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20 Outstanding Anger Management Blogs

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1. Anger Management Online

This site examines anger management issues from the point of the individual and their families. It also includes advice for employers seeking to support affected individuals in the workplace. This site offers a range of options regarding classes that are available to those seeking anger management from all around the US to those looking for free classes or a class specific to domestic violence, road rage or relationship anger management. The site is run by Ari Novick, Ph.D.

2. The Anger Coach

The Anger Coach provides a whole host of videos and resources as anger management solutions suitable for individuals and their support networks. The resources on the site allow individuals to try out sessions at home meaning they can keep their anger management issues private and contained within their own environment. As well as providing online packages The Anger Coach also runs seminars and classes in Orange County and Long Beach, California. The site was started by Tony Fiore Ph.D who is a psychologist, personal coach and marriage therapist.

3. Dr. Joe’s Anger Management Learning Center

Offering a free online anger management class from the home page for all visitors is a key feature of this site. It also boasts that by visiting it is the ‘first step towards a new life’. Dr Joe offers a range of online interactive courses and states that there is a range of different formats to cater for individual learning styles. Dr Joe is a nationally recognized expert on anger management issues with over ten years experience with a practice in Washington DC. Dr Joe guarantees that using his products is 100% risk free.

4. Daybreak Counselling Services

Daybreak Counselling Services is based in Los Angeles California and acts as center which offers education around anger management, counselling and therapy. The service has been practicing for twenty years and is run by Shannon Munford MS. The website gives individuals the chance to explore the range of services and courses available as well as seeing the different locations and pricing structure. The blog contained within the site gives useful and insightful articles into anger management issues and complements the services available from Daybreak.

5. Oklahoma City Marriage, Counselling, therapy, Healing

Focused in the Oklahoma City area the site promotes the services of Rev. Linda Chapman who is therapist with a wide range of experience. The site details the full range of services available in terms of anger management, marriage counselling and grief counselling as well as the fee structure. Linda also outlines what to expect from an initial session with her. The blog is full of articles regarding finding individual fulfilment and advice about marriage guidance and relationship success.

6. Taming Your Anger

Offering a money back guarantee this site sets out to inform, educate and coach individuals in aspects of anger management. Ultimately the site states it can help individuals learn to control their anger through classes and workshops run by Dr Steve Wolf Ph.D. The site also offers a number of videos and articles which set out the experience and skills of Dr Wolf. The majority of services are available online such as ebooks and webinars.

7. Mental Health Treatment

A comprehensive site covering a number of mental health issues including anger management and substance abuse. The site is aimed at providing a range of information, resources and references about mental health which is provided by experts in this field. The focus of the site is very obviously about being a source of information and there are links to find a treatment center in your area as well as a helpline number.

8. Anger Management Training Institute

This site offers a range of programs and online courses available to enable individuals to access court certified anger management classes. They particularly promote the benefits of their online courses as being more accessible and convenient as well as more private and beneficial to individuals. The site details what participants should expect from each stage of the programs available and includes a price structure based on the number of hours per program.

9. Citizen Coaching

This comprehensive site has a focus on helping individuals and companies achieve their personal and business goals through coaching techniques. The site has links to anger management courses, case studies and articles which will help inspire individuals to seek out better personal development. The site enables people to book onto online or live courses and even sells gift cards for people wishing to treat a friend or loved one to personal coaching experience.

10. Counselling Directory

The Counselling Directory enables people to geographically search for a counsellor or therapist. The site also details a number of FAQs to help visitors to the site if they are unfamiliar with counselling methods. The site hosts a number of articles to help with common issues around anger management, relationships and confidence and there are also a number of courses on offer to aid mental health and wellbeing. The site serves as a resource to counsellors and trainees as well as those seeking counselling services and information.

11. Harley Therapy

London based Harley Therapy is a group of therapists, counsellors and psychologists who seek to help those suffering and in need of help with drug abuse, grief counselling as well as anger management and stress management. They also offer telephone counselling as well as providing a range of useful articles on their blog on a whole host of therapy related topics. The site gives access to the pricing and fee structure of the practice as well as a synopsis about the key staff and their areas of expertise.

12. Nicholas Rose & Associates

London based Nicholas Rose & Associates is practice which has a wealth of experience and expertise in counselling and psychotherapy. The site sets out the services and fees of the practice as well as detailing the skills of the individual staff. The site also explains about the benefits of counselling and psychotherapy for personal development and help with dealing with personal issues like anger management or marriage guidance. The site’s blog contains both practice news as well as informative articles about addictions or relationship issues.

13. The Anger Managenent Institute of Texas

AMI-TX is the Anger Management Institute of Texas, directed by Gregory A. Kyles. This site has everything you could possibly need when looking for an anger management resource. The Institute seeks to educate individuals to be able to effectively handle their own anger and stress. The offer individual coaching and therapy as well as career specific classes to help those suffering with anger management issues. The blog within this site also provides useful articles on common anger management problems.

14. Beating Anger

UK based Beating Anger provides access to a network of clinics to help individual access anger management support. They also offer testimonials from previous users of their services and access to a recommended reading list. The courses they offer range from light to more intensive depending on the scale of the problem and they boast a high satisfaction rate from participants on their courses – currently at 95% meeting or exceeding expectations. The site also has a free anger test which can be carried out online.

15. Mindfulness Anger Management

Mindfulness Anger Management offers an 8 week program via their website. They state that over the duration of the program participants will get to the root cause of anger and making lasting change to their behaviour. Site users are given the opportunity to subscribe to a free newsletter which gives a sample of their services and there is also a no risk 30 day money back guarantee offered.

16. Psychotherapy.net

A mixture of videos, reading and learning information is available on this site. Videos are available from experts in psychotherapy on a range of issues and treatments as well as articles and books available to explore therapy techniques further. This site is a resource for anyone looking for psychotherapy literature or latest thinking information.

17. Los Angeles Therapist Susan Quinn

Los Angeles therapist Susan Quinn explores relationship counselling and anger management issues in her self named site. Susan offers a free 20 minute consultation following completion of an online form and she states she uses mind, body and energy therapies. The site also contains access to useful articles and information as well as a free MP3 download entitled ‘EFT anxiety relief meridian tapping.

18. I’m Just F.I.N.E Recovery in Al-Anon

Quite simply this is a blog charting the recovery from alcoholism of one individual affected. The site is deeply personal and yet demonstrates the feelings of anyone going through the same experiences.

19. The Angry Therapist

This is a quite random blog combining articles, photographs and videos of The Angry Therapist. The site is more observational rather than advisory and so more for those looking to follow others experience and thoughts than have practical and real advice.

20. Therapy Worksheets

This site is a combination of worksheets put together for anyone looking for information about any kind of psychotherapy including for treatment of depression, anxiety, stress or self esteem. Most of the worksheets require a PDF reader in order to be able to download each document and get full use out of the resources.

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