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21 Exceptionally Valuable Asperger’s Sites

1.A Boy With Asperger’s

This blog follows the hectic life of mum Claire as she raises three children, the eldest of which has Asperger’s. Claire have a very positive outlook on her situation and her stories are often upbeat and humorous. Claire even has competitions running on her blog to help encourage interaction with fellow members of the online community.

2. Raising Asperger’s Kids

This is an incredible site that not only details the life of a mother with two autistic children, but also acts a superb resource. Here you can find a great selection of book recommendations along with some musings specifically aimed at the parents of autistic children. It is an inspiring too as the owner of the blog has worked tirelessly to get both of her children into college and in turn wishes to help as many other parents do the same.

3. Journeys with Autism

This site is written by Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg who, at the age of 50, was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. She now charts her experiences of this making it a great site to read for the older autistic person. It could also be interesting to those raising autistic children to see how their kids may end up. Rachel has also written her own books on various subjects which are available to buy from her site. There is also a fantastic page listing 100 untrue myths about autistic people.

4. Aspie in the Family

This is a site created by a woman named Deb. She is the mother of three children, two of which sit within the autistic spectrum. Her site looks at how difficult it can be in getting a proper diagnosis for children and also the difficult that comes with getting access to helpful services. The site is also very informative too. Deb has written a number of superb articles relating to autism ranging between subjects such as hygiene and art. She also has articles about her own interests which to make great reads.

5. Four Sea Stars

This blog centres around the trials and tribulations of trying to bring up three kids with one of them having been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. It makes for a very interesting read as with having three kids running about, you know the blog owner has a wealth of intriguing stories about them. The blogger also talks about how she deals with extra pressure from having a child with Asperger’s, plus the site has a very informative collection of Asperger’s resources.

6. Floortime Lite Mama

This is a wonderfully written blog owned by the mother of a 7 year old child who, along with autism, also suffers from apraxia and SPD. Even though the blogger accepts her life is a stressful one, she is still very upbeat in her outlook on life and the problems she and her family face. On top of talking about day-to-day life there is an interesting section on the concept of “Floortime”. Here you can find plenty of resources and information that will help you decide it would be useful for your situation.

7. Alienhippy’s Blog

This blog run by Alienhippy is another example of an adult who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome very late in life. Their father and their daughter have also been diagnosed with the same. Alienhippy details her family life wonderfully and even includes beautiful pictures of their outings and adventures. If you like poetry and music then that’s another reason to visit the blog. Alienhippy often posts songs that they’re enjoying at the time and also posters their own poetry too.

8.Looking for Blue Sky

Looking for Blue Sky is a hugely inspiring blog. It is run by a mum of three children who has gone through a very difficult resort. She looks after all her children, one of which has Asperger’s syndrome and another who has cerebal palsy. She always wants to use her blog to spread awareness of what it is really like to bring up kids with specials needs including all the worst and all the best parts. It is a wonderful and interesting blog, but also at times heartbreaking.

9. Spectrummy Mummy

This blog follows the family of Sprectrummy and Spectrummy Daddy and their two kids. Their little girl has been diagnosed with Asperger’s along with ADHD, a sleep disorder and Developmental Coordination Disorder. Their boy they describe as “nearlytypical”. There is an extra dimension to their story which makes it all the more intriguing. They have moved around with their kids across countries. Their girl was born in Luxembourg but they now live in South Africa. The blog is a great read for any parents who might be considering a big move or who want to see how other people deal with it.

10. Wonderfully Wired

Wonderfully Wired is a blog written by Fiona who has not only gone through some extremely tough stuff personally, but also that two of her three sons have Asperger’s syndrome. Despite all the difficult issues she has had to face, she still manages to come across as optimistic. She also has some fantastic additional sections aside from her blog. Her “Why me?” section explains her thoughts on how to deal with this question that many people ask themsevles. She also has a very heartfelt bit called “25 things to tell my kids”.

