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22 of the Very Best Autism Blogs

1. Autistic Speaks

Forget all the informational autism sites and blogs from parents of autistic children. This blog is written by someone who is autistic, giving us a truly inspiring insight into what it means to be on the inside of this condition. Lydia not only writes regularly on her blog, but has written a number of books too, available through the site. As if this wasn’t enough, Lydia also makes public appearances, speaking and attending as a guest at a number of different gatherings supporting autism. She is an inspiration to us all.

2. Anybody Want a Peanut?

Nobody can understand or describe better what it means to be a parent to an autistic child than someone who lives the life every day. Jennie has been blogging here for around two years, sharing her experiences with other parents of autistic children. Any parent of an autistic child is sure to find something to smile over or shed a tear in her insightful posts. She also uses her blog to act as a platform for other blogs, as well as resources for parents looking for information and networking opportunities for mutual support.

3. Amy’s Tiny Corner of Existence – Mini Kitkat Girl

Should any parent want to know that there can be a future to look forward to, this inspirational blog by a young woman with Aspergers Syndrome, sharing her experiences and thought processes will provide reassurance that a diagnosis of autism is not necessarily the end, but can be a beginning. Amy’s energy and whole hearted participation in life are illustrated by her posts.

4. Four Plus an Angel

A heartwarming blog by the Mum of an autistic daughter, diagnosed more than 10 years ago. Her posts open the door into the private life of her family and give us a building block resume of their journey with Ashlyn from birth, through her diagnosis and beyond. Affirmation if we ever needed it that being the parents of an autistic child is not only bearable but can even hold moments of joy.

5. Living with Logan

A family-focused blog from a Mum of 7. Intended to share her experiences and provide resources, as well as mutual support to other parents of autistic children, this beautifully written blog explores the reality of living and dealing with her #7 son, Logan, in the context of a large family and the stresses and differences of opinion that can happen between parents. This blog will strike a chord with all parents of children with a diagnosis of autism.

6. Autism From a Father’s Point of View

This blog is a rare and priceless contribution to the realities of parenting an autistic child, written by the father of Kyle, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of two and a half. This blog explores the intellectual and emotional aspects of caring for a child with autism, celebrating those special, shimmering moments and unashamedly discussing the bare bones of everyday life. Touching and truly inspirational, Stuart’s writing will provide informative food for thought, solace and support to fathers of autistic children everywhere.

7. I’m Just That Way and That’s Just Me

One of life’s natural warriors, this lady writes a mean blog about her life with her daughter, how her Little Bird was diagnosed and their life together. This big hearted woman finds time enough not just to raise her daughter, but to share their journey with us and to support others in their travels too. She deals with issues like bullying and regaining perspective, as well as hospital emergencies and celebrating magical moments.

8. Daisy May Fattypants – A Life Less Ordinary

his is a comprehensive blog from the mother of an autistic child. She has drawn a line finally and stopped writing, out of respect for her growing son’s privacy and dignity. Nonetheless, the extensive material she has shared with other parents of children with autism stands as a beacon of information and hope for those people who follow the same road she has travelled. Her intelligence and humour shine through her written words, while her dedication and sensitivity are apparent from the point of view she shares.

9. Life with Joey

Joey’s Mum shares the shocks and pleasures of family life, the struggles of daily living with her autistic son and gives a wonderful insight into how to approach and react to an autistic child. Describing their time spent together in beautifully descriptive text with a generous helping of photographs, we can gain a true sense of the love shared between the family members and Joey’s part in it.

10. Joy’s Autism Blog

A powerful and constructive blog from the Mum of four, with plenty of practical advice and support. Six years of blogging has resulted in consideration of a wide range of topics, from the likelihood of having more than one child with special needs born into the family, to a frank discussion on the subject of the value of Autism Awareness Month. For any parent with an autistic child, this blog will provide valuable insight and information, as well as affirmation.

