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20 Resources That Offer Exceptional Value to Those Affected by Stroke

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Stroke Awareness Foundation

Striving to improve awareness through advocacy and education, Stroke Awareness Foundation (aka SAF) are making positive waves within the community. Their website provides all the latest news on the organisations activities and events, along with some worthwhile informational resources on stroke. With their awareness efforts taking a particular focus on getting everyone to recognise the signs and symptoms of a stroke in order to act fast, you’ll find all that need-to-know info too. What’s more they also include some fantastic survivor stories, and a stroke awareness quiz to test your knowledge!

Stroke Foundation

The National Stroke Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to working alongside stroke survivors, caregivers, health professionals, and the public in an effort to reduce the impact of strokes on the Australian community. Their high quality and easy to navigate website provides stacks of information on strokes; from the signs and symptoms, through the recovery and beyond. With information on how you can get involved and all the latest news on their events and activities, this is a great one to visit.

Stroke Recovery Association NSW

The Stroke Recovery Association of New South Wales focuses on maximizing the level of recovery in stroke survivors; consequently lowering the impact of strokes on carers, family members and the community. With awareness and education also at the top of their priorities, their website shares a wealth of useful information – with clear and comprehensive guides, brochures and information kits on every aspect of stroke and post-stroke recovery. What’s more their website supplies all the necessary details for their services; including the number to their support line, their workshops, support groups, and events. A great place to get clued up, or involved.

Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association

The Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association, aka CHASA, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the support of both children, and the parents of children affected by early brain injury resulting in hemiplegia or hemiparesis. A highly regarded voice in the community, CHASA’s high quality website has some wonderful features. Along with a highly informative ‘newly diagnosed’ section, the site also covers medical info, treatment, all aspects of day to day living, school, sports, disability and also an area for teens and adults. Written by those who really know their stuff, each section is highly comprehensive in its information and offers a lot of worthwhile knowledge. What’s more, there’s also a fabulous community section; where parents can connect, seek guidance, advice or purely find some support – from other parents that really get what they’re going through.

Stroke XYZ

Run by cool young things Kelsae and Mike, Stroke XYZ is a website created for younger stroke survivors, though anyone is welcome here. Features include a well written and informative blog run by the duo themselves, as well as resources section; bursting with useful links to information, blogs and other XYZ approved bits and pieces. Another area of note (and one the site was primarily created for) is the community forums, where both caregivers and survivors can share their experiences, stories and advice.

Power to End Stroke

The ‘Power to end Stroke’ movement is an education and awareness campaign that is making a big difference. Created by the American Stroke Association, their work is geared towards reducing and lowering the risk of strokes throughout communities. Their website is a rich resource of information; with pages on the warning signs that we should all familiarize ourselves with, risk factors, post stroke advice, videos and survivor stories. If that wasn’t enough there’s also a personal risk assessment, along with great articles on improving your health and well-being in general. Last, but by no means least, there’s a news section – bringing you all the latest relevant headlines.

The Simple Wife

The Simple Wife comes from the positive mind of Joanne Heim. A home-school mom, Joanne’s upbeat blog focuses on living life with good and simple principals. Having suffered a stroke in early 2011, she now shares her journey with recovery, detailing her experiences in such a way that other survivors will find relatable. With posts on her current progress, her kids, husband and thoughts on life – The Simple Wife makes for enjoyable and inspirational reading.

Stroke Survivor Blog

Married in 1967, high school sweethearts Steve and Kathy Boncher from Wisconsin share their on-going journey through Steve’s post-stroke recovery. Their website, Stroke Survivor Blog is a wonderful go-to for those facing similar challenges and heartache, when a loved one has suffered a stroke. Detailing Steve’s entire journey from when he had his stroke in 2008, readers can find relatable reading in the experiences the couple went through, as well as useful links to informative resources.

The Diary of a Baby and a Stroke

Proud mother Jenn shares her personal journey of raising a child that has suffered the effects of an in-utero stroke. With vision loss, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy, her son Jude has a lot to contend with; but as Jenn says – he’s a little inspiration. With his mother’s blog created with the intention of sharing his progress and spreading awareness about his conditions; it makes for an educational, heart-warming, and inspiring read. Certainly worth a visit for anyone in similar circumstances.

