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20 Truly Exceptional Elderly Care Sites

A Place For Mom

Finding a trustworthy home for elderly people can be a difficult task, but with A Place For Mom, it’s easy. They can help you get in touch with trusted Senior Living Advisors who have all the experience necessary to help you make the right choice. Even better, getting some advice on choosing a home is completely free. No matter where you are, A Place For Mom can help you locate local homes and prepare you to make sure you choose the right one for you. The site covers Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Care Homes, and much more.

Aging in Place

The mission of the Aging In Place website is simple: to enable older people to remain living in the home they love for as long as they’d like. Rather than moving into a care home or similar, Aging Place offers links to practical services that can transform an existing home into one that’s more appropriate for the elderly. This Aging In Place remodelling can be a liberating choice for many older people – and this website is the place to find out all about it.

Elder Care Link

ElderCarelink is a completely free service that is invaluable for elderly people and their families. Because there are many choices and decisions to be made when it comes to care for the elderly, ElderCarelink offers totally free advice and referrals. Launched by two healthcare specialists with 50 years of combined experience, this site is a real authority. Many circumstances are catered for, including Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Alzheimer’s, Mobility, and much more. If you’d like to find the right care provider for you, and for the elderly person you’re helping, this website should be one of your first ports of call.

Caring Senior Service

The Caring Senior Service believes that while a person’s lifestyle may change as they get older, their ability to enjoy life should not. With that in mind, the Caring Senior Service website offers free help and advice to those who want to age in place – and remain in the home they love for as long as they’d like to. With over 20 years’ experience helping all sorts of people, the Caring Senior Service is a great choice for anyone who’s looking for more information on how to make their home suitable for elderly living. The site also offers a range of products that can help liberate an elderly person’s lifestyle while remaining at home.

Aging Matters Inc.

Aging Matters Inc. is a professional care management company that specialises in providing care for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Because such conditions can take a toll on a family’s life, Aging Matters Inc. provides free advice and referrals on a personal basis. Each client is treated as an individual, and services and products are recommended based on their personal needs and situations. The website also offers a host of counselling and training services, so no matter what your question is regarding elderly care and Alzheimer’s, Aging Matters Inc can help you to solve it.

American Home Campanions

The American Home Companions understand that old age can sometimes be a solitary experience, and that’s exactly why they offer their expert services. Available on an hourly basis or even 24 hours a day, the American Home Companions provide services to countless people in the Florida area, and have done so for over 20 years. Their service includes a whole host of things, including companionship, going for walks, light housekeeping, running errands, personal grooming, and more. The American Home Companions are more than just a service, they can be real friends. And for many elderly people, that’s exactly what they need.

Home Care Assistance

Offering either hourly or live-in care, Home Care Assistance is a great choice for any elderly person looking to maintain their independence. One the Home Care Assistance website, you can find out lots more information about the particulars of the service. Both of their service types include a wide range of non-medical activities, including showering, cleaning, food preparation, and general companionship. On the site you can also discover testimonials from happy customers and get all the info you need to make an informed decision on whether or not the Home Care Assistance service is the right one for you and your family.

Aging Care

The Aging Care website is a multifaceted hub for elderly people and their families. It is a portal through which you can find free information and advice about a wide range of issues affecting the elderly. For example, you can search for local care homes and read the frequently asked questions from those people who have helped find homes for their elderly loved ones. There is a caregiver forum to share experiences and advice, as well as a free newsletter you can sign up to in order to get the most up to date news and information.

Heart Warming Care

Heart Warming Care are one of the premier providers of live-in care in the USA. Over their long history, they’ve built up a team of qualified and vetoed caregivers who can provide professional care at home. They arrange the placement of caregivers for elderly people based on total compatibility – so you can be sure that the person offering the care is well liked and good hearted. Heart Warming Care also offers training on taking care of elderly people – something that can be incredibly valuable for their families. The site also offers a free Resources section filled with useful information.

Home Instead

Home Instead is an organisation that’s dedicated to keeping the elderly in their own homes as they grow older. Rather than having them relocated, Home Instead believes that they should remain in the homes they know and love. The organisation operates a network of local offices, so they’re able to provide expert caregiving services and advice no matter where you are. On the Home Instead website you’ll find a range of resources to give you more information, or you can ask to find out more about their home care services. They also provide care for Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers.

