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20 Commended Grief Support Sites & Resources

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1. Recover From Grief

This site is full of hope for those who have been affected by loss of a friend or loved one. It simply and methodically talks through the stages of grief and gives you guidance on coping strategies as well as direct advice on dealing with the pain of grief. The site also contains practical advice about memorials, services and suitable music and poetry. In addition Recover from Grief also talks about the loss of a pet which can be underestimated by many.

2. Open to Hope

This site has been set up by a mother and daughter duo who lost their son and brother when he was just 17 years of age. The established the site as a means of helping others through the same grief that they themselves suffered. The site contains articles, videos and radio broadcasts to the pair discussing different aspects of grief. There is also a forum for individuals to share stories and post problems they are facing.

3.A Good Grief

Out of this heart wrenching story comes one of hope as one woman uses the site to show others how she has found a way of coping with her grief. The site also contains articles regarding organ donation and other aspects of grief not just those associated with death. The site contains a forum and also has the opportunity to make a donation to their charity which helps people afford expensive headstones and memorials for their children who have died.

4. A Grief Recovery Method

This site is split into two sections which make it easier to navigate to find what you need. First it is aimed at those directly affected by grief and those that want to support somebody affected by grief. This UK site also contains useful articles and videos about dealing with grief. The aim of the organisation is to help the largest number of people affected by grief in the shortest amount of time.

5. The Grief Healing Blog

This blog is a collection of information from around the internet for anyone dealing with end of life care, death and grief associated with loss. The site posts useful articles for anyone looking for help in these areas and there are also discussion groups for people to join and share or ask questions. The site also offers links to other useful resources online.

6. Planet Grief

Planet Grief is written from the perspective of a woman whose husband died. She writes honestly and openly about life without him and about being the partner left behind. She encourages two way interactions with her audience and also invites conversation unrelated to grief too.

7. The Grief Recovery Method

This site is from the writers of the The Grief Recovery Method which is a guide to recovering from loss. The guide contains 61 tips for those dealing with loss or those helping them to deal with loss. The site offers instant help to those suffering and training for those seeking to help others personally or professionally. There are links to useful articles and videos as well as the facility to ask a question.

8. Journey Through Grief

This website began as one woman’s attempt to navigate her way through a healing journey. This journey has now been published into a book ‘Seasons of Solace’ and this website documents each chapter providing emotional and practical advice following the death of a loved one. Having been directly affected after her husband was killed in a car accident, the website and ultimately the book, seek to help others experiencing grief.

9. Grief & Gratitude

This blog is about the ‘transformational power of grief’. It is one woman’s story of how her life has changed since her 21 year old son died in 2010. She writes poignant articles in the blog about different aspects of her grief and perhaps most humbling she writes about the gratitude she now feels for the small things in life.

10. Friend Grief

The sole purpose for this blog is to help those suffering after the death of a friend. The blog clearly defines this grief as separate from that of a family member and offers insight and articles about how to share their grief with those who have gone through similar experiences on the blog. It is particularly helpful to those who feel that no-one fully understands the grief they are going through.

11. Grief Encounter

UK’s Grief Encounter specifically helps children deal with bereavement and loss. It is also aimed at supporting families talk about death in such a way that children aren’t unnecessarily scared or traumatised. The sites itself is split into easy to understand sections and there is the opportunity to get involved, seek support or fundraise for the organisation.

12. New Grief

This site is for families and individuals dealing with terminal illness. It recognizes that even when a disease is diagnosed as terminal it is often several years before the patient will die due to medical advances and better treatment available. New Grief offers support to families and helps them find new coping strategies for living with the every day reality and preparing for the inevitable.

13. Live a Purposeful Life

Live a Purposeful Life has an aim of people realizing just that. It offers articles, books and much more for those looking for help and advice dealing with grief. It focuses much more on life after grief and how to find a path to living a full life regardless of what life throws at us.

14. Hospice of the Western Reserve

Quite simply this is the website of the Western Reserve Hospice in Cleveland Ohio. Their website offers information regarding the services of the hospice as well as information for patients, families and professionals. The website contains a section about dealing with grief and there is also an area about how to help fundraise for the hospice or volunteer your time.

15. About My Recovery

This blog is exactly what it says it is and documents the ‘recovery’ or life after grief of Noemi Lardizabal-Dado. Noemi suffered the loss of her son at the age of 6 and this blog provides insight, articles and thoughts about her life after the raw grief was over. This is one woman’s journey about how she used her son’s death to strive for more from her life and fight for her goals.

16. The Alchemy of Loss

Abigail Carter’s husband died in the 9/11 tragedy and this website is about her journey since then. Following his death Abigail wrote the book The Alchemy of Loss and this website is all about her using the trauma of losing her husband to live life to the fullest. The site is particularly unique as Abigail describes herself as a young widow.

17. Widow Chick

Using humor and an easy light hearted tone this blog seeks to bring a smile to the gloominess of grief. It also aims to help people use positive thinking as a coping mechanism and is written by 35 year old widow Catherine.

18. Not Your Average Widow

This is a blog which is written by a twenty something widow who lost her husband in Afghanistan. She started the blog as a way of channelling her thoughts in the hope of one day finding some comfort from it. The blog is honest and contains lots of word pictures to illustrate her feelings.

19. No Artificial Colors or Flavors

This blog was set up by Christina Levasheff following the loss of her child. She documents her emotional and religious journey in order to help others suffering grief in the same way. She is also a writer and a speaker and endeavours to help others by sharing her story.

20.The Real Life of a Redhead

This is an open and honest blog from a mother about her life and that of her family. She talks about losing a child and health issues that affected her family and yet maintains an upbeat tone and talks about other aspects of her life. She describes herself first and foremost as a daughter of Christ.

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