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20 Revolutionary Survival Blogs

1. The Survival Mom

It is rare to find a woman heading up a survival blog, but Lisa Bedford is doing just that at The Survival Mom. The site is really bright and colorful making it a clear break-from-the-norm in the survivalists blogosphere. Shrugging off the title of ‘Prepper’, mother of two, Lisa prefers to think of herself as a ‘very smart and very aware mom who’ll will do whatever it takes to safeguard her family’. Through her website she hopes to help others to be just a little bit more prepared should disaster strike. Her site covers all aspects of survival from reviews on freeze-dried dog food, advice on home-schooling and financial advice. If you love the site, you can buy the book.

2. Off Grid Survival

This website means business. The black and yellow color scheme and the clean, no-mess layout immediately engenders a feeling of authority and knowledge. They carry a wide range of reviews and articles covering all aspects of surviving any situation you might be confronted by. There is a clear anti-establishment theme, with articles covering government ‘interference’ in various survival-related projects and a strong movement against efforts to curtail gun-ownership. The site is very active and clearly has a good following. You will find plenty of detailed guides on everything from gear and survival to hiking and camping. There’s also a regular news commentary.

3. The Retreat

The Retreat is run by a retired member of the US Army. He draws on his 25 years in the US Army with experience in special forces operations and communications. It will come as little surprise that this website is down-to-earth and extremely professional. The blog is updated regularly and articles cover a wide range of topics, from survival-related topical news stories to practical advice on, for example, staying cool in a power-outage and learning how to sew! A very accessible resource for what might be coming your way, how to prepare and stay safe when it arrives.

4. Survival Spot

Survival Spot’s mission is to provide their readers with quality, un-biased reviews of the sorts of survival equipment that is available to buy. They really do review everything, categorizing it neatly for ease under headings such as ‘Bags and Packs’, ‘Tactical’, ‘Movies’ and of course, ‘Weapons’. The reviews provide plenty of pictures and information so that readers can get a real feel for what they might be buying. They also have a regularly active and diverse blog, covering topics such as how to make goat milk soap and survivalist dating as well as covering some of the more serious topical survival news items.

5. Reality Survival

Reality Survival is a serious look at the issues surrounding survivalism. It is run by a team of extremely experienced individuals. Founder JJ Johnson, an ex USAF Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) instructor, contributing author, Tony, an ex member of the US Special Operation Forces, with eight years experience in the Counterintelligence and Antiterrosim fields and guest author, CJ, a former Police Officer/Detective and President of a K9 Search and Rescue (SAR Unit) work together to bring their extensive knowledge together to provide readers with practical advice on coping with real-world survival and emergency situations.

6.Survival Common Sense

The Survival Common Sense tag line is ‘tips and practical safety guide’ and that is exactly what it is. It is a very accessible resource covering any kind of survival both urban and rural. The tone of the site is friend and non-political. Articles cover practical advice such as the best way to start a fire, how to make jerky and a review of survival knives. They have a clear following with commenters offering useful thoughts and additional advice. Readers can even learn how to make a portable privy.

7.Survival Ring

The Survival Ring is a portal site and is subsequently a great place to add to your bookmarks.
The deal with everything from natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tsunamis’, through man-made disasters, for example nuclear attacks and dam breaks, to terrorist activities including bombings and bio-toxin attacks. Their tag line says it all “Study yesterday…Prepare today…Live tomorrow”. Along with the usual articles and reviews they also provide latest survival-related news and an extensive list of survival-related feeds, covering Breaking Tornado News, Tsunami Alerts, Red Cross news and Homeland security to name but a few.

8. Be a Survivor

This conversational blog covers everything from how to prepare for a tornado to the latest news from the world of therapy. The author, Flea’s, first blog post back in 2008 state: “Survival in the coming mayhem will depend on a persons will, character and their ability to prepare in some meaningful fashion.” Since then he has been following his journey over the past years coping with his own disasters and providing useful advice for others.


Updated almost daily Prep Blog is accessible and down-to-earth. They cover every aspect of preparedness and survivalism, running articles on survival gardening, recipes and discussions on when to ‘Bug Out’ (leaving your primary residence for a safe bolt-hole elsewhere). The site uses down-to-earth language making it extremely easy to read, making it ideal for anyone who is just getting into the world of survivalism, preparedness or just wants to be a little bit more aware.

10.Stealth Survival

Stealth Survival is well-written and the conversational tone of the posts make it a pleasure to read. None of this detracts from the value of the information contained on the site. There is a wealth of hands on tips for survival, for example advice on how to purify water and how to deal with appetite fatigue. The articles offer detailed information along with personal thoughts. There are lots of photographs taken by the author of their local flaura and fauna and a large portion of the site is given over to backyard bush-craft.

