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20 Exceptional Marriage & Relationship Counseling Sites

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Counseling & Therapy with Values. Marriage Counseling, Psychologist, Counselor, Family Therapist.

This website has excellent resources to find marriage counseling or any kind of therapy easily within a user chosen area. It offers some basic information about counseling and techniques, with many sub-topics to choose from, as well as access to some therapy videos and information about therapy workshops and events. There are also extensive resources available for therapists; therefore it is a valuable resource centre for therapists and therapy patients alike. The site is easy to navigate and is a very good starting point for finding information.

Marriage Counseling | Couples Counselors | Marriage Therapists

This site is focused towards couples needing therapy and couples therapists. It offers many online tools for couples to build a healthy trusting relationship and offers therapists online tools for furthering their expertise. Also available are resources for couples and therapists as well as workshops and events that can be attended. Included on the site are two blogs, one for therapists and one for couples – allowing a little extra insight for both. It is a well organized website that is easy to navigate.

Relationship, Dating and Life Coach with Lisa Shield

On this site there is information on many different forms of therapy, from life coaching to love coaching. It is a friendly, welcoming website with a new look at ways to help improve life and relationships. Offered are some resources and options for coaching. Also included on the website is a brilliant, very motivational blog, written for people who are looking for guidance, therapy or some form of coaching.

Oklahoma City Marriage Counseling, Therapy, Anger Management, Spiritual Support

Included on this site are many options for counseling and therapy, from individuals counseling to marriage and relationship counseling. The offered face to face counseling is for people in the Oklahoma City area, however the site offers resources and information, as well as an informative blog that can be used by anyone. The blog focuses around reviewing useful books for self-therapy or to guide a person outside their therapy or counseling sessions.

San Diego Counseling – Estes Therapy

This is a brilliant website for people looking for plentiful online resources of how to help with fixing a relationship or how to help with self-confidence issues, plus much more. It also offers a counselor for people in the San Diego area, but there is a wealth of online information here that can be used before or without seeing a therapist, to see if issues can be fixed without any kind of intervention. An excellent resource for anyone considering therapy; especially good for making people seeking therapy feel at ease.

The Toolbox at LisaKiftTherapy.com | Tools for Marriage, Relationship and Emotional Health. Articles, tips, advice.

On this website is an excess of useful articles for people in a relationship who are considering therapy. With insight into what causes and can solve arguments and other important information, this website could give many couples the information they are searching for. It also offers suggestions for home therapy books, as well as more advice throughout the site. There is a section for practicing and licensed therapists to get information as well.

Marriage Counseling in Knoxville Tennessee, Couples Counselor, Relationship Counseling | Healing Hearts, Dana Vince

This website is based around counseling in Knoxville, Tennessee, however it offers an advice blog packed with useful tips and information for couples, as well as answering some frequently asked questions for people who are seeking information on counseling or therapy. Also offered here is the ability to have phone, email or voice-chat therapy sessions, so there is options for anyone in an time zone should it be wanted or needed.

Relationship Institute – Couples Therapy, Workshops, and Training

This site has an abundance of information for couples and therapists. It suggests training courses for both, as well as answering many frequently asked questions for training therapists and couples looking for therapy alike. It offers the ability to search for a therapist or counselor in a specific area and gives plenty of information on all aspects of therapy and different types of therapy. It is easy to navigate and the information is easy to understand.

Relationships Australia Victoria | Family Counseling | Relationship Counseling | Family Dispute Resolution

Here there is information for people looking for therapy, or looking for therapy training. It offers a plentiful list of online resources for both, as well as a clear, easy to follow design showing where they offer therapy sessions. The site is based in Australia, so it is aimed mainly at people living here, however the available online resources are available worldwide.

Living Life Counseling

This website offers an array of information for people in different situations, from men to women to families, it has information for everyone, arranged in an easy to find, easy to follow manner. The site offers many online resources, as well as a frequently asked questions section, adding to the extensive information it is already offering. It has a blog and offers therapy in Ann Arbor, Brighton, and Livonia, Michigan, however the online information can be useful worldwide.

Relationship counseling, teenage counseling, separation support

There is information on almost every type of relationship here, from having a new baby to financial situations and marriage counseling. The site is easy to understand and navigate, allowing access to important information and resources. It also offers information for people looking to begin working as a therapist, offering advice and information for this career course within its catchment area of Ireland.

Marriage Counseling Northern VA | Well Marriage Center: Grow. Thrive. Together.

This website offers an abundance of information for married couples, or people in a relationship. It offers advice on therapy and how it can help, as well as offering insight into the stories of couples who have experienced therapy, who want to show how successful and helpful therapy can be. Well designed and easy to navigate this website offers many online resources and book suggestions for couples looking for help.

RockinMarriage (TM) – Bring the Passion Back into Your Marriage

On this website there is a large amount of blog-type material for couples who are going through a rough patch to access. It offers tips on many situations including affairs and arguing in front of children, as well as ways to save a marriage and to avoid jealousy. It has so much information to offer and could be useful for anyone searching for information specific to a failing or in trouble marriage.

Wasatch Family Therapy | Individual Counseling | Couples Therapy | Marriage Counseling | Medication Management | Provo, UT 84601 | Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

This website offers many options for getting therapy –from face to face therapy through to online video conference therapy, there will be something here for anyone looking. It also tackles therapy for children through to adults, from very young ages upwards. Information is given on therapy groups, including some groups specifically for young children It really offers a lot of important information without any hassle. A blog is included as well as online resources and recommended books.

Individual & Marriage Counseling Indianapolis | Imagine Hope

There is an extensive library of written information here in the form of a blog, spanning most situations that may cause someone to feel they are in need of therapy or counseling. The information is freely available and easy to navigate, as well as including links to other useful outside resources which are available online. It also offers face to face counseling for people based in Indianapolis.

Marriage Counseling – Free Marriage Help from Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel

This website offers an alternative to face to face marriage counseling in the form of regular email counseling, which includes tips and suggestions to help keep a love life alive, or to help recover a lost marriage or relationship. It offers many success stories and solutions to issues that can be tried within the home before seeking further marriage help.

Marriage Counseling | Walnut Creek CA

Here there is information available for relationship counseling and individual counseling. It offers many different styles and types of counseling for the California area, but also offers online resources in the form of blogs, frequently asked questions and more to ensure anyone looking can find the information they need. It offers a blog especially for couples help, which could be used for finding useful relationship tips. The site is easy and simple to navigate and offers access to an online book store for self-help books.

Change Therapy | Making Lives Better, Making Better Lives

This website offers resources for many kinds of personal or relationship issues, focusing not only on relationship counseling, but also on eating disorders, anorexia and more. It offers many spiritual opinions on problems, as well as information on counseling sessions in South Vancouver. These sessions can address any issues necessary, and will look at a spiritual or religious side to the therapy if desired.

Marriage and Family Therapy of Trumbull, CT (MFT3)

This site offers therapy information for couples, as well as relationships in general. It offers group therapy sessions for up to 20 people, as well as private sessions, and has a handful of online resources and information available. Also available is a blog with useful information, alongside information about therapy for families, children or adults. The counseling sessions offered here take place in Connecticut.

The Marriage Counseling Blog

Here there is marriage counseling offered online, with an extensive backlog of useful information and resources for anyone looking for marriage help. It has a self-help section, as well as an area to search for a therapist anywhere across the US. Also on offer is the ability to talk to professionals live via web chat, allowing for instant and reliable advice without having to book an appointment. There are many articles here which give much advice and many tips on how to help save a marriage.

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