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20 Five Star Quality Occupational Therapy Sites

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Susan Burwash Studios Blog

This is a blog set up by Susan Burwash that has a range of information about occupational therapy. With information about events that are held for occupational therapy, as well as information about what was discussed at previous events, or her personal opinion after years of working in occupational therapy, the blog has an abundance of interesting information. Also included on her blog is information in many different categories from health to art, all in an easy to navigate layout.

pediatric OT

This occupational therapy blog focuses mainly on helping children who have issues focusing or paying attention in certain situations, and offers advice and detailed information on why this may be occurring and how occupational therapy can help in this kind of situation. The blog has its most popular posts listed down the side of the site for easy access, as well as links to other occupational therapy sites below this and an archive of all blog posts.

Therapy Fun Zone

A brilliant place for parents or other occupational therapists to visit to see activity ideas and further information about occupational therapy. The site includes some areas of occupational therapy that are explained in detail, but it is mainly offering fun ways to help a child learn, such as games that can be played, it also includes free online resources, as well as recommending helpful books and craft ideas to help children develop their everyday functions in an easier and more enjoyable way.

Miss Awesomeness

On offer here is some great insight into what it is like being in an occupational therapy role. The blog is written by Karen, who initially began the blog when she decided to start training in occupational therapy in 2006. Included in the blog is an abundance of information, as well as her personal take on aspects of occupational therapy and some amusing blog posts included too! It is easy to navigate and offers access to some online resources, as well as recommending other bloggers and websites to find information on.

Occupational Therapy Toolkit: Treatment Guides and Handouts for Older Adults

As the name suggests this site is a tool for anyone who is looking to learn about occupational therapy, or for practicing occupational therapists that are looking for sample hand outs or activities for certain situations. Also included on the website is an informative blog with posts on an extensive array of different areas of health and occupational therapy. These are all easy to navigate as they are clearly listed at the side of the blog, and can be accessed and understood by anyone.

Notes from a Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Visitors to this informative blog will find a wealth of information on occupational therapy, with guest posts and amazing stories to detailed information about different forms of problems that can be helped with occupational therapy. Also included here is information about iPad apps which can help people to overcome issues they are having, and a parent’s perspective about occupational therapy. There are also links to other blogs and websites for anyone looking for further information.

Today in OT

This is a place for people looking to train in occupational therapy to search for a place to do so or get help doing so, and it offers already trained occupational therapists a place to look for work or see who in the career field is hiring. There is also an occupational therapy news section which includes detailed and interesting information about current occupational therapy techniques or advances in helping people who need occupational therapy.

Total Ability

Included on this website is information about occupational therapy treatments, including a frequently asked questions section which has detailed answers to questions many people may have about occupational therapy. Also offered is information about the different help children, adults and seniors can expect from occupational therapy, and some workshops people can attend if they wish to. There is also an informative blog with current news and information about occupational therapy.

Inclusion.Me Limited

This website has information about many different occupational therapy services and explains the different problems occupational therapy can address, as well as a detailed description of what occupational therapy is and how it can be assessed and then treated or helped. Also included on the site are links to useful resources and websites offering further information on occupational therapy and a blog for current news and events surrounding the help that can be offered to adults or children who need it.


The aim of this site is to provide help to people who work in the health career field, mainly focusing on help for occupational therapists. This includes online resources that are freely available for all occupational therapists to use, and an interesting blog sharing some occupational therapy information and rants that can be appreciated by anyone working in that career field. There is also a section about coping with the stress that comes with working in occupational therapy that could prove invaluable to practicing occupational therapists.

RehabCare Student Programs

Run by people who are trained in or training to become occupational therapists, or a very similar form of therapist this site shares personal and varied stories. The blog posts are often written by students who are sharing their experiences which may be of interest to other trained or in-training occupational therapists. Also offered are fun suggestions for therapy sessions, and jobseeker tips and current news and information about different aspects of therapy. There is also a newsletter that can be received about current news and tips.

University of Salford Occupational Therapy Education Blog

A group of occupational therapy educators have formed this blog as a means of reaching out to interest more people in occupational therapy. It offers information about how occupational therapy works, as well as examples of presentations that have been done by occupational therapy students and study opportunities for those interested. There is also a list of suggested reading material as well as some useful online tools and resources.

ABC Therapeutics

A massive collection of information can be found here with its main focus being occupational therapy. The blog posts are written by Christopher Alterio and seem to focus mainly on what it is like to work as an occupational therapist; however there are also descriptive posts about occupational therapy, as well as many other topics. There are also some interesting resource links for practicing therapists and people who are looking for further information.

OT Expert

A comprehensive resource aimed at practicing or training occupational therapists that are looking for current news, events or information. It has a large collection of resource links, as well as advice for students who are studying to become occupational therapists, and information about private practices and more for therapists who are already trained and working, or setting up an occupational therapy practice. There is also book and equipment reviews for therapists who are looking for help choosing what equipment to use in their practice.

TechnOT by VirtualOT

Written by Anita Hamilton; TechnOT focuses on everything to do with occupational therapy and the role online technology can play in helping support people who are visiting an occupational therapist. There is an abundance of information here about occupational therapy, current events, news and an extensive archive of blog posts allowing people to find all the information they want or need. Links to other occupational therapy or health blogs and websites have also been linked, as well as some useful resources.

Online Technology 4 Occupational Therapy

Written and run by a group of occupational therapists from all different areas worldwide. The site has an abundance of useful information with different opinions from each of the different therapists who are involved. The website is promoting the use of technology to advance occupational therapy, and suggests many activities, online tools and resources that can be used to help with this. The website is easy to navigate and offers information for everyone, from people looking for occupational therapy information to practicing therapists.

Thriving in School

Beth Lloyd has put this site together. She helps children in a school environment who need occupational therapy. Here she shares her experiences with these children as well as the tasks she sets for them and the techniques she uses to help keep them responsive and interested. Also on offer here are many free online resources and recommendations of useful books for both parents and other occupational therapists.

Your Therapy Source

Reviews can be found on this site of many different types of occupational therapy equipment that can be used by practicing occupational therapists; or in a home situation by parents looking for something they can use with their child to help with learning. There are many useful resource links on here for books or games, or even iPad apps to help with a child who is receiving help from an occupational therapist.

Alberta OT Pediatric Interest Group

Information for professionals in the occupational therapy career field are found here, including information about professional development, private practice information and information about jobs and where to begin looking. There is also a section for people seeking information about occupational therapy clinics and what they can expect at these in terms of help offered and advice that may be given in relation to their situation. Also included are links to resources and other websites that may offer further information.

Claireot’s Blog

This blog focuses on what it is like to work in a healthcare situation. It is written by Claire, a practicing occupational therapist who shares her current experiences and opinions on different areas of working in healthcare. The blog also includes detailed information about occupational therapy and offers links to other occupational therapy blogs and also resources that people can visit to further understand occupational therapy. It is easy to navigate and written in an easy to understand style.

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