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22 Sites Offering Answers and Support for Eczema, Psoriasis and Other Skin Conditions

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1. Itchy Little World

This is a blog written by Jennifer, mother of a child with Eczema and allergies, and founder of a company that makes scratch free clothes for people with eczema called Eczema Company. The blog is very informative and provides healthy alternatives to living a natural allergy free life. Along with information on skin solutions, the blog provides insight into asthma, commonly present in patients with allergy caused eczema and also provides some tasty recipes for allergy free meal.

2. End Eczema

The blog is written by a person who has eczema. The blog provides the blogger’s personal opinions and experiences. There are entries about various treatments and ointments available in the market for eczema today and whether or not the blogger agrees with it. The blog blog tends to feature more breaking research news, looking forward to a time when therapies for eczema are improved, perhaps to the point where several of them applied together might qualify as a cure.

3. Being Me in My Own Skin

This blog is written and maintained by a Psoriasis patient; she talks about her experiences, providing first hand inside into the illness. The blog provides patients with a lot of hope and courage to cope with their illness in their lives, with the example set by the people that have written the posts. There are also tips and tricks that can be useful to anyone facing difficulties in their everyday lives. Though this blog does not offer expert, medical advice, it does provide helpful information about medicines and cures that have been used by the blog writers.

4. Anti-Vitiligo

This website provides information on anti-vitiligo, a natural oil based treatment for vitiligo. Testimonials from people who have used this product and can vouch for its effectiveness are provided on the site as well as information about the ingredients of the oil. Extensive part of the information provided, covers facts about the disease in its several forms, genetics of the illness, and homeopathic treatment options.

5. Atopic Skin Disease

HThis website is a place you can find helpful information, not only on Atopic skin disease in terms of medication and symptoms, but also emotional support from the other people who have the same illness. This is a great site as it provides information on every aspect of the illness including behavioural changes that can help in your healing. The site is easy to navigate and has practicing doctors to provide medical advice.

6. Eczema Outreach Scotland

Eczema Outreach (Scotland) is a website, hosted by a charity organization that aims to provide help for people with eczema and their families. Activities of the charity include rising the awareness about the illness to reduce the stigma about the disease, organizing outings and activities for children with eczema, and also lobby for better services for patients with skin diseases. This website is a good way for people with eczema, living in Scotland, to get to know other people with the same illness.

7. Eczema Club

The Eczema Club is a blog written by a person who has eczema and prefers a psycho dermatological approach for treating the illness rather than merely a physical one. The blog talks about how changes in weather or increased anxiety can aggravate eczema and also about the different myths people have about the illness. This is a useful blog that provides a person’s real experiences a useful tool for someone looking for help facing a similar problem.

8. Eczema.com

This site provides information about eczema and psoriasis and also gives information about the creams and oils that can be used by people with these illnesses. This site looks at the need for daily care and gives the best options for treating itches for children and adults. The site is run by people with a lot of experience and knowledge about these illnesses.

9. Eczema Blues

This blog is written by the parent of a child with eczema and provides ways for other parents facing similar problems to find ways to cope and de stress. It also provides tips for parents for their child’s treatment and information on the online support group that keeps parents of children with eczema in touch with each other so that they can share tips and provide support. The blog is very well written and is a good way for parents to find ways to cope with their stress enabling them to be better care givers.

10. Just a Girl with Spots

Living with an illness that manifests itself obviously on your skin is difficult. Very often it gets even worse, because you might not be able to hide it. Just a girl with spots is a blog written by a girl with psoriasis, and it talks about her illness and how she did not let it get the better of her. She provides help and support to other people with the same illness and seeks to spread awareness so that people with this condition can get the help they require and make an effort to treat it. The blog is very well written and provides information about other people who are facing similar problems around the world.

11. Toby Hadoke

Toby Hadoke is a British writer and standup comedian that has psoriasis and has written a blog about it. This blog is witty and informative and puts a genuinely funny spin on living with psoriasis. This blog was chosen as one of the top ten blogs on psoriasis in 2012. Toby Hadoke’s blog talks about his personal experiences with the illness, but every incident he has shared has been filled with humor, providing a reader with a healthy dose of laughter; this is as everybody knows, the best medicine for any medical condition!

