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20 Cosmetic Surgery Sites That Really Impressed in 2012

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St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery

This site is easy to navigate and holds information on many forms of plastic surgery, for both face and body; it has an extensive before and after gallery of pictures for many procedures. It includes an interesting and insightful blog, offering detailed and expert information on different procedures, and also what to look for and expect when searching for a surgeon for any plastic surgery. There are also patient stories available, allowing prospective patients to see how other people felt about their surgery.

Seattle Plastic Surgery

If you are looking for large amounts of information on different procedures then this is the site for you. Also on offer is information on the importance of visiting a professional surgeon for cosmetic surgery due to the major risks of scam artists posing as professionals. The blog has an extensive archive of posts on varied subjects, including breast, face and body enhancements. The website also has a gallery of before and after photos from various procedures, and includes financing information in relation to plastic surgery.

Northwest Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

An interesting blog that provides current information and important updates on the advances and information available about plastic surgery. It has information and surgical procedures for the body and face, as well as information about non-surgical procedures such as face peels and laser hair removal. A before and after photo gallery is available for many of the surgical procedures that are explained on the website.

KC Plastic Surgeon’s Blog

Offered on this website is an insight into many different cosmetic procedures and the delicacy behind each different patient involved. It explains the differences that must be observed for different patients and explains the procedures in-depth for further information. It has plastic surgery information and non-surgical information, as well as before and after pictures for both and a patient information resource for anyone looking for further information or consent forms.

San Diego Plastic Surgery Clinic

Available on this site is information on many plastic surgery procedures for face, body or breast, and also has a range of information for different skin procedures to help with dry, flaky or aging skin. It offers a range of questions that patients may wish to ask their plastic surgeon, as well as some information about the history of plastic surgery and a frequently asked questions section for anyone looking for information they cannot find elsewhere.

Dr. York Yates Plastic Surgery

There is a focus here on information about procedures and ways in which unwanted fat can help enhance other areas of the body. It also contains a before and after photo gallery, as well as some videos of before and after certain procedures too. The website has an extensive archive of informative blog posts on many different subjects which people may be interested in if looking for specific information about certain procedures.

Clayton L Moliver Blog

A varied site which has information about many types of surgical procedure and includes information on the risks and benefits of having surgery to enhance self-confidence, or fix a problem part of the body. It has a video gallery which includes video blogs and has a photo gallery to show results of different procedures. The website is very easy to navigate, and the blog has a handy category section to look for the exact information wanted.

Daniel C Mills Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Institute

Here there is information on the latest technologies for many procedures, and information on the different options patients have when considering plastic surgery. It has an informative guide for patients with many different levels of experience with plastic surgery, including newcomers to the procedures. There is a testimonials page with information from people who have had procedures, as well as a photo gallery displaying results of many different procedures that are offered by plastic surgeons.

Christine Hamori Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Spa

Extensive information on many different procedures as blogged by a plastic surgeon is what this site is all about. It has current information on many procedures as well as a blog archive all the way back to 2004 to view how plastic surgery has progressed in that time period. It can be used as a great informative website for anyone looking for detailed explanations behind most procedures offered by plastic surgeons and also offers some information in some blog posts about resources that could also offer further information.

Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Blog

All kinds of information on different plastic surgery procedures can be found here, from body enhancing procedures to facial procedures. It offers surgical and non-surgical information as well as advice in the blog and current news information. The blog has a wide range of information and is aimed at people who are interested in fashion and beauty, not only plastic surgery. Lots of good informative posts here and the website is simple and easy to navigate.

Care Plastic Surgery

A great informative blog, with some posts involving information about plastic or cosmetic surgery, and others relating to events or everyday happenings that make it a very interesting and sometimes amusing read. It also includes detailed information about many procedures as well as a photo gallery that showcases some of these cosmetic cases. It offers patient forms and information about financing for these procedures.

Chrysalis Cosmetics

For those people considering plastic surgery but have outstanding unanswered issues this site could be for you. The site caters for all those sorts of questions people who are unsure may be asking themselves, but also includes information on the procedures for anyone who has already decided plastic surgery is correct for them. Also shown are non-surgical options and photos for anyone interested in how a procedure can look once completed. The blog on the site also has interesting and important information and is very easy to navigate and simple to understand.

Aguiar Plastic Surgery

This site has information about many different cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, as well as information about financing for these procedures. It holds information about breast, face and body procedures, as well as some case studies that focuses on these. There is detailed information about many procedures and a blog to provide some insight into the life of a plastic surgeon as well as the pros and cons of different types of plastic surgery.

Hess Plastic Surgery Blog

Detailed information about different procedures can be found here, mainly focusing on breast improving procedures for any patients looking for detailed analysis of these forms of plastic surgery. It includes many before and after pictures of different procedures as well as an interesting blog that includes videos to explain how different procedures work.

Shapiro Plastic Surgery & Skin Klinic

Extensive information about different plastic surgery procedures is available on this website which offers advice for patients considering these. It also gives some health tips to follow for anyone who is considering plastic surgery or has had plastic surgery, and offers some photos to show the outcome of many different types of procedure. It also has reviews and videos of products and patients who have had successful cosmetic procedures.

La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre

There is plenty of information offered here for anyone looking into plastic or cosmetic surgery, including information about procedures for the face, breast and body as well as botox procedures. There is a photo gallery with end result pictures of varying surgeries and a blog with detailed information and insightful posts about different forms of cosmetic procedures. Also included is safety information and information that should be considered before a surgery.

Murphy Plastic Surgery Denver

An array of information is available from this site about plastic surgery and the reasons people may consider it or it may be necessary. It addresses safety issues and concerns people may be having, as well as detailed information on how different plastic surgery procedures work, and the effects they may have on patients considering them. The website is easy to navigate and has before and after pictures of some procedures. It even addresses some myths that are linked to plastic surgery.

UC Irvine Plastic Surgery Blog

Here there is an impressive amount of information on cosmetic procedures and also on the current attitude of many people towards plastic surgery. It has a blog, which has plenty of information about plastic surgery but also touches on other news current to the time of writing. It also has information about useful exercises to try after certain types of plastic surgery. The site is easy to navigate and informative about many different procedures.

Lam Facial Plastics

This is a very interesting and informative blog, offering plenty of information for people considering plastic surgery as a way to fix their body of its imperfections. It has some brilliant posts about the art behind plastic surgery, and includes some videos and images of the effects of different procedures. The site is very easy to navigate and offers information about safety for patients, as well as events that are taking place involving information on plastic surgery.

San Francisco Plastic Surgery

For those seeking information for many different procedures, including tummy tucks and breast augmentation will find it here. It has detailed information for most procedures, and includes a special section for men who are considering plastic surgery. It has before and after pictures, as well as an informative blog and recommendations of useful products for before and after plastic surgery. It even includes information from patients who have received procedures, and has financial information available also.

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