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20 Five Star Quality Diabetes Information Sites

1. Diabetes Mine

Diabetes Mine is a fantastic website for people living with diabetes who are looking for support from fellow diabetics. It’s full of posts from many different people, giving readers a wide selection of different viewpoints and opinions to choose from. Products for diabetics are reviewed, new research into diabetes is discussed, and you can sign up to a newsletter to get all the latest news and information sent directly to you.

2. Diabetes

Describing itself as the global diabetes community, Diabetes.co.uk is a comprehensive resource that covers so much it’s hard to know where to start. There is detailed information about all different types of diabetes, along with guides and information about how to live with and treat the condition. Other great features include a blood sugar convertor, a food and recipes for diabetics section, and a directory for all things associated with diabetes. This website is the first place to visit when you have a question about diabetes.

3. D Life

D Life brings together many different resources useful to diabetics, and is presented very well. Choose from articles about the right food to eat and how to stay fit while living with the condition. You can connect with other diabetics at the forum here, and also watch videos of people telling their stories about how they deal with their diabetes. If that wasn’t enough, D Life even has its own internet television show!

4. Diabetes Daily

Diabetes Daily is a diabetic’s community website, and is arguably the best place to connect with and talk with other diabetics. With over 80,000 members, there is almost always someone in the live chat room to talk with about all thing diabetes related. Hot topics are discussed in the forum, and there are also some great articles to read about things like recipes and new products for diabetics.

5. Bitter Sweet Diabetes

A personal blog written by a Type 1 diabetic called Karen Graffeo, Bitter Sweet Diabetes is a great place to read real-life personal stories written by a woman who is positive about living with the condition. There is plenty of practical advice here about how to eat and exercise, along with details of diabetic meetings where people can get together and share their tips. What’s more, Karen welcomes readers to write in to here with questions.

6. Texting My Pancreas

Texting My Pancreas is an informative blog that takes a proactive stance towards Type 1 diabetes. Created by Kim Vlasnik, who has been living with diabetes for over 15 years, the articles here are positive and practical. Kim also launched the ‘You Can Do This’ project, where she invites diabetics to record a video and share with everyone the realities of how they live with the condition. It’s an uplifting and entertaining blog for diabetic around the world.

7. Scott’s Diabetes

Scott Johnson writes this blog, and he has been living with diabetes since 1980. With so much experience of how to deal with the condition, his advice and wise words are a gold mine for people that have recently been diagnosed with diabetes. You’ll find his personal stories, articles about new treatments, and also information about clinical trials. There are also lots of links to other great sites if you can’t find what you’re looking for here.

8. The Poor Diabetic

A guy called Ronnie Gregory is behind the Poor Diabetic blog, and his entertaining style of writing means the articles here are a pleasure to read. He offers excellent practical advice for diabetics, and his articles cover a wide range of topics. From health complications connected with diabetes, to comparisons of different types of treatment, he covers all sorts of things you may not find elsewhere.

9. Adventures in Diabetic Parenting

Adventures in Diabetic Parenting is an excellent blog that chronicle the trials and tribulations of a mother bringing up her diabetic child. Pam Osborne has over 9 years of experience treating a child with diabetes, and the information here is valuable to any parent that can a child diagnosed with the condition. Uplifting stories about how she and her daughter cope, tips about how to cook great diabetic-friendly meals, and other musing make this an excellent blog to read.

10. The Princess and the Pump

A blog about how one family cope with diabetes, The Princess and the Pump offers a great perspective of how diabetes not only affects the person, but also the people around them. This blog is written by a mother who has a diabetic child, and here personal stories reveal how she and her daughter get through the tough times. Anyone feeling down and out about their condition should head here for some cheering up.

11. A Consequence of Hypoglycemia

A Consequence of Hypoglycemia is an insightful and sometime humorous blog about one man’s life as a diabetic. His stories are original and sometimes quirky, giving a fresh outlook on a condition that he has struggled to become comfortable with. You’ll find allsorts on his blog, like photos and videos, along with interviews and anecdotal stories. What it lacks in practical advice it makes up for in positivity.

12. This is Caleb

Caleb is a young boy with type 1 diabetes, and This is Caleb is his story, although it’s mostly written by his mother. Caleb’s mother shares the highs and lows of her relationship with her diabetic son, and also writes great articles about the different types of treatment she has used. Caleb also writes some posts himself, explaining how he feels about being diabetic. This unique blog is a useful resource for youngsters and parents dealing with diabetes.

13. Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

This blog is written by a mother who wants to share her daughter’s experience of living with diabetes with the world. Photos and videos fill her blog posts, showing readers how happy her daughter is, in an attempt to show that this condition doesn’t have to have a detrimental effect on a youngster’s life. It’s an inspiring blog that is a must read for all diabetics.

14. Blood, Sweat & Carbs

A great resource for all diabetics, Blood, Sweat & Carbs answers some of the tough questions people have about diabetes. Besides the personal stories of how a parent copes with their child having diabetes, this blog a packed with other useful resources. Tips on exercising, delicious diabetic-friendly recipes, and news about new forms of treatment can all be found here.

15. The We CARA Lot Blog

The We CARA Lot blog began after Nicole was told her daughter had diabetes, and ever since that day she has shared her experiences through her blog. She talks about different treatments her daughter has tried, and tells stories about how her family have come together to support her diabetic daughter. Some stories are funny, and some are sad, and they give a great insight into how families deal with the condition.

16. The Superhero & The Princess

Witten by Tracy, The Superhero and The Princess is an excellent blog that has a nice selection of different resources to choose from. There are a variety of videos to watch, showing how her family stays happy while dealing with diabetes. There is also a page dedicated to interesting and lesser-known facts about diabetes, which makes for great reading. Tracey also takes pictures of how her daughter reacts to different treatments, so that other mothers can learn from her experience.

17. Blogging Diabetes

Blogging Diabetes is a comprehensive blog that covers all aspects of the condition, and is the creation of Tony Rose. Tony uploads regular podcasts, which answer questions that readers ask him. A great feature of this website is that you can record a quick message with a microphone and send it to him, saving you having to write an email! Guest posts are welcomed here, and you’ll find great articles which cover treatments in development and tips of living healthily with diabetes.

18. D-Mom Blog

This blog is the creation of Leighann Calentine, author of the book ‘Kids First Diabetes Second.’ She decided to share her knowledge of bringing up a child with diabetes when she wrote the book, and now she continues to do so by regularly writing informative articles for her blog. Packed full of practical tips, useful videos, and some great recipes, D-Mom blog is an excellent place to read an expert opinion on diabetes.

19. inDpendence

A personal blog, independence is written by Briley, a woman who has been living with diabetes for over 21 years. She shares the ups and down of her experiences with the condition, and offers advice about the best way to deal with problems that only a diabetic has to worry about. She understands that being a diabetic is part of her, and after so much time dealing with it, she is incredibly positive about being diabetic.

20. Life After DX

If you want an expert opinion about diabetes, you cannot do much better than William Dubois’s blog, Life After DX. He has already written four books about living with diabetes, and is a diabetes columnist. With so much knowledge of the condition, he always knows about the latest developments and news, and shares his expertise through his blog. Reading this blog can only make you better informed.

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