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21 Commended Consumer Rights Information Sites

Consumer Complaints

Consumer Complaints is an Indian consumer complaints forum that consists of a continuously updated blog that mixes questions with news stories. Linked to Facebook, it allows users to register and login, plus has a complaints submission page allowing readers to share their own experiences with various Indian and multinational companies operating in the subcontinent. Questions can be posed by users and are answered by other users and experts. These cover a range of subjects such as fake calls, SIM cards and property development rules.

Not Good Enough

Not Good Enough is an Australian consumer complaints and opinions website that also covers New Zealand. Boasting 54,000 active members, the site looks into a wide range of product and service complaints ranging from airlines to hospitality services. As well as offering a forum for people to talk to one another about their experiences, the site offers FAQs and editorials on major issues. In addition to complaints, there are also forum spaces for compliments, proving that the world does not always have to be negative.

India Consumer Forum

The India Consumer Forum focuses on a wide range of products and services offered in India and for Indian consumers. These are initially divided into products, services, builders, online shopping, promos & business services, civic complaints and judgements. The site also contains a wide range of articles highlighting company and product failures, issues and other information relevant to consumers. Product information, for example, covers mobile phones, appliances and motor vehicles, while the services page is divided into 12 sections from insurance to hotels.

Consumer Daddy

Consumer Daddy is another India-based consumer site. It allows users to register and account, then log in to make their own complaints or to submit a review. These can be off any business or service that has been purchased. Consumer Daddy also provides a wide range of consumer reports on subjects such as apparel, automobiles, consumables, finance, food and travel. The site’s users are happy to provide their own reports on products such as the latest tyres they have bought and websites.


Akosha is also from India and is aimed towards solving consumer complaints. In this sense it is a consumer watchdog, which seeks to help ordinary complainants against companies and institutions. It claims to have already filed 33,279 complaints and saved an estimated four million rupees for its users. The home page contains information on how to file a complaint, examples of resolved complaints and a simple form to fill in so you can make your complaint. There is also a careers section for people looking to work for Akosha.


Groubal champion consumer complaints. They put together lists of complaints in the form of petitions then take these petitions to large corporations and institutions in order to get answers about these failures. Groubal is a social site that allows users to register and account then group together with people with similar complaints. Each user is then able to initiate a groubal and get other users to join it and sign it. The overriding mission of the company is to help users get fair value for money.

Pissed Consumer

Pissed Consumer is an American consumer rights website that allows customers to vent their spleen at a bad consumer experience. This can be from bad service to poor product quality to a lack of value for money. While aimed at America, it is open to consumers the world over. The site allows users to add a complaint, view a list of complaints, consumer reviews, reviews with pictures, gives them information on recalls and government resources at their disposal.


CtWatchdog was founded by George Gombossy, a syndicated consumer columnist based in America. Working with thousands of loyal readers, Gombossy’s site is aimed at highlighting consumer complaints and tips. As well as his work, there are a team of bloggers that cover a wide range of subjects including health, finance, business, government, travel, shopping ,energy and education. The site also allows readers to link to a large number of consumer needs feeds across America. The contact page allows readers to share their ideas and complaints as well.

Consumer Protection BC

Consumer Protection BC are based in British Columbia, Canada. It is a not for profit corporation that tries to protect consumers from the excesses of businesses while also looking toward helping to create a fair market in BC. The site offers help for both businesses and consumers by giving them advice and information, receiving complaints and investigating potentially illegal activity. It also offers a careers page, links to advisory groups in the BC area, publications that might be of interest to consumers and businesses and the chance for businesses to use the Consumer Protection BC logo if they meet standards.

Watchdog Nation

The Crunk Feminist Collective aims to bring together feminists of color, queer and straight, who align themselves with the the hip hop generation. The site promises a community forum that fosters, encourages and enables the free and open discussion of key issues by a new generation of feminists. Crunk music is a mix of Hip Hop and Southern Black culture and forms the inspiration behind the collective. The energy within the music and associated culture is the driving force behind their special blend of youthful feminism.

