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21 Climbing and Outdoor Fitness Sites Towering Over The Rest


1. Tales of a Mountain Family

Originally called “Tales of a Mountain Mama,” this site has now changed its name to “Tales of a Mountain Family.” This is a family dedicated to the outdoors and particularly the mountains. Tales of a Mountain Family is a great site for families who love hiking and rock climbing. The site includes gear reviews, trail reports from around the country, a page on kid gear, a few useful promos and discount codes plus some other publications that might be useful to climbers.

2. Eldorado Climbing Walls

Eldorado Climbing Walls is not a site about rock climbing or about a location for rock climbing, but it is a site for a company that builds indoor rock climbing areas. These climbing walls are realistic and can be designed for a number of climbing abilities. The website contains information about Eldorado Climbing Walls, about the art of creating rock climbing areas, a blog on the company, a portfolio for potential customers, equipment pages, a resource section and more.

3. Supertopo

Supertopo’s guiding mission is to create guidebooks about the best places to go rock climbing. Started in 1999, Supertopo terms each guidebook as topos. Each topo is designed to give the best information to readers as possible by people who have climbed each area. The detailed topo guides include a climbing route history, pitch lengths, gear sizes, strategies for climbing a topo and maps for both the approach and the descent. The website is full of useful information for climbers.

4. Appalachian Mountain Climb

The Appalachian Mountain Club blog is written by Matt Heid. Matt is passionate about climbing and hiking gear, especially when using it to hike mountains in the Appalachians in Eastern America. The blog is from someone who has written guidebooks and blog posts about some of his destinations like California, Alaska and New England. As well as this he has written on some of his other passions such as cycling, climbing and surfing.

5. Adventure How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works is a general website aimed at helping people understand the physics and mechanics of various things. This usually includes machines such as cars or vacuum cleaners, but this section is dedicated to adventure sports such as surfing, ballooning and most importantly climbing. The website offers information on places, strategies, gear and also offers a number of puzzles and things to get people’s brains going. This is a decent general interest website for beginners to get a little extra information.

6. Summitpost

Many websites now offer writers the chance to pool information by sharing content on a website. Summitpost is the top collaborative website for hikers and climbers. It allows users to post trip reports, events, articles, photos and albums. It features various trip reports and has a photo of the week section. In addition to this the site boasts a number of subpages such as articles, images, trip reports, gear, people profiles, routes, areas and ranges, plus mountains and rocks.

7. Eye of the ‘Drea

The subtitle for the Eye of ‘Drea is “trying to lose weight and eat my reduced fat cake too.” This is a well organized blog featuring a wide range of topics including rock climbing. This is a great lifestyle blog for people who like climbing but also like a slice of life or want to use climbing as part of a fitness or healthy lifestyle program. There is a page dedicated to rock climbing, but also to yoga, ideas and much more.

8. Southern California Mountaineers Association

This blog does what it says on the tin. The Southern California Mountaineers Association is dedicated to people who love to climb rocks in the south of the state from LA down to San Diego and further inland. It is good for giving out information and organizing meet ups for people of all experiences, this is particularly useful for newbies who would like to meet more experienced climbers who have conquered the Himalayas and the Alps.

9. Ironman

The Ironman contest is not for comic lookalikes. It is one of the toughest sporting events anyone can participate in. This website is not just into climbing as a singular event, but as part of a multi discipline sporting trial. The site looks at events, contests around the world, reviews of races, rankings, news and views. It also offers articles concerned with training info, nutrition articles and so on for people wanting to take up the ironman challenge.

10. Earth Treks

Kodjo Workout is a blog run by a fitness enthusiast that showcases a ton of different home workouts that are designed for people who have busy lifestyles. Along with a variety of circuit training workouts that are accessible, Kodjo posts dietary advice, ways to treat exercise-related injuries, and even reviews on some of the most popular fitness products available out there, including food supplements and snacks appropriate for fitness training.