11. Survival Blog

The Survival Blog has a wide range of contributors and is run by James Wesley, Rawles (JWR) a former US Army intelligence officer and survival enthusiast. Now a full-time blogger and freelance writer JWR has written a number of best selling non fiction and fiction survivalist books making him well placed to run the Survival Blog. The site offers readers a wealth of in-depth and well-researched articles covering all sorts of survivalism topics. Including extensive reviews on survival products and information on everything from water sanitation to sensible defense planning. There’s even a handy ‘Quick-Start Guide For Preparedness Newbies.”

12. The Survivalist Blog

The Survivalist Blog began life in 2007 and in just five years has amassed more than 3000 articles. The site is written by MD Creekmore, author of “31 Days to Survival” and “The Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat” and he applies his knowledge and experience with a focus on preparing for disaster on a budget. A massive resource covering topics from how to read a horse and not get squished, numerous survival recipes and a guide to children and firearms. Check out the “Top Posts” section for a list of the most useful posts for survival.

13. Survival Joe

Survival Joe urges readers “Don’t be scared, be prepared” as he tries to help the ‘average Joe’ prepare for the coming crisis, whatever form it may take. The website offers friendly, practical advice in a conversational style. Joe sets out to answer all those tricky questions about what happens when a crisis hits, for example how does one prepare their body for low food stocks and potential starvation or what is the best material for building an emergency shelter? Joe even provides plain language advice on how to take advantage of the disaster stock markets to better safeguard your finances (especially pertinent given the current looming financial crisis).

14. Bug Out Survival

Author Scott B. Williams helps us to ‘Plan, Prepare, Escape and Stay Alive’ on Bug Out Survival. The website began life as an online expansion of Scott B’s best-selling book “Bug out: The complete plan for escaping a catastrophic disaster before its too late”. The site is regularly updated and is home to a wealth of practical information on how to survive a scenario forcing readers to leave the comfort and familiarity of their homes and survive in the wild.


15. Daily Survival

Daily Survival is updated regularly, if not quite daily. They bring together and collate what they view to be the best original articles from survival sites around the net. Unsurprisingly, the site is able to cover pretty much everything you could possibly need to survive in this modern and volatile world. The nature of the website ensures that it is always varied. For example you will find invaluable lists of the sorts of things you might need in survival kits alongside discussions on how to store food long-term, the benefits of keeping bees and a guide on which gun to get and how to go about buying it.

16. Survival Weekly

Survivalists are an extremely positive collection of people, but the common survival website is usually quite a serious place. Survival Weekly offers a an alternative to that providing a warm and welcoming collection of survival-related blogs planning for the worst and hoping for the best. Visit their Library at the End of the World for reviews of disaster-related literature (fiction and non-fiction) or one of their two blogs; ‘The self Reliant Woman’ or the Survival Weekly blog. They are also offering a free online course in disaster readiness called “Countdown to Preparedness”. If that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, they also have two serialized novels.

17.The Suburban Prepper

The Suburban Prepper uses the tag line ‘prep hard-prep now’ which gives some idea that they don’t take themselves too seriously. The website takes an edgy, humorous look at surviving disaster in the suburbs. Articles cover urban survival in case of war, natural disaster or zombie attack. Do not underestimate them though, the advice topics such as crisis food, glow-stick lifespan and survival gear are extremely useful and you may well be glad you read their piece on how to barter after the apocalypse. The Suburban Prepper keeps the whole topic light and airy, offering valuable information whilst staying well away from politics.

18.The Home For Survival

The author of The Home for Survival is convinced that a collapsed economy is more than just a possibility it is a certainty. Recognizing how unprepared he was and drawing on experiences of disasters such as 2011’s Hurricane Irene the author endeavors to share advice and information to prepare and safeguard his reader’s and their families. The author trawls news sites and the blogosphere to bring you regular doses of survival related tidbits covering a range of topics related to surviving either (or both) economic or natural catastrophe.

19. Today’s Survival Show

Rather than written posts the author of Today’s Survival Show, Bob Mayne, brings visitors a wealth of articles, reviews on common sense ways to protect yourself from every day life and the occasional catastrophe or natural disaster via twice-weekly pod casts. Bob presents himself as just a regular guy bringing you his view on how to prepare yourself for the worst. His tag line puts it succinctly, “do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are.”

20. Modern Survival Blog

The Modern Survival Blog is run by husband and wife team Lauren and Ken who, having left the rat-race of the hi-tech industry are now working towards creating a more fulfilling, simpler life and liberating themselves from what they call ‘the system’. The System is described by them as the cyclic lifestyle of work-spend-work in which our capitalist, consumerist cultures enslave us. Between them they present an upfront view offering an almost boundless resource covering all aspects of survival and living outside the normal boundaries of daily life.

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