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20 Inspirational Drug Information Resources

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The Addiction Blog

The Addiction Blog focuses on providing the latest news and information about the treatment of addiction, not just for drugs, but also things like gambling, sex, and the internet. Most of the blogs post concern drug and alcohol addiction, and they provide concise, easy-to-understand information that can be digested quickly. Many questions about all sorts of drugs, whether there are illegal or prescription drugs, are answered here, making it great resource for anybody wanting unbiased information about drugs in general.

Addiction Inbox

Here you will find magazine quality articles that use respected sources and provide a balanced view on drugs, alcohol, and the effects of addiction. It aims to inform and educate, and you won’t find any hate-mongering toward addicts here. They explain new methods of treatment for addicts, and discuss new drugs that are being used and how addictive they are. You’ll find interviews with doctors, and reports from national bodies trying to reduce drug dependence, and news about the link between genetics and addiction.

Ambrosia Treatment Center

The Florida-based Ambrosia Treatment Center has years of experience in rehabilitating drug and alcohol addicts, so have a lot of knowledge on the subject. Their blog has a wide range of different posts explaining the ins and outs of how treatment helps addicts, what different types of treatment there are, and what family can expect when attempting to put a family member into a treatment program. The information here is direct and informative, and could help people to recognise the warning signs of substance abuse.

Baked Life

Baked life is all about marijuana, and although doesn’t condone the illegal use of the drug, does support its use for medicinal purposes. The aim of the blog is provide is to provide comprehensive knowledge about cannabis, so that legal users can make the best decisions about what type to use and how to take it. The strain encyclopaedia section explains the pros and cons of all the different strains of cannabis available, and the cannabis kitchen section offers a range of delicious recipes that can be prepared with cannabis as an ingredient.

Cirque Lodge

A unique, privately owned drug rehabilitation centre tucked away in the mountains of Sundance, Utah, Cirque Lodge provides an invaluable service to recovering addicts. At their blog there is practical guidance for ex-addicts about how to avoid drugs after treatment, and advice for family members who are thinking about placing a loved one into treatment. You’ll also find the latest news on government drug policies, and updates on new types of drugs that are available and could be addictive.


The blog at Crossroads is packed full of news and analysis of drug and mental health issues. Crossroads is in fact a treatment centre in Maine, which deals with men, women and family who have been affected directly or indirectly by drug addiction and the mental health implication it brings with it. You’ll find informative videos explaining different treatment programs, and details of national schemes and awareness initiatives which aim to relieve the burden drug abuse has on society.

Dad on Fire

A blog started by a father whose children have suffered from the scourge of drug addiction, Dad on Fire started as a place where stories of drug addiction could be shared. It has now developed into a not-for-profit project that aims to offer advice and solution to people that are suffering from drug addiction. It provides analyses of how society views drug addicts, and the steps government and other authorities are taking to tackle the problem. You’ll find interviews with addiction experts and real-life stories form addict and their family members about how hard the struggle to become sober really is.

Changing Lives Foundation

This blog is run by the Changing Lives Foundation, an organisation that has offered counselling on substance abuse for over 30 years. There is some expert advice published here, along with discussions of important questions like whether some people are beyond hope of becoming successfully recovered. The blog makes for enlightening reading, and you’ll find links to other sources of information, like books and DVDs that deal specifically with drug abuse and how to overcome it. One of their unique services is offering Phone Counseling to family members.

Drug Free Hoosiers

For research-based information about how drugs affect the running of a business, the blog at Drug Free Hoosiers is the place to head. There are plenty of shocking statistics to read here, and is an absolute must-read blog for any business owners who are concerned about their employees using drugs. Information about how to create a drug-free workplace and practical steps to achieve this goal are all on offer at the blog, as well and analysis of current trends in the world of illegal drugs.

Drug War Rant

Written by Pete Guither, the Drug War Rant blog closely follows the worldwide war on drugs, and offers scathing reports on the inability of governments to get a hold on the problem. It’s a opinionated blog that makes for entertaining reading. There are videos of interviews with leading figures in the war against drugs, and question posts where readers are invited to share their thoughts with everyone. This is the type of place you’ll find revealing news stories that aren’t covered by the mainstream media.

