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20 Invaluable Arthritis Information Resources

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Arthritis Connect

With a strong and active community, Arthritis Connect is a hub of advice, support and friendship amongst those living with the condition. With a regularly updated news section offering up all the latest headlines, a product review area, and numerous articles on living with arthritis; it’s a superb resource for both veterans of the condition, and the newly diagnosed.

Miss Chronically Creative

Emily aka Miss Chronically Creative, shares her creative journey through chronic illness – from “the road to recovery and beyond”. As someone with numerous chronic illnesses herself (including rheumatoid arthritis), Emily’s blog takes a creatively cathartic approach to overcoming the struggles of living with her conditions. Whether its nail art, scrapbooking, card making, baking – or just her heart-warming and inspirational take on how she copes with her illnesses – Miss Chronically Creative has got it covered. A fantastic blog, with a positive outlook and some great ideas!

RA Chicks

As the name suggests, RA Chicks takes on arthritis from a female perspective. Created by and for women dealing with the condition, their easy to navigate and information rich website has everything you could want to know; with dietary guides, dating advice, personal stories and everything in between. What defines RA Chicks however is their lively, friendly and supportive community – which collectively reflects their never ‘Never Give Up’ attitude.

My Rheumatoid Arthritis Journey

Mother, wife and living with rheumatoid arthritis, Brigid Laurito’s blog gives her open and honest take on living with condition. Her thoughtful posts share her personal journey and experiences, whilst offering knowledge, advice and lessons she’s learned along the way – not just as an arthritis sufferer, but as a parent, friend and person. For anyone with a chronic illness like arthritis, her relatable words will make for an emotional read. A worthwhile blog, by someone who really ‘gets it’.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy

Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in his 20’s, Arthritis Guy, a self-styled super hero blogger (who of course never reveals his true identity!) took a long time to adjust to life with the condition, enduring the same lows as many other newly diagnosed patients. Now in his 30’s and with a greater understanding of the rheumatoid arthritis, he’s made adjustments to his life and finally learnt to live again; sharing his knowledge, life lessons, experiences and on-going journey via his popular blog. A well respected blogger and all round cool dude, his enlightening, friendly and relatable posts provide plenty of inspiration and positivity for others with arthritis.

The Single Gal’s Guide to Rheumatoid Arthritis

Perhaps the Carrie Bradshaw of the rheumatoid arthritis blogging community, The Single Gal’s Guide is a wonderfully down to earth blog detailing the journey of Sara as she gets on with her life in spite of her condition. Somewhat witty and irreverent in style, but informative and relevant when it comes to the struggles one has to face when living with arthritis; her informative blog combines the trials and tribulations of a single independent woman with the aches and pains of a chronic condition. For those who relate to Sara, this blog has the power to make you laugh, cry or just realise you’re not alone.

Arthritis Today

Arthritis today is a trusted and comprehensive source of information for a variety of arthritic conditions. With guides that cover every area, from symptom management, through to treatment and improving the quality of life for sufferers, Arthritis Today also keeps its followers up to date on all the relevant news and medical findings. A particular highlight is their blog, with informative and thought provoking articles, and their Expert Q&A; which provides some of the lesser known need-to-know facts, straight from the medical professionals.

Arthritis Care

A user led charity run by and for those suffering with arthritis, Arthritis Care, though based in the UK, is a great go-to website for news and information. With stacks of valuable advice and info within their ‘Living with Arthritis’ section, and plenty of downloadable fact sheets, brochures and other resources; Arthritis Care is certainly a worthy visit whatever type of arthritis you might be living with.


Nominated for ‘Best Blog of 2012’ by Healthline, RheumaBlog is run by Wren – a mother, wife and long term sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis. A writer by profession, Wren’s captivating blog entries will draw you into her world, detailing her struggles and triumphs within everyday life, making relatable reading for anyone affected with RA. Having had the condition for over 20 years, her voice gives a warm, but honest view on life with arthritis, lending information and support to others. Wren describes her blog as a “place of quiet, warmth and peace, a haven away from the hustle-bustle of the world.”

