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20 Most Valuable Sites For Over 50’s

1. Fifty is the new Forty

Fifty is the New Forty is a great looking blog that matches its aesthetic appeal with quality articles covering a wide range of topics. You can read personal stories from guest contributors about how they deal with life after fifty, along with practical advice about issues that pertain over fifties in particular. The different sections of the blog include health and fitness, travel and fun, careers and planning, food and recipes, and much more. This blog is a great place to help you through your journey through your fifties.

2. Flourish Over 50

Susan Tolles is the creator of this website, which is all about women enjoying and flourishing during the middle of their life. Targeted at over fifties, Susan and her talented contributing writers cover a plethora of subjects that concern older ladies. The main focus is on staying healthy, looking good, and having a balanced life. The articles encourage women to grab life by the reins and enjoy every moment of it, in a bid to rid women of their insecurities. You can also watch instructional videos, as well as download Susan’s eBook for absolutely free!

3. Prime 50 Plus

Prime 50 Plus is a comprehensive resource of information compiled specifically with men and women who are over fifty in mind. The scope of this website is impressive, with topics like money, travel, property, and dating all covered. They hold opinion polls to find out what over fifties think about trending topics, and hold regular competitions for readers to enter. For anyone approaching the fifty mark, this website is a great place to start looking for the information you need.

4. Fab Over 50

Fab Over Fifty is a great site for women over fifty who want to find some expert fashion advice, along with tips of beauty style and how to stay healthy. The site looks wonderful, with plenty of good quality photos showing off the different looks women over fifty have achieved. You can also enter competitions to win new clothes and jewellery, and put your personal questions to the Fab Over Fifty team to see what they have to say.

5. Over Fifty and Out of Work

A unique and important website that offers excellent support for those people over fifty who have been left out of work because of the recent global recession which has hit many countries very hard. It’s a project that aims to help over fifties get back to work, and offers support every step of the way. Readers of the blog are invited to get involved and interact with the site, so that everybody can get a better understanding of what out of work over fifties are going through. There is an interesting documentary to watch, as well as links to resources that can help older people get back into work.

6.Over Fifties Friends

Over Fifties Friends is essentially a social network created solely for people over fifty, so that they can meet like-minded people of a similar age. It’s a place over fifties can meet new friends, and even find a partner. There are plenty of different sections to explore, like finding friends to enjoy activities together, joining a social club, and also a section specifically for finding a date. A great feature of this site is its instant chat feature, allowing users to start making friends straight away. You’ll also find guides an advice about issues that particular affect over fifties.

7.50 Something Info

A database for pretty much everything people over fifty could possibly be looking for on the internet, 50 Something Info is designed to cut down the amount of time it takes for over fifties searching the web to find what they need. Different sections include health and wellness, caregiving, house and home, medical, and more. It lists the most popular searches carried out on the site, and you can sign up to a newsletter to receive information about services and events for over fifties, along with special discounts. A nice feature of this site is the ability to quickly and easily enlarge the size of the text on the screen if the viewer is struggling to read it.

8.The Best of Everything After Fifty

This informative blog is written by Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of ‘The Best of Everything After 50.’ She has applied her excellent writing skills to an online format, where she discusses everything from food and drink, to how to overcome personal fears when over fifty. She writes in a very matter-of-fact and supportive way, providing an excellent resource for over 50’s to get some expert advice. The blog is separated into handy sections so that you can find what you need quickly, and there are also videos of her television interviews available to watch.

9. She Accessorizes Well

She Accessorizes Well is a blog all about one women’s quest to keep looking good through her retirement years. While he labels herself as an over 60’s baby boomer, the tips she offers here apply to over 50’s too. She shows how older women can still keep looking good well into their later years, by creating flattering outfits that complement an older figure. She posts photos of new accessories she uses to complement her looks, and provides readers with all the information they need to buy things they like.

10. Flattering 50

Flattering 50 is all about fashion for women over fifty, and hopes to empower women to redefine the way they dress in their fifties. There is a complete lack of fashion designers creating clothes for women over fifty, so here you will find all the secrets and tips you need to keep looking and feeling good in your clothes. She informs readers about the latest sales and best stores to pick up new clothes, and also suggests new looks and posts photos for readers to see how they look. A fantastic blog for any woman over fifty who wants some fashion advice.