Guinevere Gets Sober

Guinevere Gets Sober began as a personal blog of a recovering painkiller addict who needed to get her feelings of an inability to quit off her chest back in 2008. Credit to her where credit is due, she has been sober since January 2010, but still regularly updates her blog to give people in the same situation stories they can relate to. The blog has grown popular, and now you’ll find all the current news and research about addiction, treatment, and recovery published here. Guinevere also reviews books that deal with the subject of addiction.

How is My Son?

How is my Son is a heartfelt blog written by a distraught mother who has had to deal with her son becoming a drug addict. She pours her heart out through the words she writes, and offers a unique insight into what it must feel like to see a loved one, a son or a daughter, succumb to the hopelessness of addiction. Full of personal memoirs and devastating real-life stories, it’s a sobering blog for any parent to read.

Marc Lewis’ Memoirs of an Addicted Brain

This blog is written by a neuroscientist called Marc Lewis, who just so happened to be an addict of all sorts of different drugs before he managed to turn his life around. He has written a book about his experiences while being an addict called ‘Memoirs of an Addicted Brain.’ His expertise in psychology and neuroscience allows him to dig deep into the reasons why people take and become addicted to drugs in the first place. His blog is an enlightening read, and he discusses many different area of addiction, questioning the some of the conventional viewpoints held about it.

Orchid Recovery Center

A blog written specifically for women, rehabilitation from addiction is the topic of choice here. There are lots of stories about celebrities succumbing to drug addiction and checking themselves in for treatment, and interesting features that look at historical figures and how they dealt with drug addiction. For women in undergoing treatment or in recovery, the blog provides light-hearted and positive stories about drug addiction to remind readers that they are not the only one going through it.


Pine Grove Treatment Center

Pine Grove is a pioneering addiction and mental health treatment center, which leads the way providing the most advanced and effective treatment to get people off drugs. The website and blog provides information on every aspect of what they do and why, from the different types of treatment available to when an intervention is necessary. There are videos that demonstrate what happens during treatment, and there are even addiction self-assessment quizzes available to download. Doctors who work at the center regularly update the blog to share new research and theories in the area of addiction with readers.

Recovery Connection

The main purpose of this site is to provide a directory of addiction treatment centers, but it offers so much more than that. The blog contains the latest news and analysis about drugs and addiction from across the world, and also publishes interesting feature articles exploring the new addictions that people are suffering from, like sex addiction. Alongside that, the blog has a number of unique resources, like infographics about addiction, guidebook for dealing with addiction and how to get through recovery, and forum where people in recovery can connect to discuss their issues and find support.

Stop the Drug War

Here is a blog that brings to light all the serious issues that are a result of making drugs illegal, and it has a firm anti-prohibition stance. For some ammunition for an argument why some drugs, like marijuana in a particular, should be legalised this is the place to find it. The blog is full of hard-hitting news stories concerning police corruption, rising numbers in prison, the failing drug war, and the inability of government to rectify the serious problems, like organised crime, that illegal drugs contribute to. For a viewpoint of what drugs are responsible for that doesn’t concentrate on addiction, this is the blog to visit.

Narco Polo

This is a rare blog that gives a voice to the thousands of people that occasionally enjoy recreational drug use. The person responsible for the blog is Robert R. Arthur, author of ‘You Will Die: The Burden of Modern Taboos.’ He defends the opinion that adults who want to use drugs responsibly should not be made to break the law by doing so. He provides plenty of analysis of current affairs, and offers a very refreshing viewpoint of the drugs issue that is seldom seen on drug information blogs.

The Canyon Blog

The Canyon blog is directed at people who have tried giving up drugs before, but suffered an relapse, and can’t seem to break away from their addiction. The blog is written by people who work at the Canyon Treatment center, so the stories are very relevant and well-researched. There are a wide range of different personal stories from people that have struggled with addiction all their life, along with expert tips from doctors at the center about how best to treat recurring addiction.

The Weed Blog

The Weed Blog is a marijuana advocacy blog that explains about a movement campaigning for the decriminalisation of marijuana. The main purpose of this blog is to help promote an end to cannabis prohibition, and try to build support for the campaign. You will find plenty of features and analyses about why legalising marijuana is the right choice, with factual evidence to back it up. By no means does the blog glorify the use of cannabis, it merely aims to educate and inform readers about the problems that are caused by cannabis being illegal.

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