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22 Knockout Boxing Sites and Resources

1. Best Boxing Blog

This is a striking site which combines some amazing action shots with articles which are interesting and easy to read. The site is well organized, and all the blog posts are categorized; finding the subject of your interest you are looking for is made extremely easy. The ‘top 12’ category is definitely worth a read with lists ranging from ‘top 12 all time cockiest boxers’ to ‘top 12 all time worst cheap shots’. There is also a section on the history of boxing and a link to upcoming fights. The site is visually stimulating and easy to navigate; it also contains links to the blog’s social media sites.

2. Boxing Insider

This is a well written and informative site that covers many aspects of boxing. There is in depth coverage of the Olympics; including the women’s boxing, news headlines related to recent and upcoming bouts and articles about different fighters. There are also video clips of interviews with well known boxers and a section on training and maintaining good condition. The site is easy to navigate and visually stimulating. It has links to its main site, which is definitely worth a visit, and to its social media sites as well.

3. Boxing News 24

This is an exciting site which contains some high power articles and stunning photos of fighters and fighting bouts. The blog posts are written by a range of different writers, all of which are engaging and strongly written. Posts include reviews of WBO, WBA and WBC matches and comments on individual fighters. There is a very interesting piece on Deontay Wilder and why he needs British boxing. There are several opportunities to leave comments about individual articles and to update the news feed, when you want to add some more information.

4. Fightwriter

This blog has a single author with a long history in boxing, and this clearly shows in the depth of his writing. Articles are well written, well presented and information rich, they are easy to search, and the site itself is well presented. The site concentrates on reports of previous matches and previews of upcoming bouts; there is also a feature story which grabs your attention as soon as you open the site. The blog is part of a larger site which offers a subscription service in order to gain full access to some additional content.

5. Pacific Coast Boxing

This site is connected to a Californian gym and is a very visually stimulating and inviting site. Its main aim is to encourage people to improve their health and wellbeing through boxing and includes photos and videos as well as short written pieces. The site is easy to navigate and informative and provides links to other boxing sites.

6. British Boxers

This site provides an in-depth view of British boxing and some of the most well known British boxers both past and present. It combines clearly written articles with video clips and live action photos. The site is easy to navigate, with the most recent pieces being centrally positioned, and links to archived pieces being easy to see and access. The piece on the iconic Tyson V’s Bruno fight is a must read and includes video footage from the fight.

7. Boxing Blog

This is a well presented site with a vast variety of interesting articles from the world of professional boxing. Articles are well written and well presented, and while there are some that deal with the serious side of boxing there are also some more light hearted articles; especially a piece about the wisdom of David Haye. There is an opportunity to have your say about the content of the blog through its forum page and links to the main site where you will also find a wide selection of video clips.

8. Fight News

If you are looking for blogs related to UFC or women’s boxing, then this is the site for you. The site provides a wealth of information and review alongside some excellent action photos. Articles cover match outcomes, general news and information on fighters weigh ins. Articles are easy to read and to navigate, and there is a particularly moving piece about a fund being set up in memory of a fighter who died in a traffic accident. There are a lot of articles on this site arranged in date order; however there is a search option which will help you find what you are interested in exactly.

9.Global Boxing

This is a gym based site which looks to provide information on its own fighters as well as on the world of boxing in general. The site is easy to navigate and provides a great amount of information on professional and amateur boxing, and the world of mixed martial arts. The articles, in a friendly and approachable tone, are clearly written and and cover all aspects of the sport.

10. Irish Boxing

This blog site is a celebration of Irish boxing talent, both male and female. The articles are well written, and the site is easy to navigate as well as being visually interesting. It contains colorful photos of Irish fighters including those who took part in the London Olympics. There is a very interesting piece about Pajkic and his belief that he was poisoned by team fury. There are opportunities after every article to leave a comment, and there are also links to Irish fixtures and results as well as their social media site.

