smitten Kitchen is a small half-galley kitchen in New York City. Using the kitchen as a base, the site’s owner Deb gives tutorials and advice on cooking a wide range of meals from poached eggs to dreamy birthday cakes. She keeps it simple and homey, not pretentious or too difficult. Nothing fancy here, just good old plain cooking. Deb loves to share her recipes and ideas with anyone willing to listen.

4. Green Lite Bites

Green Lite Bites is one person’s adventure in finding whole foods high in fibre, but low in fat for her family and her. The key tenets by which she cooks is low sugar, no processed flours and the inclusions of fruits and vegetables wherever possible. Every recipe from cookies to casseroles comes with photographs and nutrition information, so users know exactly how healthy the meal is. In addition to recipes there are articles on feeding kids and babies, contests and book reviews.

5. The Actor’s Diet

The Actor’s Diet combines both information on being an actor, especially for non-stars, and tricks of dieting for particular roles. As Lynn Chen notes, actors come in all shapes and sizes, but many have to change their body for a particular role. The blog gives helpful dieting tips for building the body up or slimming it down without causing any health damage. Chen combines recipes, advice for on set catering and food events all over the Los Angeles area.

6.The Clutter Diet

The Clutter Diet is based on a book of the same name by Lorie Marrero and is a site designed to offer people affordable help in organizing their home loves, housekeeping and dieting at the same time. Her team are able to work with individual clients to cater to their needs. The blog contains a range of advice based articles on how to organize particular places such as the laundry room or to remove the clutter from a schedule. In terms of food and dieting, the site covers topics such as organizing your shopping and putting things in the refrigerator.

7.The Fresh Diet

The Fresh Diet delivers healthy meals to your door. Each pack contains three meals and two snacks chosen from hundreds of choices. Sample meals include strawberry pancakes with honeydew and turkey sausages, mango stuffed pork loins and fish-grilled mahi mahi. Rather than giving advice and recipes, The Fresh Diet tailors a range of food options to the dieter, cooks them and hand delivers them in temperature controlled boxes. The site’s idea is perfect for anyone who is too busy or too unsure to cook healthy meals for themselves.

8. Diet Naked Blog

Diet Naked Blog is a blog run by a dieter as she seeks to bring diet ideas and secrets out into the open. The philosophy behind the blog is that the potential to be humiliated in public is a big motivation for people, so if they are more open about being fat, they will have more motivation to diet. By announcing your intentions to those around you, there’s nowhere left to hide if things do not work out.

9. The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl

The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl follows the dieting times of an Australian living in Scotland. Having lost half her bodyweight on a diet, Shauna Reid decided to blog about her intense relationship between her body and her food, and how she seeks a balance between the two. The site includes her blog, recipes on things such as a healthy Eton mess and Spiced Dal soup, resources and photos. The site has also led her to publish a book on the subject.

10. The Diet Blog

The Diet Blog is jam packed with resources for dieters and those wishing to live a healthier lifestyle. It juxtaposes the increased weight of the population with the increasingly skinniness of celebrities as it debunks diet myths and re-enforces the facts. There are articles on types of food such as dairy products, fruits and oils, plus information on health conditions, food additives and how to eat healthier. This is definitely a one-stop shop for all things healthy and diet related.

11. Loving it Raw

Some might think a raw food diet was extreme, but as many people know, cooking foods such as vegetables often removes most of the nutrients. Loving It Raw is a blog by a once sceptical convert, who explains how to use raw foods as a way of losing weight and going on a healthy diet. The site includes guidelines on using raw food such as fruit in a diet, on living a vegan lifestyle as well as many healthy recipes from chocolate desserts to fruit smoothies.

12. The Garden Diet

The Garden Diet is a nutrition website dedicated towards natural foods and raw vegan recipes. It advocates a number of Go Raw Programs that can last from seven days to 28 days depending on the needs of the user. The site provides guidelines and advice for each of these Go Raw Programs. In addition to this there are a range of ebooks, blogs and DVDs. There is also an option for people to sign up for a free newsletter.

13. A Merry Life

A Merry Life is a diet and healthy lifestyle blog run by a web designer called Mary. The blog combines ideas on healthy lifestyles and dieting alongside personal stories from her life, such as planning a wedding, and advice for those wanting to start their own blogs. The site includes a progress report, blogroll, a blogging guide and a food blog. The latter includes breakfast, lunch and dessert ideas.

14. The Gluten Free Diet

The Gluten Free Diet is a website run by and based on a book of the same name by Shelley Case. For a number of people gluten has become a major problem causing a range of conditions such as celiac disease. Case outlines in her book, blog and podcast practical ways in which gluten can be avoided and eliminated from a diet. The site includes free resources on gluten education, a newsletter, information on celiac disease and an overview of her book.


15. Dietriffic

Dietriffic is a web guide to living a healthier lifestyle. Passionate about truly helping people, the site features plenty of real information and facts about how to make your life healthier. It ignores fads and magazine article style guides aimed at raising money, and instead looks at subjects such as low carbohydrate side dishes, nutrition myths, raw chocolate and better breakfasts. There’s even information relating to weight loss apps for phones and computers.

16. Perfect health Diet

Perfect Health Diet website also features a book of the same name. The website was founded by scientists specialising in diets and health related issues. They believe chronic middle aged health problems can be solved through dietary revolutions. Their site includes tips on avoiding premature ageing, nutrition rich diets and how to aid the body’s natural ability to recover. There are also recipes, information on the book, a guide to a low carb diet, reader results, and a Q&A page.

17. Picky Eater Blog

Being a picky eater does not have to mean only eating cheese on toast or the finest gourmet fair, but as the Picky Eater Blog points out, it can be someone who eats as healthy as possible by avoiding processed and fast foods. Anjali’s blog features an extensive recipe section that includes breakfasts such as oatmeal with chocolate brownies or blueberry bananas, vegetarian bean stew soups, veggie burgers, Indian foods like samosas and a fine range of desserts with guilt not included.

18.Kath Eats Real Food

Kath Eats Real Food comes with a tribute to oatmeal, so you know you are in for some high fibre healthy eating. The blog has been running since 2006 and features a wide range of recipes from rainbow quinoa salad to mushroom lasagne. The site is filled with healthy and delicious recipes, videos, a shopping page, press and background on the city Kath made home, Charlottesville.

Healthy Tipping Point

Healthy Tipping Point is less about weight loss and more about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Run by North Carolina resident, Caitlin Boyle, the title of the blog refers to the sociological point where healthy eating or good exercise turn from being a rare event to a normal part of someone’s life. The site contains information on Caitlin’s own tipping point, recipes for healthy eating and books.

The Information Diet

The Information Diet is a site centred on consumption habits. It looks at a person’s health and the general health of society as a whole. Clay Johnson, who wrote the book the site is based on, looks at how important it is for those wishing to live a healthy lifestyle to get the right information and not to fall into the trap of ignorant ideas.

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