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21 Absolutely Outstanding Disabled Sport Websites

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1. English Federation of Disability Sport

English Federation of Disability Sport is the national body for disabled people in sport and physical activity throughout England. The charity aims to increase opportunities at all levels of participation. The website includes information on the organization, how it helps disabled people with fitness and sports, plus how people can help others and to run disabled sports clubs. Sports mentioned on the site include tennis, swimming, athletics, cycling, football and others. It also helps with gyms and general fitness.

2. Disabled Sports USA

The mission of Disabled Sports USA is to provide national leadership and opportunities for individuals with disabilities to develop independence, confidence, and fitness through participation in community sports, recreation and educational programs. The site contains general information for disabled people and their friends and relatives. It is divided into three main sections. The first is the programs the organization runs, the second is a list of events and the third lists their local chapters.

3. 9 Lives Adventures

9 Lives Adventures was started in British Columbia in Canada as a project for raising awareness about the obstacles and barriers facing disabled people face on a daily basis. The next task was to break down those barriers and obstacles. The tour has now gone worldwide and the site contains information on this tour, events, the mission, media, a gallery page and a blog/forum for people to keep up to date and to discuss what is going on. The site has helped a lot of disabled people gain the confidence to do sport.

4. Disability Sports NI

Based in Northern Ireland, Disability Sports NI recognised the fact that 85 percent of people with disabilities in the region did not participate in sports or active lifestyles. The mission of the website and organization in general is to promote healthy, active lifestyles for the disabled people in Ulster. Its core objectives include community sport, performance sport, educating trainers and coaches, and informing people about disabled sports, activities, events and breaking down barriers. Definitely inspiring for people in Ulster and beyond.

5. Wheelchair Basketball Canada

Wheelchair basketball Canada is the governing body for the sport in the country. It is a non-profit and charitable organization that looks to help organize tournaments, games and local leagues. The website is a great resource for people in Canada inspired to watch or participate in the game after the successful Paralympics in London. The site contains information on Team Canada, tournaments and events, programs, the sport in general, members and where users can ask players questions.

6. BC Wheelchair Basketball

The BC Wheelchair Basketball Society or BCWBS is based in British Columbia, Canada and has been in existence since 1983. This is the official website for the charity. The mission of the charity is to help wheelchair users in British Columbia lead more active lives, to get into both competitive sport and sport for fun, to enjoy recreation more, competition, and to increase participation in disabled or wheelchair based sports. The website contains a host of information for athletes, coaches and officials.

7. Knights Wheelchair Basetball Club

Based in Northern Ireland, the Knights Wheelchair Basketball Club has over 50 members. This is the official website for the club and as a result it boasts a range of information suitable to people in wheelchairs or who want to play wheelchair sports in County Antrim. The club caters for athletes and sports lovers of all ages from 7 and above. It is open for both male and female sports players. The club has 20 volunteers and often welcomes more. This is a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to start a wheelchair basketball club.

8. Michigan Adaptive Sports

Michigan Adaptive Sports is an excellent site for disabled people looking to get into sports in the Michigan area of the United States. The website is looking for help to keep it going and up to date, but it contains information such as the events schedule, contact, photos, videos, information for volunteers and information for participants. The minutes also help to give an idea of what the organization gets up to. Well worth looking at for Michigan residents.

9. Ade Adepitan

The Ade Adepitan story is an inspiring one. Ade is a former Paralympian for Great Britain and has won medals. Fresh from inspiring young kids to take up disabled sports, Ade presented Channel 4’s coverage of the Paralympics in London in 2012. This website contains a regularly updated blog, twitter feed and a little about the man’s life. Reading his blog will help both the long term disabled and the newly disabled find inspiration from their problems and to get into sport.

10. The Thomas Green Blog

The Thomas Green blog does what is says on the tin. It is the “whimsical musings” of a disabled athlete. What is perhaps unique about this blog is that Thomas only just failed to qualify for the Paralympics in 2012, his home games. This means he has not only overcome his disability, but the disappointment any sports person feels when not selected. For disabled athletes and fans of sport in general, Thomas’ blog is full of insight and real life experience to draw courage from.

