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20 Medical Student & Medical Education Sites

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Almost a Doctor

A highly useful resource website for medical students that offers free revision notes, articles and useful information. Aimed at junior doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, it has a wealth of information that can help you get through exams and coursework. Containing everything from flash cards and checklists, to detailed articles on nearly every aspect of medicine, the website is a wealth of information that also has an active community of users who are encouraged to submit reviews, notes and also blog about their experiences.

Scrub Notes Medical Blog

Aimed more at medical students in the United States, Scrub Notes Medical Blog is still a highly useful resource for medical students worldwide. The blog contains general advice articles, opinion and news, and often features guest posts from medical professionals who provide really useful and authoritative articles. While it is a little hard to navigate around to find anything specific, most of the articles are fairly unique and certainly worth reading.

Practical Premed

Another site detailing the journey of a medical school student, but this is by a premed who provides a wealth of useful information for anyone that is yet to apply for medical school. Including book reviews, articles on finding work experience, interview techniques and how to write a cover letter, it provides a fascinating insight into the difficulties faced by modern premed students looking to get into the profession. While the blogger is an American, the blog has plenty of information relevant for premed students everywhere.


Medaholic offers a fascinating insight into life as a resident doctor from somebody who confesses to be addicted to all aspects of medicine. Along with a host of useful articles, reviews and information aimed at medical school students, it also provides an honest, no-holds barred view of the medical profession from somebody who works within it. Medaholics also has some great anecdotal stories detailing some of the more interesting aspects of working in medicine, as well as a resource section for helping students get through the MCAT exam.

The Girl with the Blue Stethoscope

While this blog is no longer active, the creator has left it available as a resource for any med school student or newly qualified doctor. Written anonymously from an Australian junior doctor, it charts her progress through medical school and on to work as a junior doctor. It details all the trials and tribulations she faced on the way. Sometimes funny, always frank, she writes about both the positives and negatives that she has faced on her way to a career in medicine.

Gap Medics

A website that provides medical students with gap year experience in a variety of exotic locations, which has a highly informative blog detailing all sorts of useful information, from interview techniques at medical school, to the types of career paths open to qualified doctors. There is of course plenty of travel articles too aimed at potential gap year student intent on volunteering abroad to gain medical work experience.

A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor

A really funny but no less insightful blog into the experiences of a medical school student from America’s Midwest, who also outlines her experiences with some rather quirky cartoons. While a light-hearted approach to a journey through medical school, a Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor provides some really useful information to all aspects of medical school life, from exams and studying, to the social life and coping with pressure, all outlined with some hilarious cartoons.

Life as a Medical School Student

Life as a Medical School Student charts the journey from acceptance right up to final exams and beyond. Written by a Californian medical school student, the weekly blog posts have attracted large audiences among the medical school community mainly because of the detail put into the articles. Full of useful advice, the blogger also takes pains to outline the mistakes he has made along the way, which will prove useful to any medical school student who doesn’t want to learn the hard way.

MSIH: My First Year of Medical School

My First Year of Medical School is popular blog that encourages guest posts from first year students around the world. The blog is a mixture of advice, news and interesting articles that often cover many of the extra curricula aspects of being at medical school, such as sports programs, spring break vacations and gap year experiences. My First Year of Medical School is ideally suited for people interested in more than just what goes on in class.

Jeffery MD

Jeffery MD is maintained by a medical school student who mixes humur and anecdotes to provide a guide to going through the med school process. Most of the blogs come form the perspective of things that Jeffery MD wished he knew at the time. Included in the blog posts are al aspects of the medical school process, news, opinion, as well as some interesting and enlightening posts about the affects of medical school on his life.

RK – Welcome to the life of a tech-savvy medical school student.

Maintained by a fourth year medical student, this blog provides an insightful read to anyone interested in the technical side of medical school. These interesting anecdotes on how technology is used in medical school are written by somebody who has a technology background, and are aimed more for the advanced student with a working knowledge rather than premed students as many of the articles are quite technical and discuss some of the more complicated aspects of providing healthcare.

Mind on Medicine

Written by a female American medical student who details her journey through med school, this blog also has an international flavor and covers medical school training around the world. Many of the articles are laced with humor but are none-the-less highly insightful, especially at detailing the difference between medical schools around the globe. Also discussed on the blog are many modern ideas, such as the role social media plays at medical school.

The Lancet Student

A blog maintained by the internationally renowned journal, The Lancet, it is aimed at students and provides serious and insightful articles about the latest developments in medicine. While a prescription is required for access to much of the content, the Lancet Student still has a huge number of visitors, many of whom are encouraged to comment and take part in its thriving online community. With an international flavor, the blog often disseminates the latest news in Lancet and provides it in an easier to read format aimed specifically at medical students.

Study Successful

Aimed as a study tool, Study Successful contains extremely useful articles on getting through exams and coping with all that revision faced by medical students. Study Successful is a really easy to read blog with short but interesting articles that also contains some really useful content on more general advice for medical students, such as coping with finances, how to maintain your health with all those long hours and how to keep a good balance between studying and home life.

Uncommon Student

This blog takes a unique look at how to stand out from the crowd in your career. Aimed at the medical student who wants to rise to the top, what sets it apart from most medical school blogs is the active forums and online community, which attract hundreds of users from both medical schools and residencies that discuss, debate and sometimes argue about different career advice and the individual paths they have taken.

Medical School Success

Another blog aimed to assist medical students in getting through exams and succeeding at med school. Medical School Success has plenty of categories, which make navigating the site really easy and it contains everything from general articles on revision techniques and tips for passing MCAT, to book reviews and interviews from qualified medical professionals. The website’s articles also attract plenty of comments, where people share their own experiences, tips and advice.

Future of family Medicine

Maintained by a group of qualified MDs from the UK, Future of Family Medicine is tailored purely at those interested in a career in family medicine and primary care. The articles are of a serious nature and sometimes fairly political, but they do consist of useful information and opinion on all aspects of family medicine and the delivery of primary care. While UK centric, the information in Future of Family of Medicine is still relevant to most students and practitioners interested in family medicine regardless where they are in the world.

My Pre Medical Transformation

Quite a personal blog, My Pre Medical Transformation details the journey of a former science technician as he embarks on a career in medicine. Often irreverent and humored, the blog articles provide a fresh look at medical school from somebody who has chosen a career in medicine later in life. Many of the articles are of a personal nature, which provides interesting reading as the author lays bare his whole life as he progresses through the various stages of his training.

On Rotation

Written by a fourth-year PharmD student at the University of Michigan, On Rotation has plenty of fairly detailed posts outlining the various stages of medical school. With information on specific aspects of medicine, tests, exams and courses undertaken by the author, most blog posts are exceptionally intricate and offer step-by-step reflections on procedures the author has had to carry out.

The Next Generation

Aimed at premedical school students, The Next Generation is an online magazine that contains useful and interesting information to premed students. Covering news, policy, and care delivery, it is maintained by several Harvard undergraduate students and editors from the New England Journal of Medicine. Articles are highly detailed and include some really useful ‘day-in-the-life,’ stories from a wide range of medical professionals who explain the challenges and rewards of their day-to-day work.

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