Inside Elder Care

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Lifestyle Options

This company has been providing homecare solutions to people in the Illinois area for more than 20 years. The website offers a wide selection of valuable information, along with links to products and services that may be useful for senior citizens and their families. Lifestyle Options pride themselves on the choice they offer: including live-in services, as well as professional medication management and senior housing. This flexibility and choice means that no matter who you are, or what your circumstances are, there’ll be something at Lifestyle Options that will suit you. You can also get expert tips and advice from their blog.

Right At Home

The Right At Home website is a great example of how easy it can be to learn more about senior care and caregiving. It’s easy to navigate, and you can quickly and simply arrange for a care assessment. This will help you to decide exactly which services may be required by you and your family. Right At Home has a number of professional partners, so they’ll always be able to recommend the very best solution for your situation. If you’ve been looking around for the right caregiver with little luck, Right At Home may well the right choice for you.

Vida Senior Resource

If you’re looking to an alternative for a fulltime care home facility, Vida Senior Resource might be just what you need. Their website is packed with information about assisted living and senior home care. There’s also a regularly updated blog which features plenty of useful information for elderly people, or those who are looking to get a little extra help. Vida Senior Resource can help you discover find a live-in caregiving service to provide companionship, fall prevention, homemaking, and more. And if live-in isn’t for you, Vida Senior Resource can help place you into a warm and welcoming home. Visit the site to learn more.


Visiting Angels

Everyone likes a friendly visitor now and again – and that’s just what Visiting Angels provides. They have a team of professional, qualified caregivers who are available to provide in-home car when you need it. The Visiting Angels can help with companionship, personal hygiene, respite care, and much more. Their website is bursting with useful information to help you make an informed decision, and there are plenty of details about the caregivers they have on board too. If you want to stay in your own home as a senior, the Visiting Angels could be just what you need.

Living Senior

Living Senior provide a huge range of services for senior citizens and their families. Rather than focusing on just one type of care, their website allows you to choose the type that suits you best. Whether you want to stay in your own home and make it more accessible or choose a nursing home to move into, the Living Senior website can help. They also have great information about retirement communities and hospices. Information is set out clearly in an easy to read format, so the site is very easy to use. If you want to know all of your options for senior living, this website is a great place to start.

Preferred Care at Home

As the name suggests, Preferred Care at Home provide advice and services to anyone looking to stay at home during their senior years. They have a team of qualified and professional caregivers who are available whenever you may need them to improve quality of life and make the most of your time. These caregivers can help in a number of different ways – from housekeeping to cooking and medication reminders. We all need a bit of extra help sometimes, and the Preferred Care at Home website – with its easy to use format and handy information – will help you understand that your senior years should be filled with joy and happiness.

Seniors Home Care

Founded by Kit Whittington in 1987, Seniors Home Care is dedicated to providing at-home care and assisted living in the St Louis area and beyond. Their assisted living services are ideal for any older person who wants a little help but doesn’t want to move away from the home they’ve lived in for years. Seniors Home Care is staffed by friendly, warm caregivers who can offer services that range from companionship to prescription pickup and housekeeping. They can also help with transportation and medication reminders. Take a look at the blog on the Seniors Home Care website for more handy information.


eCaring is unique within the area of caregiving in the sense that it incorporates technology in a very real way. When you choose eCaring to provide their caregiving software, you get a fully featured suite of applications, including the CareTracker, CareJournal and CarePortrait. These can all be accessed by family members, no matter where they are. That means that even if you live far away from your senior family member – or you’re away for a while – you’ll be able to monitor their progress. The system helps caregivers, families and care homes too. For more information about the eCaring website, take a look at their comprehensive website.

Caregiver List

Caregiver List is another quite unique proposition. Rather than being centred around just one caregiver or nursing home or service, the Caregiver List allows seniors and their families to search for a caregiver for them. Whether they need to look for a home or an assisted living service, this website can help. On top of that, caregivers can also use the website to search for jobs in their local area. That means that Caregiver List is supporting a healthier lifestyle and better quality of life for thousands of people on both sides of the senior care industry.

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