12. National Eczema Association

This website is hosted by a company that comprises of physicians and scientists that help in discovering better ways for people with Eczema to cope with their illness. It also runs a public awareness campaign for the early detection and treatment of people with eczema and to educate the general public about the illness. The website is very helpful for people who want to know what is being done to relieve and cure the disease and its symptoms.

13. Very Yang

The life of a person who lives with eczema and her daily trials and tribulations are jotted down in this blog. This blog talks about everything from normal life to what they’ve eaten and where, reviews on medicines and places they have visited recently. The blog is a lovely insight into the life of people living with eczema and the ways they have of coping with their illness.

14. Eczema Remedy Blog

This blog reviews available treatments for eczema, including natural remedies that are less harmful to the skin. The blog is informative and provides details about the different types of eczema and its effect on different people from different age groups. It is a useful and informative site that will help patients, suffering from this skin condition, and their loved ones to deal with eczema.

15. Beat Psoriasis

Beat Psoriasis is a company that provides UV phototherapy and laser phototherapy to fight skin diseases like psoriasis, acne, dermatitis, and several other skin conditions. The site provides an online delivery system via which you can choose which product you would like to use, choices include UV lamps and combs that can be delivered to you. The site also provides a chat forum where people can talk to each other about their illnesses and compare notes on treatments, providing the community with helpful first-hand experience.

16. Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care

Dr. Cynthia Bailey is a dermatologist that has vast experience with skin ailments like acne, melasma, and several others. She provides information on skin care and beauty products that people with skin conditions can use safely without causing any damage to their already damaged and sensitive skin. The site provides a place for people to order skin care products and treatments for skin problems, as well.

17. National Psoriasis Foundation – Dr. Tell Me Blog

This blog, maintained by an investigator at a medical research centre, provides practical information about using insurance to pay for the treatment of psoriasis and how to appeal the decision in case insurance is denied. The blog also has very useful information on applying for disability and how a person with the disease can get the required care near their homes. This is a good site for anyone with psoriasis to review in order to be aware of their rights and the benefits they can claim, as a person living with this illness.

18. Healthy Skin Care

Healthy skin care provides detailed information on every type of skin condition and disease ranging from dry skin and bug bites to eczema and psoriasis. The site has several sections, from basic skin care, where it explains conditions like dry skin and ageing, skin problems, where it explains everything from acne to keratosis, all to the treatments, where it explains the different types of treatments available for various skin conditions. It also includes information on other aspects of skin care, such as diet, vitamins etc, and skin products, along with various skin resources.

19. Rosacea Support Group

This site started as a mailing group and gradually turned into a yahoo group. It is now a website that provides help and support to people with Rosacea and also provides them with information about the condition, to educate them about symptoms and treatments. The blog provides information about the latest treatments available as well as how they are administered. This is a very good blog for people looking for support and information.

20. Psoriasis Australia

Psoriasis Australia is a website that provides information and support to people in Australia that have Psoriasis. The site is for a not for profit organization that provides professional medical advice by dermatologists and support from the other people suffering from this disease. The aim of the website is to help people with the illness to diagnose it through the list of symptoms provided, befriend people suffering from the same condition, and provide psychological support as well as information about current clinical trials.

21. Eczema – One Family’s Solution

This website has been created by the parents of a child with Eczema; it shares an insight into the hardships faced by the parents and the lessons they have learnt. It gives helpful tips for dealing with children with this skin condition and provides advice on allergies and treatments that are not so harmful for a sensitive skin of a child.

22. Psoriasis Patients

This site helps people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis find and meet people with conditions similar to their own. People can get support from the several groups already in existence or create a new group for their specific needs. The site also provides a place for people to discuss treatments, doctors and even personal experiences with other people in their group, along with the latest information on treatment options.

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