11. CLimb Za

Climb Za is a South African rock climbing website started in 2003. It has since become the largest resource for climbers in the country. If you are considering rock climbing around the world, this site may help swing South Africa into your thoughts. Even if you are not considering climbing in the country, the site has a wealth of information for both first time and experienced climbers from around the world. The site contains guides, routes wiki, articles and galleries.

12. Climbing High

Climb High is a climbing and hiking equipment store in America. It claims to be not only made in America, but also totally eco friendly. For a lot of people this matters. The company offer both men’s and women’s clothing plus footwear, climbing gear, camping gear, and also snow sport apparel and gear. When you are looking to find a company to get quality equipment from at a good price, this is an excellent place to start.

13. Sierra Rock Climbing School

The Sierra Rock Climbing School teaching both the basics and advanced rock climbing in California. The school hire the best rock climbing teachers going in the area. Ones who can climb, train, guide and have extensive local knowledge. These people know the rocks like the back of their hands so to speak. The website contains information on the school, testimonials, a full range of trips, services, reservations, featured guides and online contact forms.

14. Exposure Indoor Rock Climbing

Exposure is an indoor rock climbing gym based in Dallas, Texas. It is suitable for both first time climbers and also experienced climbers. There are classes for beginners and those seeking to broaden their skills and experience. The gym offers both membership programs and one off rates. It even has a whole section dedicated to helping people plan birthday parties and group events. The site also explains how their gym is good for teambuilding events.

15. Island Rock

Island Rock is an indoor rock climbing facility based in Plainview, New York. It contains 9,000 square feet of climbing surfaces featuring 30 walls, 100 climbing routes, a bouldering cave, full training campus, cybex training facility, sauna and shower/locker rooms. The website explains the rates for individuals and groups, details about their summer camps, media and gallery pages plus a lot more about the best rock climbing facility you will find in New England.

16. American Safe Climbing Association

The American Safe Climbing Association or ASCA is worth visiting for anyone thinking of doing rock climbing in America. It is especially useful for those who plan to take their indoor training outdoors and climb some mountains or big rocks. ASCA have organized a grading system for rock protection and anchoring gear. The site looks at educating people about safety and about conservation in general. It also explains who the ASCA are and what can be done to help them.

17. The Eyes of Portland Monk

The Eyes of the Portland Monk is a photographic climbing blog and website. Run by a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism the site covers not just Benjamin’s adventures and photographs in the Portland and Oregon areas, but also his photographic abilities. It shows not just the power and potential of photography in general, but that of climbing and adventure photography in particular. The site contains a blog, bio and portfolio about Benjamin and his work.

18. Arcadia Rock Climbing

The Arcadia Rock Climbing and bouldering gym is one of the biggest such facilities in the United States. Situated on the 210 Freeway off Santa Anita, the facilities is open to both newbies and experienced climbers. The facilities is open five days a week, including weekends and people can purchase day rates or fixed multi-day passes. The facility runs a number of classes including a summer camp and includes information for first time users of the facilities.

19. Joshua Tree Rock Climbing School

The Joshua Tree Rock Climbing School is dedicated to creating a safe and exciting place for people of all ages to learn about rock climbing. The school is located out in the open in the Joshua Tree National Park in the Mojave Desert near Palm Springs, LA and San Diego. The website offers information on how to book classes, about the basics of rock climbing, how their courses help leadership skills plus a wide range of info for both individuals and groups wanting to use the facility.

20. Gripped

Gripped is a climbing magazine fit for anyone interesting in rock climbing anywhere in the world. The magazine and website features news, websites, interviews, climbing event information and an event calendar. Like all magazine sites it lays out the contents of each new issue and offers ways for people to buy an issue, subscribe for a fixed period of time and to contact the editor if they so wish. This is a must read for all climbing enthusiasts.

21. About Climbing

About Climbing is section of the popular information website About.com. It is dedicated to climbing and is run mostly by Steward Green. The main site is divided into three sections. These are climbing, learn to climb and climbing skills. There is not much here for experienced climbers, but it is an excellent starting point for people wanting to get into climbing for the first time. There are a wide range of articles to help newbies out.

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