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20 Extremely Valuable Domestic Violence Resources

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Domestic Violence UK

A nationally recognized non-profit organization created to provide information and online support for victims of domestic abuse. The website provides basic information, a fully functional counseling hotline, and an innovative forum that makes use of community sharing and group therapy. The organization also provides an excellent array of scholarly research, governmentally compiled statistics, and legal resources.

Violence Unsilenced

Violence Unsilenced is a unique website that gives a safe, online platform for victims to publically share their stories of abuse, road to help, and recovery. Published stories are publically engaged with, allowed participants to feel empowered while remaining private and for site visitors to learn, share, and advocate for the cause.

National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women

Exceptional cite for news coverage, academic pieces, and current research on domestic violence and sexual abuse. Perfect for conducting research as it covers nearly all aspects of the field, from legal resources to information about shelters, counseling, and rehabilitation.

Maria DiBari: A Movement Against Domestic Violence

Created by a social worker and domestic violence and homicide prevention expert, this cite has is an excellent resource for current related legal and policy information on the subject. It also has a well-maintained catalog of links to relevant laws, victim resources, and emergency and hotline contact information.

A Woman’s Place

An excellent tool for women in rural parts of America who may not have access to large, organized shelters and centers for women in danger of domestic abuse. The site has helpful and insightful information about where to go for help as well as stories from former victims meant to inspire others to get out of dangerous situations, no matter what their location

National Network to End Domestic Violence

An advocacy website that also gives heavy importance to contemporary news on the topic. The organization does a fair amount of hands-on research on their own, with all of it available online. Typical projects include boosting coalition capacity, influencing womens law, and housing work.

Women’s Aid

A great resource for current victims of domestic violence, this site focuses primarily on information for women attempting to get out of abusive situations, whether in immediately dangerous peril, or long-term abusive relationships. Also has a good source of legal aid information.

Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act

An excellent and all-inclusive resource for anything and everything to do with the current New York State legislation on domestic violence as well as the proposed bill advocated by the site. The website also includes easy to handle access for personal advocacy contributions, including writing a letter to your congressman.

Family Violence Project

An organization’s website dedicated to providing information and support to victims. What makes the site unique is that it focuses on all aspects of those affected by domestic abuse, rather than just on women. It provides information and children affected as well as how to engage the greater community to help.

Family Violence and Rape Crisis Services

This is a great website meant to be used to empower individuals and families as they recover and heal in the aftermath of violence. Much of the information is geared to families in recovery, with a strong focus on rebuilding a safe, and peaceful home.

Safe Start Center

This site functions as a resource and support center for those working in the field of children exposed to violence. Because the organization is US-wide, the website is mainly geared towards information works from all over the country of the many different laws, policies, and issues on the topic.

Becky’s Fund

Becky’s Fund is a non-profit organization that helps to education the public on the warning signs of domestic abuse as well as provides support to victims. The website thus functions as an educational tool and information pamphlet on the many different types of shelters and support that they have to offer.

Midchix & Madhens

Founded in 2009, this site was created with the intention to provide an educational system that would foster the prevention of violence against women and children of all kinds. It is most useful as an information stopover for victims and supporters of victims looking for places to turn for help.

Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women

Although similar to many websites set up to offer information and support for victims of domestic violence, this site is useful in that it is uniquely equipped to work with men; an often neglected topic within the field of domestic violence. Posting include research as well as personal stories aimed to educate the public on male violence as wel as to support and empower victims.

Hope House

Hope House is a non-profit organization that primarily maintains a hotline for victims. It best serves to connect anonymous victims to a hotline number that will allow them to be comfortable to speak to. The site also has a large amount of information on signs of abuse to look for and provides help on what to do if suspect a family member or friend to be suffering.

Surviving Domestic Violence

This is a helpful, personally written account of ways to deal with getting out of a violent situation as well as how to recover from one. Written from the perspective of someone who has been through much of the same, the site serves to empower and comfort, while simultaneously providing information. Many of the resources include tips for self denfense and information as diverse as pet custody and home security.

Anny Jacoby

A website dedicated the life and trails of an influential and highly effective domestic violence advocate, this provides a large amount of information on her work, where to find it, and how to use it. The site also includes links to purchase her work, donate to her established causes, and to utilize her existing research and collaborated work.

Hope for the Healing

A helpful blog for those with access to their talk radio program, this site is mainly dedicated to showcasing personal stories and inspirational secondary work for victims to read to watch. The site is primarily geared towards victims of suxual or domestic violence, but also has helpful information on drug and alcohol addiction and links for hotlines on several different victim topics.

Brenda Clubine

A site dedicated to a former victim who was forced to serve jail time for her defensive actions against her abuser. This site is unique in that it caters to advocacy for using self-defense against domestic abusers. The website also includes resources to book Brenda for public speaking events and empowering seminars for victims.

My Inner Chick

A powerful and inspiration site written by the sister of a former victim of abuse who was killed by her abuser. This website, while mainly personal, is empowering and inspirational in that it is heavily focused on helping victims get out before it is too late. Most of the postings are stories or antecdotes designed to push victims to speak out against those that have hurt them.

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