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20 of The Very Best Child Development & Psychology Sites

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Home – Children’s Therapy & Family Resource Centre

This website is very appealing to parents due to its clear roots with childhood. It offers options for any child development issues up to the age of 19, including online resources for parents and children. It offers information on milestones children should be reaching at certain ages and also offers up to date information on events that are being run to help children develop at the correct rate, or help those who are falling behind others their age.

Pathways | Paula Barrett – Child Psychologist, Brisbane

This site offers help to families in the form of advice for adults, as well as numerous programs and online resources for children in the age brackets 4 to 7, 8 to 11 and 12 to 15. It also offers options for 16 to 18 year olds, as well as some courses for adults who may be struggling with keeping up. Also offered are resources and some information for other trained child psychologists, making the website useful for professionals and people looking for a therapist for their child or themselves.

KidsAbility – Home

This is a website based around a centre in Canada; however it offers an extensive array of information for children of all ages, as well as resources for adults who are attempting to cope with a child who has some form of special needs. The website also offers information on upcoming events and volunteering options – allowing anyone who is interested in getting involved to become involved. It is an easy and simple website to navigate.

Family and Children’s Place

The site offers a place for parents or carers to search information on helping traumatised or special needs children. It has information about the family services and individual services they offer, as well as training courses for people looking to get involved with child development psychology. There is a constantly updated events calendar, for people looking for a child development workshop, or for those looking for training or work.

Children’s Therapy Corner

Here there is an array of advice available for parents, children and therapists in training, offering current events information as well as online help and suggestions for therapists to help children overcome or deal with their issues. It also offers some insight into what other parents have thought of the help their child has received, as well as some insight into the minds of the child therapists themselves. The website offers lots of varied information on different issues a child may be suffering from to cause developmental issues.

Quirky Kid Clinic – Australia’s Leading Child and Adolescent Psychology Clinic

This site offers an extensive range of options for children, adolescents and parents, or even families as a whole. It offers the latest news in an easy to find and navigate section as well as access to many online resources and information. The site is easy to search, and finding information is made easy and straightforward. Also included is information on workshops local to Australia, as well as therapists, however the online resources are available worldwide.

Play On Words | Child speech therapy and language development articles, blog, strategies and toy and book reviews.

The website includes a host of interesting and new ways to help children learn and develop at a faster rate. With constant updates on news and information on new technology to help children learn it has an abundance of information to offer. It offers access to some online resources as well as lists of books to help learning and development for young children. Also included is information about educational toys for aiding learning in a fun manner.

Kids’ Progress, Behaviour, Learning and Thinking

This website offers a massive range of information relating to child development issues, and ways a parent or carer can help a child develop well. It features many easy to navigate subsections about varying factors which can affect development, and also includes ways to help development, including information on the use of instruments and puzzles to further develop the skills of a child. Some advice is also on offer for parents dealing with older or younger children with developmental issues.

Play Therapy

This website focuses mainly on using play with a child to help them develop and grow as they get older. It has a lot of good links to resources available widely online, as well as options for parents looking for further information on developmental issues. The website is updated regularly and has an easy to navigate archive for anyone who is searching for information or resources on a specific subject or issues – most are related to using play to aid children.

Child Development Institute – Parent Guide to Developmental Stages

On offer here is a wealth of not to be missed information. With help from a baby through to a young adult this website offers access to standard milestones that can be expected, development through these stages and an insight into child psychology. It has a directory for parents looking for further information, as well as help on how to books for parents and young adults. Also offered are health and safety tips for children with learning disabilities or special needs.

The Thoughtful Parent

This is a blog style site, offering information and tips on dealing with a child and their development. It is written by a parent who has previous experience with family psychology and is blogging about her experiences being a new mother. The site has a lot of witty, interesting information, and is easy and simple to navigate. A brilliant read for some fun stories and useful information for parents and parents to be.

The Kid Counselor™ – Child Therapist, Brenna Hicks, LMHC, Blogs About Parenting and Play Therapy

On offer at this site is information about play therapy as well as useful tips about raising children from a young age to be considerate and understanding of others around them. It has online resources for anyone to access and offers an easy to navigate archive of every blog that has been posted for parents and young adults to browse and find tips they are searching for.


This site offers a blog as well as an online store that offers many different tips on helping children develop well, whether they have special needs or not. It is a provider for parents, therapists and counsellors for developmental tools and toys, giving parents easy access to the same tools they may find at child development centres allowing them to further help their child in comfortable familiar surroundings. The site is well laid out and the blog is easy to understand and simple to search for the information needed.

Early Childhood and Youth Development | Your DCTC News Source : Dakota County Technical College

Here there is a blog with many different aspects of chid development, and information on the psychology involved in helping children. It can be used by adults looking for advice, or by other child therapists for some extra information. The site also offers information on courses for children and adults, allowing both parents and children to further their understanding and development on any issues the child may have. The blog is appealing and interesting, as well as easy to navigate.

Communication Therapy Blog

This blog has very up to date views on helping with child development, including research and findings of using applications on computers and devices to help children learn with less hassle. It also offers detailed information on workshops that are available, as well as linking to sites online which offer information and even more resources to use to help understand child psychology and development.

Miven Trageser, MFT, L.A. Los Angeles therapist.

This website specialises in helping children with behavioural or developmental issues, but also offers help for adults and young adults who require counselling. It has a blog for up to date thoughts and information, as well as plenty of workshop information and outside resources. Included is some in-depth analysis of child psychology and therapy techniques in general, as well as some information on counsellors and therapists in the Los Angeles area.

Paediatric Therapy Chicago, Glenview, Highland Park | Child Development Resources

Offered on this website is an extensive array of information on child development, as well as an impressive range of expertise for all different kinds of problem a child may be having. With information on all aspects of development and links to resources and useful downloads, parents will have plenty to read. It also offers information for training child therapists and tutoring information. Workshops are listed on the website, allowing therapists and parents to find event local to Chicago that they can attend.

Child Psychology and Parenting Blog: Child-Psych.org

This website offers information mainly aimed at parents to help them understand how to handle situations to cause the least amount of stress and worry on a child. It also offers insight into child psychology, allowing parents, training psychologists and practicing psychologists to get any information they deem necessary. Focused mainly around research into psychology it has an extensive backlog of useful and interesting articles, all of which are easy to navigate and understand.

Dr. Anne Zachry – child development specialist

This site is exceptionally well organised and offer resources and information for all parties interested. Training and qualified therapists can find useful information here, as well as parents. Some articles are directed solely at parents, while others focus on special needs and how to handle them and the children who are learning to cope with them. It also gives recommendations of useful books to help with understanding developmental needs, as well as a large resource section.


This is a blog site helping parents to understand the truths and myths behind certain developmental issues a child may have. It has some interesting ideas and explores them to a very full level of depth, allowing parents to get a clear understanding of the level of psychological issues some children may be facing. The blog posts are cycled by month and year but are clear to navigate and explore. The site offers some books that may interest people who wish to learn more about psychology and therapy in general.

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