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20 Weight Loss Blogs of Distinction

1. Kalyn’s Kitchen

Kalyn’s Kitchen well and truly whets the palate with pictures of delicious-looking healthy meals right from the start. This is an unashamedly celebratory home cooking blog, which showcases nutritionally sound meals and demonstrates that healthy does not have to mean boring. A former teacher, Kalyn lost 42 pounds simply by eating own healthy cooking and her family encouraged her to turn her passion for cookery into a blog.

Recipes are listed by category and readers can save their favourite recipes and even compile a shopping list of ingredients required. Plenty of advice is also provided about growing your own vegetables, herbs etc, locating recipe ingredients and purchasing the right equipment – there is even an Amazon store showing some of Kalyn’s recommended cookery kit. Kalyn’s Kitchen is a high quality, visually stunning blog that will make anyone’s mouth water.

2. It Sux to be Fat

This is a great blog, which uses humor to introduce the topic and including plenty of important information in a reader-friendly way. Blog posts combine handy hints for healthy living with personal experiences and amusing anecdotes. A weekly weigh-in keeps Jennifer – the author – perfectly accountable to her readers and funny photos of Jennifer in action stop the site from become too worthy or serious.

Other aspects of the site include healthy recipes, news items on exercise and updates on Jennifer’s own goals and achievements. This site is easy to navigate and fun to read – a perfect fit with its funny, yet totally honest title.

3. Escape From Obesity

This honest blog is subtitled “a look into the secret life and inner thoughts of an obese mom”. It is a candid account of one lady’s fight to lose the excess pounds she is carrying. Lyn talks about issues related to weight loss within her own life, including calorie counting, health issues, finding suitable clothing and shoes, beating temptation on vacation and so on.

Lyn posts regular pictures to the left of the main text, which show her weight loss at various milestones, from her starting weight of 278 pounds downwards so that her readers can have a clear visual picture of the difference her fat fighting is having on her body and well being. This is a well written, interesting, honest and refreshingly positive account of an individual’s tough weight loss journey, although the multiple advertisements can prove a little distracting in places.

4. Scale Junkie

This website is written by Diana – a self confessed former ‘scale-junkie’, obsessed with hopping on the scales to measure her weight. She now looks at her weight loss in a more holistic fashion; taking into account not only weight, but also her emotional and spiritual well being and the nutritional contents of her diet. This weight loss blog is Diana’s way to remain committed to her weight loss goals and to share her experiences and knowledge gained along the way – there is a disclaimer on the site stating that she is not a medical, dietary or fitness expert.

This is a humorous website, with clever illustrations and fast-paced writing. A particularly useful aspect is the ‘popular posts’ section, where newcomers can go straight to the posts that other followers have found especially interesting or useful. Next to this item on the menu bar are buttons for recipes and reviews, although these links did not appear to be working at the time of this review. This is a shame, as these sections would prove useful for visitors looking for further help and ideas.

5. Jack Sh*t, Getting Fit

This is a blog that will grab your attention from the off, with bold homepage graphics and direct wording – the blog’s full name is ‘Jack Sh*t, Getting’ Fit’. Clearly aimed more at a male (i.e. less ‘fluffy’) readership, this website looks at weight loss from a more expressive angle, with the author posting poetry, photographs and motivational writing to express his thoughts on losing weight.

This website will not provide its followers with healthy recipes or suggestions for exercise routines. Instead, it is a moving, honest collection of poems, photo montages, musings, plus the obligatory ‘before and after’ pictures, not just of the author, but of some of his followers too. A great resource for when the weight loss motivation slips; but less so if you need detailed weight loss advice.

6. All the Weigh

This blog is written by Kenlie Tiggeman – a formerly morbidly obese lady, who has reached the halfway point of her weight loss journey. She has carefully documented her weight loss journey, offering her thoughts on things that worked well for her. Through her blog, Kenlie seeks to motivate others to emulate her ongoing success. To that end, she has added a number of useful tools. A photo page keeps a visual diary of her weight loss and the comments posted on this section reveal numerous grateful followers appreciating her honesty. Kenlie also reveals the results of her weekly exercise sessions and weigh-ins, making All The Weigh one of the more accountable personal weight loss websites out there in cyber space.M

Kenlie also seems to have made news headlines, as there is a separate page with links to media coverage received. From the negative – she was once made to purchase two seats on a plane trip – to more positive articles about her weight loss in healthy lifestyle websites, Kenlie is clearly a well-known figure – she once made national news headlines when she was made to buy two seats for a plane trip – and her blog offers plenty of good advice and motivational material.

