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22 Truly Outstanding ADD/ADHD Sites

1. ADHD Awareness

A really comprehensive blog covering every aspect of ADHD in useful detail, for toddlers, children, teenagers and adults.  Whether you choose to manage your ADHD with medicine or alternative therapy, or have corresponding problems with sleep or depression, or need help with a legal concern involving your ADHD, you will find the answers you need on this blog.


This blog is all about living well with attention deficit. With sections covering virtually every aspect of ADD and ADHD, including parenting, treatment, help with homework, school, college, pet therapy, alternative treatments as well as a really good amount of downloadable and printable resources such as time tables and work sheets, this blog really must be your go to blog for anyone who wants to know anything about how to improve the lives of those living with ADD and ADHD, and the lives of those close to them.  Superb, entertaining and a simple, clear interface.

3. Jeff’s ADD Mind

A very adult and explicit blog about living with ADD. It has humour and borderline silliness, the author tries to stay true to the goings on in their mind and keep interest in the blog.  There is a wealth of information within the story-line of time, with 52 categories and more than 300 posts including some great use of graphics and videos.  Definitely read the ‘Hey You!’ section aimed to help first time users make the most of the blog.

4. Mom’s with ADD/ADHD

A blog covering all the regular concerns of any Mom, with an ADD/ADHD angle applied. So everything from weight loss to time management to depression and relationships, this blog helps support Moms who either have ADD/ADHD or have children who do to be the very best that they can be as Moms, especially if they are having their decisions surrounding diagnosis, testing and treatment questioned by those close to them.

5. ADD/ADHD Blog

A good blog that focuses on some of the less widely discussed aspects of ADD and ADHD, including parenting, medication safety and adult life with ADD and ADHD. Include a good section on news and up to date research, as well as the alternatives to medical treatment and this is a really thorough and easy to navigate blog.

6. My ADD/ADHD Blog

Written but Tara McGillicuddy, a senior certified ADD/ADHD Support Mentor and Coach, this blog contains tips and strategies to help deal with ADD and ADHD, as well as useful thinking points and relevant information. As a woman with ADHD herself, Tara is in a unique position to offer insight and support.

7. ADHD and Marriage

A blog about the impact on relationships and marriage in particular, when one or both partners have ADHD. The blog discusses what the common problems can be and strategies to help overcome these. There is a distinct and refreshing focus on what it feels like for the person with ADHD which makes this blog a unique and genuinely helpful resource for people with ADHD looking to improve their relationships.

8. You and Me – and Adult AD/HD

A blog by internationally renowned author Gina Pera dedicated to exploring Adult ADHD, especially its impact on relationships. She has written a multi-national award winning book: ‘Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?’ which helps to inform this blog and this blog is an extension of that book. There is only one post each month, but this prevents being overwhelmed, and allows you to implement the suggestions and strategies that she suggests.

9. Positive Thinking and ADHD

A very comprehensive blog about one man’s struggles growing up with ADD ADHD. Bryan Hutchinson was diagnosed with ADD ADHD at 37, and tries to use his blog plus many books that he has written to raise awareness of ADD ADHD as well as to provide a practical resource to help parents, children and adults who have the condition or have friends or family who do. Includes a ‘Best of…’ section which showcases the most popular and useful content on the site.

10. Primarily Inattentive ADD

A blog focussing on the specific condition of primarily inattentive ADD and primarily inattentive ADHD, with information on diagnosis, medical treatment, vitamin supplementation and medical testing for both adults and children. A lot of up to date and well referenced articles to scientific research and updates.

11. Totally ADD

A blog that has evolved from the film ‘ADD and Loving It?!’ starring Patrick McKenna, a film that was a groundbreaking documentary at the time, dispelling a lot of common myths surrounding ADD and ADHD in children and adults. The blog is accompanied by a forum which is well supported. Blog posts are diverse and detailed, with recent posts ranging from ADHD and Video Game Addiction and GSK being fined for health care fraud to ADHD in the workplace and Revising Major League Baseball Rules for ADHD players.

12. Pills Don’t Teach Skills

A personal story of overcoming many of the hurdles that come with a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, written by Jeff Hamilton who now also offers coaching to other people in need of support. It has won a variety of blogging awards, and although the last post was written in May 2012, it remains a very personal and detailed account of one man’s experiences of adult ADD.

13. Cummins: Coaching and Training

This blog helps people with ADD and ADHD to achieve their life’s dreams. It details strategies and advice for important skills from time management, organisation and productivity to communication and note-taking. A great blog for entrepreneurs, students and business-people who have ADD or ADHD and also for equal-opportunities employers.

14. Stephanie Sarkis Blog

An ADD/ADHD advice blog with a focus on research, college and money and the problems which can beset ADD/ADHD sufferers and tips and advice on how to avoid common pitfalls. There is a good navigation section down the right hand side of the blog and other useful resources on the site.

15. Adult ADD Strengths

A blog focussing on the strengths of adults with ADD and ADHD and how to manage and utilise those for the best. This blog has a really positive spin on adult ADD and ADHD and therefore would be great for anyone recently diagnosed or who is going through a rough patch with their condition. Written by a trained Adult ADHD coach who himself has ADHD, his personal insight and success story helps the positivity seem real.

16. ADD Consult

An ADD/ADHD blog aimed specifically at women with the condition. With a whole host of resources and an active forum, the blog part of this site is well-supported and useful. With lots of guest posts, and an email subscription which sends 365 Daily Chaos Busters right to your inbox, this lively blog is definitely worth a look over.

17. ADD Moms

For both Moms with ADD and Moms who have a child with ADD, this blog is written by moms for moms. Including a range of relevant topics from life skills to time management to recipes, this is a great resource and community for ADD moms.

18. ADD and-SO-Much-MORE!

A blog which helps people with ADD to not allow it to rule their life and to help instil a self-belief that they can still achieve their dreams and fulfil their potential.  A huge wealth of information and resources written by a wide ranging cross-section of those interested in ADD and ADHD.

19. The Connor Chronicles

A blog written by a mother about the daily life of her family; her husband, her son who have severe ADHD and mild aspergers, and several family pets. She describes her son as their pride and joy and their biggest challenge.

20. CorePsych Blog

This blog covers all areas of brain and body science with an emphasis on psychiatry. There is a useful section on ADHD medication and many blog posts are relevant to those interested in ADD/ADHD and how to cope with it.

21. Speed Up and Sit Down

This is an Australian blog which claims to speak out about the truth on the topic of ADHD as well as other mental health controversies. It is primarily a platform for alternative therapies and the problems with many medical treatments of ADHD. The author of the blog is also running for election as a senator in Australia and will be documenting this process.

22. Life with ADHD

This blog is written by a father whose child has ADHD. There are far fewer perspectives from fathers than there are from mothers which make this blog fill a helpful niche, and encourages fathers to read and learn about ADHD and to speak out and support their children fully. It has categories for alternative therapies, drug therapies, research, helpful books, famous people with ADHD and parenting with ADHD and helps to involve the father and the male perspective in the discourse surrounding ADHD.

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