Arthritis Foundation – Mid Atlantic Region

‘Wellness With a Side of Life, Please’ is the motto of the Arthritis Foundation, and is well reflected in their endeavours. This blog in particular (hosted by the Mid-Atlantic region) is regularly updated with all the latest news and goings on within the foundation. Most prominently however are their regularly posted articles, offering tips, advice and general guides for improving your quality of life when you have the chronic condition. With articles from cooking to fashion alongside your arthritis, they certainly have every area covered.

Arthritis Ireland

A charity based in Ireland, their website has all the necessary information for getting involved with their fundraising efforts. Their news section will keep you up to date with all the latest headlines, whilst their detailed guides on living with the condition will keep you well informed. ‘Little Things make a Big Difference’ is their motto, and their blog certainly holds this sentiment. With articles from numerous writers sharing their thoughts and advice on every aspect of arthritis, it’s certainly a worthwhile visit for long time sufferers and the newly diagnosed alike.

Arthritis New South Wales

A non-government health charity supporting those affected by arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions, Arthritis New South Wales is all about making a difference. Their trusted website is a well of knowledge; with information sheets, medical findings, guides and other features such as a news section and online store. Their blog is regularly updated with articles spanning a variety of topics, from dealing with the frustrations of food packaging, to reviews on products that make life easier when you have arthritis.

Getting Closer To Myself

Back in 2008, aged just 22, blogger Leslie was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. With a particular focus on her conditions, her blog follows her journey as she learns to “live, love, and adapt to life with chronic illness”. Her posts take on a down to earth attitude, sharing the good, the bad and the ugly, which young people with arthritis will find particularly relatable.

Karen and Arthritis

Karen Ager, author of her own memoir ‘Enemy Within’ (which details her strength, determination and acceptance of life with arthritis) heads this popular blog that makes for equally inspirational reading. A respected voice in the community of those living with arthritis, her blog offers news, stories, positivity and miscellaneous musings. She also arranges events in New York for people with arthritis, where attendees are encouraged to “laugh, cry, eat and be merry with people who understand”.

Conquering Arthritis

Since her diagnosis in 1986, Barbara Allen has learnt a thing or two about reactive arthritis, a similar condition to rheumatoid arthritis. Now cured, her knowledge packed website and blog takes a pro-active approach, supplying rich doctor-approved information on ‘alternative’ treatments for the condition. Author of the book of the same name, Conquering Arthritis is not about crystals or spirituality; rather dietary changes, exercises and lifestyle alterations, geared towards easing symptoms and eventual recovery.

Arthritis Pain Cure Center

Primarily focusing on natural arthritis remedies, the Arthritis Pain Cure Center has heaps of information on offer, spanning a range of arthritic conditions and symptoms. If you’re someone who prefers the concept of natural treatments before anything else whilst dealing with arthritis, then this site is for you. What’s more, there’s even a section for canine sufferers too!

Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior

President of the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation, Kelly Young heads up this informative site on living with rheumatoid arthritis. Offering all the latest headlines, medical news and findings, rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior does more than just inform. With frank and honest personal posts from Kelly and her warriors on living with the condition, her blog is fantastic go-to for anyone in need of a strong and inspirational voice. Her site can be summed up by its three key goals – awareness, support and moving towards a cure.

Brass and Ivory: Life with MS & RA

For those living with multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, Brass and Ivory is a high quality blog with an active following. Affected with both conditions, Lisa Emrich shares her on going story; imparting advice, support and knowledge when it comes to living alongside a chronic illness. With a particular focus on not letting such conditions keep you from life, Lisa has become a praised figure within the MS & RA blogging communities.

The Rheumatologist

Primarily intended for rheumatologists and other health care professionals, The Rheumatologist will be an interesting read for anyone who likes to keep abreast of the latest medical findings and research, when it comes to rheumatic diseases. With its readership consisting of almost 12,000 rheumatologists worldwide, you can be sure that the information they provide is both accurate and high quality.

Living Life As I See Fit

Lana’s blog takes you on a positive, heart warming, and honest journey through her life with rheumatoid arthritis. A philosophical thinker of sorts, Lana really understands the difficulties faced when dealing with a chronic illness. Posting her thoughts on life, her arthritis and advice on living with the condition, ‘Living Life as I See Fit’ will inform, support, and inspire determination.

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