11. A Boomer’s Life After 50

Here we have a personal blog written by Judi, a baby boomer chronicling the ups and downs of her life after fifty. The posts are all different, some funny, some sad, some enlightening, some informative. You’ll find book reviews, recipe ideas, new make-up suggestions, parenting tips, and true-life stories about how she copes with getting older gracefully. There is so much great stuff here; you could keep on reading for hours. The blog was also nominated for Philly’s Best Blog Award.

12. Ontario Seniors

This blog is a comprehensive resource of information about healthcare in Ontario for people over 50. The fact that it is Ontario based shouldn’t put you off if you don’t happen to live there, because much of the information here applies to all over fifties not just those living in Ontario. Find out about conditions that are more prevalent in older people, and read about tips on how to stay healthy in your later years. Topics of articles include reviews of new prescription drugs and pioneering treatment for medical conditions affecting over fifties.

13. Linda Loves Chocolate

Here is a personal blog written by a grandma of 9 children, who is over fifty but not letting it stop her do all the things here grandchildren love. It’s a real inspirational blog that encourages readers to focus on the positive things in life, and relive their youth through their family. It’s a great blog to read if you are feeling down in the dumps about something, because the stories are sure to cheers you up! There are plenty of pictures of what Linda gets up to, as well as the odd book review to give you some inspiration in the book store.

14. Feisty Side of Fifty

Targeted at women of the baby boomer era, along with any women over fifty, the Feisty Side of Fifty website is a hub for a number of different free services that Mary Eileen Williams offers. She really is a guru when it comes to issues affecting women over fifty, and she shares all of her knowledge on her blog. She is the author of a book titled, ‘10 Surefire Strategies for Jobseekers Over 50,’ and also has her own internet radio show where she discusses all the current topics that are of concern to women over fifty. Just take a look at all the encouraging comments at the bottom of the page to see how much help she has been to readers.


15. Beauty Over Fifty

Beauty Over Fifty is written by a 55 year old woman who specialises in testing and reviewing the latest beauty products. She is an advocate of anti-aging products, and with all her expert knowledge she passes on information that can help women make an informed decision about what products to use in their beauty regime. She also reviews the benefits of spa treatments and different types of make-up, hoping that other women can use her knowledge to age in style. A great blog for women looking for tips on how to stay looking beautiful and youthful in their older years.

16. Over 50 Feeling 40

A style blog that not only focuses on how to dress well, but also provides a huge amount of details about the best accessories, jewellery, and earrings which are suited to older ladies. She links to many other blogs that offer the same level of expertise as hers, which makes her blog a great springboard to start from when looking for style tips. She even offers tips to would be bloggers about how to conduct interviews and write compelling articles.

17. Not Dead Yet Style

Not Dead Yet Style is a one-stop-shop blog that deals with everything to do with how to stay looking stylish in your middle years. From the best type of shoes to wear, to flattering dresses, and stunning skirts, you will find loads of ideas on how to keep looking stylish as you get older. You’ll also find articles written about how some leading ladies retain their beauty well into their older years, and the best accessories to complement outfits.

18.Being Fifty Something

Here is a blog that embraces everything to do with being over fifty, and the writer has the clear opinion that they is no need to long for your younger years, just enjoy what time you have now. She provides readers with stories of her life as an older lady, and offers guidance and support for people that might be struggling. There are also some great handicraft tutorials, along with book giveaways to keep readers coming back.

19.The Fifty Factor

A lady by the name of Joanna Jenkins writes this light-hearted and amusing blog, in which she talks about her life as an over fifty and all the trials and tribulations she encounters. It’s an entertaining read that keeps you guessing, and no doubt a lot of her readers find something in common with her. You’ll find new stories published here at least every week or so, so it’s a great place to come back to every now and again. Joanna writes about everything and anything, so it’s always a surprise to see what she has published each month.

20. Fashion Over Fifty

Fashion Over Fifty is endorsed by the Independent Fashion Bloggers organisation, and rightly so. It’s another great blog that showcases pictures of how one lady has found innovative ways to keep looking stylish long into her later years. She provides all the information about how she creates the outfits, from where she buys each item to how much it costs. She also invites readers to write to her and share fashion tips.

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