11. Autism Blogger

This online support blog provides a platform for families everywhere with autistic children. With information on education, workshops and camps, articles on bringing up and dealing with autistic children, health and nutrition, this site pulls together many aspects of life with a child who has special needs.

12. I am Juju

Juju – or Julie – shares her family’s daily life and the joys and triumphs of her daughter’s progress in this beautifully written blog. Their commitment to their daughter, Skylar, and the love they share as family shine through in each post. In between daily living, Juju also finds time for her “Project Life” – a scrapbook rendition of their lives, together with descriptive posts of the latest happenings, from changes to their diet to sharing their thoughts and feelings.

13. Flappiness Is…

A self-labelled navigational aid to the waters of parenting an autistic child, this blog was started by Leigh Merryday after finding out her son, Callum, falls on the autistic spectrum and was diagnosed with autism when he was three. The site brings together apps, links to information and blogs, together with books on the subject of autism.

14. Autism Daddy

An unashamedly frank and touching blog by the Dad of Kyle, who was diagnosed with severe autism. He discusses difficult subjects, such as fathers who can’t stay the course, how to keep your marriage intact and the sort of unwelcome comments that people tend to make when they are trying to be polite. While this blog will definitely be supportive of other fathers, it has something for everyone and many mums

15. Autism Learning Felt

This is a great blog, with a multitude of articles and information exploring the realities and theoretical causes of autism. With information about safety and health issues, workshops and events, including camps, as well as humorous anecdotal blog posts about life with her autistic son, the writer demonstrates that not only does life go on, but it can be enjoyable.

16. Big Daddy Autism

Life with an autistic child from a father’s viewpoint, bringing his own special brand of humour to bear in this blog. Accentuating that a sense of humour is a must in raising a child with autism, we also learn that life is an exploration, an adventure to be enjoyed and made the most of. Discussing such topics as using public toilets, favourite television programme and Mother’s Day, the blog also delights the reader with its beautifully drawn portraits and cartoons.

17. Autism Science Foundation

An informative and comprehensive website, dealing with the signs and symptoms of autism, its treatment, information on the latest in autism research and much, much more. For anyone looking for a broad understanding of the condition and its medical and social implications, this site will go a long way to satisfying their need for information.

18. Autism Army Mom

The life and times of a Mum with an autistic daughter – also known as My Life as an Ungraceful, Unhinged and Unwilling Draftee into the Autism Army! A somewhat tongue in cheek, but nonetheless very real and touching blog highlighting some of the lowlights and emotional hurdles of parenting a child with autism. Anecdotal and dry humoured, you will enjoy reading about the escapades and scrapes, as well as the touching interludes in family life.

19. Both Hands and a Flashlight

This is a wonderfully measured, rich blog about being an autistic family, detailing some of the challenges faced by them, some of the memorable moments and a lot of helpful links to resources and other blogs. They have also constructed a lovely manifesto, which outlines the attitudes and values which they feel should typify the position of any parent of an autistic child. In depth discussion of topics such as introducing new foods to their child can only prove to be supportive to others groping their way through the same sometimes fraught maze.

20. Love That Max

The personal blog of a lovely lady with a son who has cerebral palsy. She has gone on to provide a focal point for parents of children with special needs, as well as being an ardent activist in support of disabled people everywhere. She gives us more than a glimpse of the emotional rollercoaster that is being the parent of a child who has special needs.

21. Love Life and Then Some

A great blog, giving a real insight into family life in general and being a Mum to an autistic child in particular. Haley shares her parenting experiences with her followers, mixed with personal opinions and recommendations for a multitude of recipes, places to visit and products.

22. Bird on the Street

Katy writes about the perils of life raising a child with cerebral palsy. Her insights and struggles hold true for any parent bringing up a child with special needs – the difficulties encountered, the tragedies and sorrows, the attitudes of others and the misgivings about entrusting her son to people she doesn’t know – even if they are professionals in their field. Many of her experiences are common to parents of autistic children, who have to endure the same doubts, insecurities and leaps of faith.

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