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21 Authority Resources for Women

We Are The Real Deal

This blog focuses on improving body image by educating its readers about eating disorders and their effects on self-esteem. It is a bright and energetic site promoting a positive relationship between body, mind and food. They appear to cover practically everything relating to this area including dietary information and discussions on bullying with the focus on positive reinforcement and encouragement . The site would prove a valuable source of information for anyone looking to improve their health, self-esteem and body image.


Amplify is a project run by Advocates for Youth that aims to inform young people about their reproductive and sexual health. Their core values are Rights, Respect and Responsibility. Through increased awareness and understanding they hope to tackle some of the major issues affect youth today, especially regarding sexuality. Amplify gives young people a voice, providing them with an opportunity to blog about the relating issues affecting young people today.

Operation Beautiful

Be inspired by a post-it note! This delightful website has set out to change the way women view their bodies through highlighting how damaging negative dialogue can be. The author began by leaving little notices on mirrors in restaurants and at the gym and decided to take the idea one step further by launching it onto the internet. Readers are invited to send in photographs of their positive, affirming post-its for the author to share with her followers. Definitely take a look if you need a little bit of a boost!

Where Is Your Line?

The Line Campaign uses film and social media in an effort to dismantle rape culture through challenging existing misconceptions and promoting a positive and healthy attitude to women and sexuality. A new take on an old issue, this website is worth a look as it’s a great visual resource on a key issue facing young women in today’s society. The site features a couple of interesting videos.

Act To End Violence Against Women

Act! is a Canadian organisation working to end violence towards women within the Jewish community and beyond. They run educational programmes such as their short film aimed at 14-17 year olds and discussing the manifestations of abuse in teen relationships. They also promote campaigns such as the ‘virtual Walk format’ adaptation of the successful “Walk in her Shoes” campaign which saw many men donning high heels to raise awareness of violence against women. Act! also fund an award-winning, community-based kosher shelter for Jewish Women known as ASTEH. The site provides information about all of Act!’s essential work.

What About Our Daughters?

Founded in 2007 in response to an Oprah Winfrey show titled “After Imus: Now What” the blog aims to encourage Black women to use their economic power to work towards stopping the negative images of Black women and girls that can be so damaging and, the site argues, may be holding many women back. A varied and extremely active blog site, well worth a look.

Name It, Change It

A non-partisan project between the WCF Foundation, Women’s Media Centre and Political Parity working to eradicate sexism and misogynistic coverage of female political candidates in the US. The site encourages the reporting and subsequent ‘outing’ of sexist behaviour in an effort to promote discussion and change the system.


The blogging arm of Incite! – Women of Color Against Violence. They work with groups of women of colour within their communities at a grassroots level promoting projects that address the many forms of violence against women. The blog is where you will find all their latest news and awareness raising.

Women’s Rights without Frontiers

This website has been set up by an international coalition who oppose forced abortion and slavery within China. The organisation are aiming to raise awareness of the effects of China’s One Child Policy and the issue of human trafficking in Asia. This is a hot topic at the moment following the release of awful images of a woman forced to abort her child when she was seven months pregnant. The pictures, whilst shocking, have led to the Chinese authorities apologising for their actions and raised international awareness of the plight of women in China.

The Crunk Feminist Collective

The Crunk Feminist Collective aims to bring together feminists of color, queer and straight, who align themselves with the the hip hop generation. The site promises a community forum that fosters, encourages and enables the free and open discussion of key issues by a new generation of feminists. Crunk music is a mix of Hip Hop and Southern Black culture and forms the inspiration behind the collective. The energy within the music and associated culture is the driving force behind their special blend of youthful feminism.

Honoring Women’s Rights

Pitching itself as “the only conference that brings women together to discuss issues that matter to them” the Honoring Women’s Rights conference is to take place on Saturday September 8, 2012 at the National Steinbeck Centre, Monterey County, CA. Feminist activist, scholar and writer, Louise Bernikow is the keynote speaker. She has written two standard texts commonly used in Women’s Studies and is an expert in radical American women’s history. A wide range of guests will be speaking on an equally diverse range of topics from women in athletics to a new international holiday celebrating women artists. There’s even a play! See the website for more details.


The Young Women’s Christian Association was founded in 1855 in London, UK and today has over 25 million members in 106 countries. They work to eliminate racism and empower women via a bottom-up, grassroots structure. The YWCA offer a range of services, providing everything from crisis support to health and fitness advice. The website is equally expansive and offers a mass of information about their projects and how you can get involved.

Our Bodies Ourselves

An almost in-exhaustive collection of all things relating to women’s health. This site is maintained by Our Bodies Ourselves, who have been promoting honest information about health, sexuality and reproduction from a feminist perspective since 1970. The organisation is built on the premise that women are interested in taking the lead when dealing with their health and more than capable of doing so.


A website providing resources and information for students looking to end rape and sexual assault, especially on campus. Safer offer a national Campus Sexual Assault Policy Database that encourages students to look up their local policies, or post them if they can’t be found. If no policies exist or are not satisfactory the website provides all the information needed to campaign for the implementation of stronger policies. Well worth a look if you, like them, believe that all students have the right to a safe campus.


Women’s Rights Writer

As an ex-lawyer, Kate McGuinness knows a thing or two about sexism in the workplace, and more importantly, how to tackle it if you find yourself the victim of inequality. This website is packed with advice on how to handle sexism and information on how you can get involved in improving women’s economic, political, physical and emotional rights.

Women’s Rights New York

The website of a progressive New York City law firm who specialize in defending women’s equality and rights in the workplace. A useful and informative site that includes a large database on pretty much any workplace-related legal issues and step-by-step FAQs on how to progress should you find yourself facing problems at work. They also have an active and regularly updated blog covering relevant topical issues.

Speaking of Women’s Rights

The blogging site for Legal Voice, an organisation who seeks equality and justice for women in the Northwest via legislation, advocacy and education. The site isn’t flashy but the posts are well written, considered and researched.

Yes Means Yes!

Based on the book “Yes Means Yes” by Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Valenti which examines female sexual pleasure in an effort to dispel misconceptions about women and sex and subsequently dismantle rape culture. This accompanying blog continues the work of the book and encourages healthy, respectful debate through meaty articles on current affairs.

Cork Women’s Right to Choose Group

This is a single issue alliance with the focus on campaigning for all Irish women to have access to full and legal access to abortion and reproductive health services irrespective of age, religion or financial situation. A great starting point and resource if you want to get involved in this issue, especially if you’re based in the Cork area.

Women’s Law Project

The Women’s Law Project has been around since the second wave of feminism in the 1970’s. It was founded by a group of feminist attorneys and received national recognition for their Equal Rights Amendment Project which combined litigation under state ERAs with public education. The Project continues to challenge sexism and inequality through the legal system and they write about their experiences and latest news on this blog.

Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW)

WOW works to help women achieve economic independence through educational programmes. Focussing on ensuring literacy and numeracy, the organisation also encourage technical and non-traditional skills training. In addition they offer information and support for the welfare-to-work transition. They lead the National Women’s Workforce Network who are committed to getting women and girls into well-paid work. The regularly updated blog covers topical issues.

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