Centre for Stroke Recovery

A large research centre; the Centre for Stroke Recovery’s mission is to research and promote faster and more complete stroke recoveries. Their website shares their goals, research findings and other informative reading material on strokes, as well as a fantastic blog. Written by their experts, the blog takes a medical and scientific look at recovery, as well sharing the stories of survivors.

My Happy Stroke

Grace Carpenter shares a personal and honest account of life through post-stroke recovery. Her blog ‘My Happy Stroke’ gets its name from the positive outlook that she adopted as her recovery got underway. Having been affected with aphasia (a disturbance in the formulation and comprehension of language) her blog pays particular attention to the difficulties she has faced, the changes to her mind and body, and the improvements she continues to experience. Sharing her thoughts on all of these things, along with motherhood and life in general, this blog makes for relatable and inspiring reading – particularly for those affected with aphasia.


Hometelemed is an innovative service assisting those affected by stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, or other conditions that have left them with reduced mobility. With scientific backing and created by a medical device company, the telemedicine and telerehabilitation system introduces their services into the homes of patients via the internet – often proving to be hugely beneficial in aiding the recovery of those with serious neurological conditions. Their site has all the necessary information on the services they provide, along with sections for both patients and therapists, and a blog; which discusses their system and the progress of the people who use it.


StrokeLink’s aim is to ‘empower survivors and engage professionals’, and their site certainly achieves that. With highly informative and inspirational posts in equal measure, this blog takes a positive and uplifting approach to living after you’ve survived a stroke. Their well written articles are contributed by a number of authors, and topics range from treatment and healthy living, to survivor stories and inspiring musings.

Different Strokes

UK based charity Different Strokes provides a fantastic free service to young stroke survivors in the community. Having grown substantially since they began in 1996, the charity prides itself on being run by stroke survivors for stroke survivors. Their website has some great information on post-stroke recovery and rehabilitation, as well details on their exercise groups and events, along with a news section. As well as this, the website also hosts it’s very own community forum, where young people can seek advice, support, or just shoot the breeze.

Neuroaid Stroke Recovery Blog

This blog promotes Neuroaids clinically safe natural treatment for stroke recovery. With an easy to navigate directory of stroke related categories; including everything from preventing them, to treatments, disabilities and life after a stroke – there’s plenty of useful reading on offer. With sections for post-stroke support and caregivers as well, it’s a wonderful go-to for advice and information – whether you choose to take the natural route or not.

Surviving a Stroke

This down-to-earth blog shares Dom’s journey, a man who was a perfectly healthy 28 year old until he suffered a stroke on Christmas day 2005 – completely changing his life. Not one to mince his words or resist humour, this blogger bluntly records the goings on his life, his interests, along with frank and honest words about how his stroke has affected his life. A proper ‘blokes’ blog, which many men will find relatable.

After Stroke Party

Having suffered a stroke in 2010, Charley invites you to her After Stroke Party, a blog with plenty to say. With her essentially upbeat tone, she shares her journey right from the very beginning (a week after her first stay in hospital post-stroke) – through to recovery and beyond. Voicing both the highs and lows of post-stroke life, her insightful blog offers her thoughts and opinions on a whole host of stroke-related topics, from awareness to treatments, as well as more personal musings on life in general.

The Stroke Network

The Stroke Network is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing online support and education for stroke survivors and caregivers. A rich resource of information, their website includes a vast knowledge base of worthwhile reading, a news section, article section, and a community forum for those seeking support and guidance.

The Murphy Saga

JoAnn Murphy is a mother and grandmother from Georgia. Having suffered a stroke herself a few years ago, this author and blogger dedicates much of her time supporting other stroke survivors through her blog ‘The Murphy Saga’. With plenty of posts sharing her thoughts on life, her interests and other musings; JoAnn also pays particular attention to post-stroke recovery, sharing her experiences and guidance as she goes.

Stroke Recovery Association of BC

Non-profit society based in British Columbia, the Stroke Recovery Association is there to ensure that every stroke survivor in their community has the respect, inclusion and support that they deserve. Their website provides users with all the information on their services, current projects, events, contact details and how to become a volunteer.

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