11. Nikki Emerson

Nikki Emerson is a T53 wheelchair racer from Britain. Partially paralysed after a car crash in 2008, Nikki has quickly put her life back together and with determination and talent has turned herself into a top level athlete in a wide range of disciplines from sprinting to middle distance racing and marathons. She did, however miss out on selection and will be hoping to improve in time for Rio 2016. Her blog will inspire and give newly and long term disabled athletes the courage to continue.

12. Trish Downing

Trish Downing stands out because she was the first paraplegic athlete to complete an iron distance triathlon. After this she helped to pioneer the wheelchair triathlon. Her website talks about her current activities whether sporting or organizational. She is also an author and her site contains information on her work and books. Her site helps to show that disabled sport is not just about taking part, but also about getting active in organizing and speaking about sport.

13. Amanda McGrory

This is the personal website for wheelchair racer Amanda McGrory. Diagnosed with a rare disease called transverse myelitis aged five, McGrory saw herself as a wheelchair sprinter until Scot Hollonbeck turned her into one of America’s top wheelchair marathon athletes. Her site contains information about her, her life through a blog, media, pictures, news events and a chance to contact Amanda. Her site proves that disabled athletes come in all shapes, from all causes and what unites them is a love of sport and competition.

14. Josh Cassidy

Josh Cassidy is a Canadian disabled athlete from Ottawa. As a newborn he overcame neuroblastoma cancer, which eventually left him partially paralysed in the legs. Inspired by Jeff Adams, Cassidy took up wheelchair racing aged 17 and has not looked back since. He has taken part in a range of races including wheelchair marathons in London and Boston, both of which he’s won. This is an inspiring site that is a must read for anyone wanting to take part in wheelchair racing.

15. Get Kids Going

Get Kids Going is a national charity that helps young disabled people, up to the age of 26, the chance to take part in disabled sports. A former alumni of the charity is David Weir who won four gold medals at the 2012 Paralympics in London. The charity has helped thousands of kids get into sport and its site is full of information and blog posts about disabled sport. A lot of this is taken up with reports from various competitions including the London marathon, the Great North Run and the Royal Parks half marathon.

16. Kurt Fearnley

Kurt Fearnley is an inspiration to thousands of disabled Australians and more around the world. As one of the most successful marathon racers of all time, having podiumed 41 times in his 43 marathons and having won 31 of those, plus having taken nine medals in three Paralympics, Fearnley knows how to succeed. His story and website is great for sports fans who want to keep in touch with developments in his life, but also for young people who want to follow the path he has laid.

17. Anjali Forber-Pratt

Born in India, Anjali grew up in an orphanage before being adopted to new parents in America. She has since overcome transverse myelitis to become a successful disabled athlete. She has since overcome sporting injuries such as breaking both wrists aged 13, to continue downhill skiing and other sports. Her strength and determination shows how not just disabled athletes, but any athlete can combine a strict training regime with academic studies that would swamp an ordinary person.

18. Disabled Winter Sports

Disabled Winter Sports is an Australian organization that helps disabled people take part in winter sports that are usually off limits to them. The DWA is a sporting organization that looks over adaptive winter sports in the country. Its site contains plenty of information for Australians looking to get into winter sports despite a disability and for those who want to help someone they know take it up. It is also useful for educating people, for offering programs for people wanting to organize sports or coach athletes.

19. SportsAble

SportsAble is a British charity that aims promote awareness of disability through sport and recreation and particularly integration of disabled and able-bodied people. A vital element of life at SportsAble is about having fun. Fun through our fundraising events, such as our Annual Marathon Wheelchair Push, and fun through a whole calendar of sport and recreational facilities such as Quiz Nights and more. The site contains information on events and ways both able and disabled people can help the charity.

20. Scottish Disability Sport

Scottish Disability Sport is the governing body of all disabled sport in Scotland. Its remit ranges from covering official sports to producing road maps for future development. The website is its official hub and as a consequence contains information on the sports being played, news in those sports, a TV channel and a wealth of educational and policy pages. It is well worth reading for anyone who wants to organize a new sport or even an existing one in Scotland.

21. Bradford Disability Sport and Leisure

The Bradford Disability Sport and Leisure website caters to the residents of Bradford in Yorkshire. It looks to help disabled people enjoy more active lives through recreational and competitive sporting events. The website is full of information and is a must read for any group looking to organize regional disabled sports. The site includes football, athletics, awards, competitions, fund raising and more on clubs, coaches and volunteers.

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