7. Jess “Too Big” Perreca Jnr

This blog means business. Run by self-confessed overweight dad-o-one, Jess ‘Too Big’ Perrecca Jnr, the website focuses on his personal experiences of weight loss and seeking to lead a healthier life. Jess has an amusing and open ‘about me’ section that sets the friendly tone of his whole site – blog posts are charmingly self-deprecating.

Jess posts weekly weigh-ins, as well as a list of excuses and weight loss goals. All these additions make him appear human and properly accountable to his supporters, while perhaps offering them some food for thought. Another feature – not that common on this type of blog – is a series of video diaries about losing weight and snapshots of his family life with his wife and cute little daughter. Not so much professional advice, but there are some decent links to professional websites, plus bucket-loads of motivation from someone who seems a truly genuine family guy.

8. Weight Loss Wars

This website is not a personal blog. The Weight Loss Wars website allows people wanting to lose weight to set up and enter competitions, either in private groups or publicly to achieve healthy results. Membership of the site is free; however anyone wanting to enter or set up a competition must pay a one-off fee of $10.

As well as creating and entering competitions, signed-up members can post their results online and add recipes. One downside to this website is that it carries rather a lot of advertisements, but they do tend to be relevant to healthy living, so could prove useful to some.
The best aspect of the site is its blog, which genuinely covers relevant topics that do not seem to be contrived simply to plug the website’s services. Advice ranges from how to avoid food that seems to be healthy, but has hidden dangers, such as sugars and artificial additives. Other topics include how to deal with setbacks and the benefits of losing weight with friends.

9. Weight Loss Buddy

This website works on the basis of weight loss being easier when teamed up with a buddy. It seeks to join up people wanting to lose weight with someone else and promises ‘free weight loss and diet support’. The homepage is a little confusing with all the buttons and clickable links, but when you delve deeper into the site, it actually provides some excellent resources and advice.

People seeking a weight loss buddy can search the database for a suitable match, rather like on a dating website. They can then make contact and start sharing their weight loss journey together, or even join a larger team on the website for extra motivation. Other functions include an ‘ask the expert’ contact page and a member-only live chat room. However, the most fascinating section is the member blogs page where you can start your own blog and follow other people’s posts.

10. My All Natural Weight Loss

This blog is by British celebrity fitness expert, Amanda Hamilton. While it wastes no time in promoting her ‘life changing diet programme’ in some detail, readers who persist through the site and scroll further down the home page will be rewarded by a set of useful articles, such as the health benefits of coffee, vegetarianism and gardening.

Amanda includes plenty of picture in her blog and maintains a friendly, upbeat tone. Yet the overall sense of the site is that it is there simply to sell her diet programme. Nothing wrong with that – indeed, the programme could turn out to be a really worthwhile investment. However, such early plugging does make the layout less appealing, and the true gems of information and motivation that bit harder to track down.

11. Yum Yucky

Intriguingly named, this blog sets out to ‘find balance between fitness and your greedy side’. Using humour as a key tool, it has plenty of funny pictures and quirkily named sections, such as ‘Greedy Recipes’ and ‘Food Trap Alert!’, which highlights popular, branded foods that live up to their claims to be healthy. Very useful information to help busy people looking for quick fixes at the supermarket.

Other tools include home workout routines, and information about Shakeology – a complete meal shake that promises to curb cravings, improve digestion and lower cholesterol. There is the option to purchase sample packs of this product online website, but the sales pitch is pleasantly subtle throughout the rest of the site.

12. Carb Tripper

This is a personal journal from a lady following a low carb diet. She is refreshingly honest about her highs and lows and is happy to share plenty of pictures of her changing body shape, her meals and other images that catch her attention. In fact, this blog is very visual, which attracts the eye and makes the reader want to dig deeper into it.

Alongside posts about her own personal experiences, the author has written about low carb dieting, supplements, fat loss, fish, fasting and plenty more. The only criticism might be that the layout makes for slightly confusing reading, which could put off a casual visitor from staying longer on the site to find out more.

13. Low Carb Confidential

This blog comes from a long-term low carb dieter, who uses it to record her experiences and thoughts on this challenging way of life. In fact, the author admits at one point to still finding it all very hard to explain – this blog is their attempt to do so through personal examples, advice, images and reflections.