11. Max Boxing

If you like to keep up to date with the world of wrestling, then this is a blog for you. Much of the blog space is taken up with links to news articles and other boxing related information. It is kept very up to date with bulletins added daily and on some occasions several times a day. Although it is not the easiest blog to find, it is clearly written in a friendly tone. It is linked to the main site which can be accessed for a fee but offers a paid membership to allow you to access other areas of the site.

12. Boxing Society

This blog site contains a range of written pieces alongside a variety of video clips. There is a combination of news, previews and comments that make this a very interesting site to visit. The site is easy to navigate and is well laid out, however, be aware that the articles open in a new window which takes you to a different site. The video documentary on the 20 best boxers of all times is likely to cause a lot of discussion amongst boxing fans and this site is worth a visit; just to see if you agree with their count down, if nothing else.

13.Expert Boxing

Aimed primarily at amateurs and those new to boxing this site is full of hints and tips related to punching techniques, staying fit and improving body condition. Written in a friendly conversational style and containing some excellent pointers the site is definitely worth a visit whether you are new to the sport or would like an opportunity to add your thoughts and expertise through the comments boxes. There is a really useful piece on how not to get tired while boxing which contains thoughts that are useful in everyday life, as well.

14. Hot Boxing News

If you are looking for a site, that covers both professional and amateur boxing, then Hot Boxing News is definitely worth a visit. It covers up to date news, views and reviews of fights and fighters as well as having archived files on older matches and retired boxers. The site is easy to navigate with articles group by category as well as visible by date. There are links to the main site and to news related to the London Olympics.

15. Saddo Boxing

This is an information rich site which prides itself on keeping up to date with the latest in boxing action. It includes bout previews, reviews of past boxing matches and information on who’s who and the gyms they fight for. Articles are written in a straight forward and easy to understand way. They are also bound to cause further discussion amongst fans with their engaging and sometimes provokative content. The blog site is easy to navigate and is part of a larger site which includes forums, videos and quizzes.

16. 8CN Boxing I MMA

This site contains some interesting articles which are not all about boxing or mixed martial arts. The writing is clear and engaging, and the article titled ‘random thoughts’ is particularly interesting. There is a section on the blog given over to the legal side of boxing and MMA which is extensive. The site is easy to navigate and the blog links to the main site which has some excellent photos as well as links to their social media sites.

17. Fight Kings

This site explores different forms of boxing and offers match reviews, previews and interviews with individual boxers. Articles are information rich and clearly written, with the site being easy to navigate. The site is updated regularly and also includes live action photos and video clips of interviews and boxing bouts.

18. Boxing 4 Free

This is a single author site which combines opinion with tips on improving style and performance. It combines clearly written pieces with video clips and live action photos. The site is primarily engaged in trying to encourage its readership to get involved in boxing. The site is easy to navigate and contains links to a forum page as well as the main web site.

19.Boxing Ledger

This site contains some clearly written pieces which center on reviews of past boxing bouts. It covers all weights and both male and female boxing. The articles are accessible in date order with links to archived pieces; there is a search facility to help you find what you are looking for exactly.

20. PhilBoxing

This blog concentrates on boxing in the Philippines and provides previews, reviews and comment on individual boxers. There are a large number of articles on the site arranged in date order, but the site does include a search facility and an opportunity to see more pieces by a specific author. Pieces are clearly written and informative and give an insight into both the sport and the individual boxers.

21. Boxing Talk

This blog site throws you straight in to a vats variety of direct and hard hitting articles. The opening page gives you a taste of each piece before giving you the option to continue reading. Articles cover fight reviews, press releases and information on the status of MMA in different states. It also looks at individual fighters and profiles their backgrounds and fighting styles. There are links to other boxing sites and to interviews with those engaged in the world of boxing.

22. Beats, Boxing and Mayhem

This site creates links between boxing and music and is very unique, not only by its look, but also by fresh approach to offered content. It includes video footage of live fights as well as fight and music reviews, articles on women’s boxing and the culture surrounding boxing.

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