Consumer Litigation Group

This site is run by the Consumer Litigation Group, a law office run by Dimitrios Kolovos, which is aimed at protecting consumer rights in Pennsylvania and New Jersey under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The site consists of contact information for the company and its official website, plus a consumer complaints blog. The blog centres around news stories on consumer issues such as hearings at the Federal Court, news on debt collecting and credit reports.

The Consumer Rights Coalition

The Consumer Rights Coalition focuses specifically on the issue of short term financial services across America. The site was founded by 200,000 consumers of these products. It covers all the states of America and has managed to send 5,000 complaints to congress and has 3,000 signatures on a petition to protect access to credit. The site looks towards helping people who need payday loans and small amounts of credit to pay for extraordinary expenses that their budgets won’t cover or they cannot afford because payday is too far away.

Ohio Lemon Law

Ohio Lemon Law is a consumer rights law blog that provides legal guides and questions & answer pages on a range of subjects including consumer protection laws and car laws. The group specialise in motor vehicle law. Legal guides cover subjects such as Montana Lemon Law, the myth of the 3 day cancellation , criminal law legal questions and tips for negotiating with auto dealers. The Q&A page allows users to post or submit their own questions, which will be answered by one of the Ohio Lemon Law lawyers/experts.

Get Payback

Get Payback’s tagline is, “don’t get mad, Get even.” It is an internet marketing site that aims for fair representation of products, services and companies. It works around the idea of Search Engine Marketing or SEM to promote customer reviews on consumer sites. Until this site came along, the complaints ranked low on internet searches for a company, now consumers can file free claims with this site to get negative complaints listed through SEM and higher on search engine results.


People Claim

People Claim is online dispute resolution system supported by users. The site aims to bypass litigation, mediation and arbitration in order to quickly and efficiently settle all common disputes between companies and their customers. It allows both sides of the situation to submit facts, ideas, propose settlements and negotiate with confidentiality. It allows users to start a complaint and then pursue it through the site’s system. It is ideal for problems with products and poor service relating to a large company, but can be used between individuals too.

Company Name Sucks

Company Name Sucks allows its users to write a quick company review. Modelled on Twitter, the site gives users 140 characters to complain about a company of their choice. All such complaints are done in a anonymous fashion. It is not a consumer rights site or advocate and contains no information on how to protect yourself or make a formal complaint, but it is a great way for people to vent steam against a particular company.

The Complaint Report

The Complaint Report is a social site for people to write and share their complaints. It is aimed squarely at consumers who need a platform to make their complaints heard by companies and other consumers alike. It is a totally free service whereby you submit a complaint to the website for approval. These complaints then turn up on search engines and social websites, so other consumers know what to look out for. The site itself has a complaints form, a list of complaints, safety tips and a blog.

Hissing Kitty

Hissing Kitty is another complaints website where consumers can air their feelings about a particular company, product or service. Like many other sites, it is totally free and has a simple complaints procedure involving an online form. No registration is required, making the site easy to use whenever something seriously pisses you off. Users are also able to search the site to find similar complaints and to browse the latest ones to see what has been hacking people off lately.

Consumer Complaints

Consumer Complaints is a British website that offers advice, news and information on people’s rights. It’s regularly updated blog includes information on how to pick the best legal advisor, how to get free credit checks and news stories on fraud, complaints and success stories from previous complaints.


Elliott.org is named after Christopher Elliott, who is a consumer advocate and journalist. His site is a socially networked site that offers free access to his columns on consumer rights issues. It also gives information on how to contact Christopher about your own complaints, ideas and requests for tips. The site provides contact information for a number of American companies, while also promoting companies that meet Elliott’s standards.

Measured Up

Measured Up is a consumer and customer service resolution website that also offers businesses advice and help with such complaints. It offers a wide range of ways for both to use the site and to interact with other uses. There is an option for consumers to write reviews, access resources, videos and a consumer rights blog. Businesses are able to access business tools, claim a business name for a directory and to advertise on the site.

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