Posts tackle some pretty meaty topics, from the Atkins diet to tackling alcohol and dining out. There is also a library resource with links to relevant websites, although a disclaimer points out that the website author has no medical training of their own. Judging by the large number of followers’ comments and compliments, this is a popular resource with some good information.

14. Lynn Haraldson’s Blog

Lynn Haraldson’s personal record of weight loss is very simply laid out, getting straight into the blog posts on the home page. An ‘about me’ section reveals her to be a writer, mother and grandmother, who clearly uses her many life experiences to write this high quality and often touching weight loss blog. Like many similar bloggers, Lynn uses before and after pictures to show how far she has come along the weight loss journey and these are an incredibly inspirational part of the website.

In fact, so inspirational has Lynn’s weight loss been that she has been a guest on Oprah ands appeared in several magazines. Those looking for specific medical or nutritional advice won’t find it here, but Lynn’s heart-warming story and simple tips are well worth a close read


15. fat Fighter TV

This slightly overly cluttered home page gives way to a website full of excellent resources and advice. It is run by Sahar El-Hodiri Aker – a former TV presenter who has put her expertise in video communications to good use by helping raise awareness of the obesity epidemic, while spreading the word about the importance of healthy living.

Sahar’s blog is wide-ranging and covers topics as diverse as inspirational quotes from celebrities to the dangers of kids’ meals that claim to be healthy when they are, in fact, far from it. This is not a personal weight loss journal, so the inspirational individual story is missing, however, the website instead offers solid nutritional advice, fitness news and exercise suggestions, from a trusted source, that are well worth following.

16. My Journey to Fit

This website is unashamedly girly – detailing the weight loss journey of a ‘forty-something’ lady in a series of honest, often amusing blog posts. The author’s main exercise passion is running, and she has written extensively about why she got into the sport, and the races she has participated in.

One excellent aspect of the site is the inclusion of numerous links to similar blogs and websites – what this blog may be lacking in basic advice website is made up for by the enthusiastic stories and willingness to share all experiences – good and bad. Then, once readers are motivated and ready to find out more about losing weight, they can use her easily accessible list of related websites to find out more.

17. Weighting for 50’s

‘Fitness and fun for the end of my forties’. So reads this blog’s quirky catchline. Written by Roz – a cat lover in her late forties, this blog has attracted plenty of followers who leave numerous positive comments testifying to its engaging tone. The content, however, seems a little thin in places.

Roz has added a range of recipes she has found – many conforming to the Weight Watchers points system. She has also added a fun feature introducing her readers to a new word every Wednesday. Not strictly related to weight loss maybe, but a fun feature that keeps people coming back for more. An interactive calendar provides an easy search tool for archived blog posts.

18. Fit to the Finish

This personal journal style weight loss blog is extremely professional looking, with excellent layout, bright images and engaging text. It is written by Diane Carbonell – a mother of seven who lost over 150 pounds from her original weight of 305 pounds: pretty inspirational stuff. Her success spurred her on to develop her own weight loss programme, which she calls ‘Fit to the Finish’.

Diane’s blog varies between informative posts and family updates, which keeps it interesting and readable, although geared more to a female audience. She writes with authority on the topics one might expect: weight loss, dieting, pregnancy and exercise. This is a great resource – highly readable, useful content with plenty of motivational images and stories mixed in.

19. Fat Man Unleashed

This weight loss blog is aimed at a male audience, with its title, colour scheme and tone of voice. The home page dives straight into the blogs, which are on key fitness topics, such as running, personal training and good nutrition. There is plenty to read on this blog and it appears to be good quality information from someone who knows what he is doing.

Wider topics can also be researched under menu headings such as diet and weight loss, fitness, food and nutrition and health, lifestyle and more. This blogger knows what his readers want, and how to lay out his website to help them find it easily. He has also included comprehensive reviews of health and fitness products and even sells his own Fat Man Unleashed T-Shirt. Build the brand…

20. Skinny Hollie

This blog follows Hollie as she battles to lose weight. Her posts are regular and informative, yet the site seems a little thin on content – more details about Hollie herself would have been welcome as her blog tells and interesting tale. The numerous social media buttons on the site indicate Hollie’s willingness to keep in contact.

The chosen color scheme, background pattern and name of the blog make the site appealing to the young female market – perhaps more links relating to topics they are interested in would add to the overall usefulness of the website, although a link does take the reader to an external site detailing the Body by Vi weight loss program Hollie is currently undertaking.

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