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20 Travel Health Blogs That Make Sure You Get Home

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Healthy Travel Blog

A blog with a great mix between editorial posts on a diverse range of travel and health related topics and travel health news and headlines from around the world. The interface is exceptionally user friendly and attractive and the news and topics range from very new to typical issues the average travel might need to find. The site also offers an informative articles on travel related topics such as tourism for the disabled, WHO advisories, and pop culture links to travel destinations world wide.

Passport Health

The website of the largest travel immunization company within the United States, the site is dedicated to providing information on medical services needed before, during, and after travel to exotic lands. The company specializes in offering the services needed for a select group of travel destinations, but has an abundant amount of useful travel and health information on a diverse range of regions. The site also gives vaccination specific information such as costs in America per service, potential side affects, and what to do for children.

The Globe: Travel Health Centre

The Globe Travel Health Centre specializes in travel health services geared to prepare you for anything from short holidays to full years abroad. The site offers information on recommended vaccinations and medicines for various holiday destinations, counseling for solo travelers, and offers specific information for niche holidays like a student gap year or family trips. The site is also unique in that it offers specific information for frequent business travelers such as world-wide insurance coverage and information on keeping sight of your health as a frequent flier.

Health and Fitness Travel

A blog and company website offering information and ideas for health and fitness themed holidays. Popular destinations offered include yoga retreats and weight loss holidays or active trips such as trekking at the Grand Canyon or wilderness retreats. The site also offers information on active breaks for solo travelers, families with small children, veteran adventurers, and retirees.

International Travel Care

A website and blog with up to date news and bulletins on travel health advisories and destination warnings, information on pre-travel vaccinations and malaria treatment, and counseling services for themed vacations or niche trips. While the site is based in Minnesota, its information on travel is nation-wide and offers information for travelers that are planning visits to a wide range of worldwide destinations. The site also includes health news and travel-related articles from around the world.

The Travel Doctor

The Travel Doctor Corporate Health Management was founded to directly address the health needs of regional businesses and their frequently traveling staff and executives. They also provide consultations for companies with overseas operations such as oil and gas companies, Fortune 500’s, and mission and volunteering groups. Their blog offers diverse information catered to such issues. The website offers information on the companies diverse services as well as help with securing a travel health kit and health-related news from important sources like the CDC and WHO.

Dr. Deb’s: The Travel Doctor

A very diverse and wide-ranging blog that covers information on travel health for all types of holidays across the globe. The company offers travel health clinics in Australia, but the site offers plenty of preliminary information on pre-travel health, what to look for while you’re traveling, and post-travel check-ups for travellers of all ages and types of travel no matter what their destination.

Sick on the Road

Sick on the Road is a blog dedicated to giving accurate, helpful information to travellers on health and safety while traveling. The site offers such information as travel insurance, water treatment in developing countries, what to bring with you on the road, and how to avoid infections and food-related illnesses. The information is compiled from doctor’s recommendations as well as stories from travellers themselves. The site is unique in that it is one of the few health travel sites completely devoted to information on staying well while away from home.

Travel Medicine & Vaccination Centre

A Canadian website and blog offering detailed information on how to prepare for holidays to tropical or developing regions of the world. The site is easy to navigate and offers simple and comprehensive information for would be travelers on vaccinations, malarial treatments, and travel insurance. It also gives insight on how seasonal vaccinations could aid in overall and travel health. The company also provides information on travel clinics in over ten locations throughout Canada.

The Travel Clinic

A company website and blog written and compiled by a Doctor who specializes in travel health and safety. The site offers typical helpful information on pre-departure recommendations, advice on how to take care of yourself while away, and what to look out for upon your return. The blog is also unique in that it offers a special section on health issues specific to female travelers such as family planning, traveling while pregnant, and emergency information in case of delivery abroad and subsequent need for post natal care – especially within developing countries.

Health Conscious Travel

A personal blog maintained by an experienced health and travel writer who concentrates on how to see the world with your health and fitness in mind. The site covers helpful issues on health-driven holidays as well as how to keep up with your fitness and dietary routines while away on holiday. The author’s articles are diverse, covering topics like exotic fruits with health benefits that may be found on holiday and spiritual pilgrimages to remote destinations abroad.

Expedition and Wilderness CME

A continuing medical education site geared towards physicians looking to improve their travel health knowledge or to expand into the field of adventure health care. The company offers expedition and wilderness medicine conferences within the US as well as field world expeditions such as Mount Kilimanjaro climbs and Great White Shark dives. The site is most useful for physicians looking to branch into the field of expedition health care and adventure travel after-care.

Traveling for Health and Retirement

An online community website and blog providing information on medical tourism and retirement abroad. The site includes information for those looking into travel for medical purposes or retiring abroad, but also offers up to date news and editorials on travel, health, medical, and retirement topics. Perhaps most helpful, the site offers articles and editorials written by those that have attempted both types of niche travel and their reports on what worked and what was more challenging.

Travel Clinics of America

A nation-wide American company offering travel clinics and travel counseling across the country. The site is regularly maintained to provide constant and recent information on all areas of health and travel topics. The site includes information as diverse as advice for pregnant travelers to typical sun safety and offers insight on all aspects of planning a holiday for visitors to nearly every country in the world.

Adventure Medical Kits

Adventure Medical Kits covers information on what type of tools and supplies travelers might need depending on their location and type of trip as well as where to buy them and how to properly pack and carry them. The information is mainly suitable for adventure travelers as it covers information on survival kits for activities like mountaineering and deep-sea escapes, but is also suitable for those visiting tropical or developing countries as it offers helpful advice on bug repellant and protection from the sun.

International Medical Travel Journal

A diverse website offering a full range of comprehensive scholarly research and published works on travel health and resources; databases for help finding a medical provider or health travel agency; helpful links and services for purchasing healthcare equipment or consultancy services; opinion based personal blogs and community forums for shared experiences and advice; and information on conferences and educational training for medical professionals interested in travel health.

Sussex Travel Clinic

Sussex Travel Clinic is a company that specializes in clinics that provide travel health vaccinations, malaria care, and post-travel services within the UK. However, the website is unique in that it gives very detailed information on each type of travel vaccination and procedure including, recommendations on if you really need it, how much the vaccination might cost you, any known side-affects, and typical reports of effectiveness.

A Taste of Health

Co-sponsored by Veg News, A Taste of Health is a website and blog devoted to providing researched and collected information on holidays centered around holistic health for niche health consumers. The company offers seasonal and annual holistic cruises that specialize in world class cuisine, meditation, health education with an aim at being a “voyage to well being.” The blog is also a great source of information on a wide range of health and fitness news and interests on diverse topics.

Kids Travel Doc

Kids Travel Doc is a specialized health travel site focused on the health and wellbeing of kids and families with children during holidays both at home and abroad. The website offers specialized information on travel-related topics that may uniquely affect children during holidays such as information on proximity to animals, protection from bugs, sun coverage, and water safety. The site is also helpful in that it offers advice for parents related to general travel tips for families that are not accustomed to traveling with their children. Also available is a free monthly emailed newsletter for parents who frequently plan travel with and for their children.

The Travel Clinic Ltd.

A website offering detailed information on pre-travel health preparedness, health while abroad, and general well-being guidelines for travelers. The company also operates travel clinics in several UK cities as well as offers WHO and CDC travel alerts and news bulletins on related issues from around the world. Also unique to the site are topic-specific sections devoted to corporate travelers, a travel trend becoming of increasingly more importance in regards to health related issues as more companies are taking to opening regional and international branches in overseas locations.

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