11. How to Raise a Happy, Successful Child with Aspergers

People struggle when having kids as there is no way you can ever be truly prepared for it. This even more try for parents who have kids with autism as it isn’t possible to prepare for it at all. Then, on top of that, it may become very difficult to get any kind of professional support in the place that you live. Dave Angel, a social worker, wrote a book called, “The Parenting Aspergers Resources Guide” which aims to help parents of kids with Asperger’s to bring up their child in the most benefecial way possible. This site gives you a detailed look at exactly what the book includes.

12. Asperger Management

Asperger Management is an incredible site that has dedicated itself to a subject that few people would even consider. What they want to do is to provide support for thos with Asperger Syndrome who are working in senior, white collar professional management positions to ensure they can get the best out of their job. There is a wealth of information here and the blog also makes for an interesting read. They also run a forum so people can discuss their ideas and experiences.

13. The Art of Being Asperger Woman

This is a blog written by a woman who has autism. It make for an excellent rad. It charts her life and what she gets up to, but also talks about the problems she faces due to her condition and how she is able to deal with them. On top of her own personal stories, she also often posts articles and items of interest to people dealing with autism meaning this blog has accumulated a great set of resources.

14. Aspie Rhetor

Aspie Rhetor is a superbly written blog by a very strong minded individual with Asperger’s syndrome. They are an assistant professor of English at the University of Michigan and they’re political too. There are some very interesting resources on the group “Autism Speaks”. The blog details the owners life and interests (which includes rhetoric and composition, digital media, disability studies and the band ELO).

15. Life With Aspergers

This blog has is run by a parent who, after discovering their child had Asperger’s, found out that they themsselves also had the condition. The blog works towards giving an accurate description of what it is like to live with the syndrome and also to help educate others that not everything is negative. There is also an amazing section dedicated to the series of articles they have written on a range of subjects. These include bullying, parents with autistic children and behavioural drugs.

16. Adventures in Asperger’s

Adventure in Asperger’s is written by a 29 year old father of three sons, the oldest of which has Asperger’s syndrome. It is a very entertaining read and greatly humorous blog too. “Adventures” is certainly correct as the writer is an EMT and the whole family try to go on as many trips as possible. The writer is also a great photographer meaning all their outings are captured wonderfully. Even despite losing their house to a fire, the writer still manages to cover the event in an amazingly upbeat way.

17. College Support Program for Students with Asperger’s

Any specialist support for people with Asperger’s syndrome can be a massive help to individuals and families alike. This site works to offer proper academic, social and independent living support to people with autism spectrum disorders. This sort of thing is massively useful and the site is great. It really is a hugely valuable resource of information and support.

18. Camp Akeela

This site details the fantastic work that the people at Camp Akeela to. It is an overnight camp for kids aged 9 – 17 (there is also another program for older teens) that aims to help them improve their social skills and get them to interact with their peers. On top of that, they also hold a summer camp for kids with Asperger’s and non-verbal learning disabilities. The site has all the information you’ll need to decide if Camp Akeela is something that will be of interest to you.

19. Asperger-4-Life

This blog follows the life of an adult who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. It details what they get up to, the problems they face and how they overcome them. It alos talks about all the positive things that happens to them too. The writer also spends time looking back at their life as an undiagnosed child and what those experiences were like.

20. Asperger’s Conversations

This blog is written by Larry Welkowitz, Ph. D. Although including information on his own personal life and exploits, it also looks at Asperger’s Syndrome in a very informative way. Welkowitz co-founded the Asperger’s Resource Group and also produced an excellent 30 minute documentary entitled “Understanding Asperger’s”. He is a man with plenty of knowledge and great insight.

21. Asperger’s Digest

This is the website for the Autism Asperger’s Digest which is dedicated to helping teachers, therapists and family members who are affected by autism. They have created a wealth of resources that are endlessly useful. You can use the site to get in contact and also to subscribe to their magazine. Their blog also covers a range of interesting subjects such as explaining the diagnosis to a child with autism and choosing a social skills program.

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