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23 Exciting Vegan Lifestyle Blogs

1. The Vegan Chickpea

The Vegan Chickpea is run by Caitlin from Philadelphia with a little help from her pup Mina and her husband. Started in 2011, the site shares Caitlin’s journey learning to be a better cook and baker when cooking and baking vegan foods. When Caitlin cooks something new and exciting she posts the recipes and photos on her site. This is a great way to learn new and tasty vegan dishes. The site contains a range of recipes, an about page, questions and a page on her food journey. The grocery list page is also really useful.

2. Finding Vegan

Finding Vegan is a gorgeous looking site. Well set out, the site starts with simple photographs of the cook’s recipes. These change as the blog progresses, but includes fresh fig bars for the summer, French toast for two with blueberry syrup, Olympic inspired quinoa fruit salad and chocolate peanut butter no-bake cookies. The site also allows users to submit their own recipes and photos to the blog. At the bottom of the page is all the information you need to share your own creations.

3. Cupcakes and Kale

Cupcakes and Kale does exactly what it says on the tin. Based in Ontario, the blog is about vegan lifestyles as well as recipes. The blog writer is a love of all things vegan, particularly cupcakes and kale. The blog’s recipes include items such as double chocolate walnut cookies and include background information, full ingredient lists, detailed methods for all cooks and sumptuous photographs. She cooks from her own kitchen and you know all the recipes have been tested personally.

4. Bittersweet

Bittersweet is a vegan recipe site that contains recipes for foods like biscuits, how to make tasty snacks from garbanzo beans and the wonderfully named heart of darkness brownies that are to die for. The site also contains a range of recipe eBooks based on these recipes. They can be bought on site and downloaded to make it easier to test out these recipes for yourself. In addition to this there are an FAQ page, craft pattern pages, a recipe index, opportunities to advertise on the site and a portfolio.

5. Vegan Cuts

Vegan Cuts mission is to help its members cook vegan foods and shop for vegan products. They realise that the vegan lifestyle is about more than just food, but is also about buying vegan friendly products and services of all kinds. Shopping with vegan ethics in mind is the core idea of the site, but there is a lot more on offer. The site contains a wealth of vegan recipes, special offers for each day, a shop and information on the team. It is possible to connect to the team through a range of social medias.

6. Happy Vegan Face

Happy Vegan Face is a standard vegan recipe blog that is updated on a regular basis. It concentrates on vegan foods, gluten-free cooking and a slice of life. The site also offers free books on occasions to people interested in gluten free and vegan foods. Recipes include the ultimate chocolate chip cookie and Oreo fudge brownie bar, which sounds sinfully delicious just typing it.

7. Girl on Raw

Girl on Raw is a health and wellbeing blog run by Robyn. Living in Saudi Arabia, but originally from Australia, Robyn is promoting a healthy lifestyle as well as a high raw diet. The website contains a blog, Robyn’s high raw recipes, events, press, contact details, articles on parenthood and more. She also offers high quality one on one personal coaching for wannabe air hostesses, but no doubt a few tips on vegan eating might be thrown in too if you ask nicely.

8. JL Goes Vegan

JL Fields is a vegan. Not just any vegan, but a vegan lifestyle coach and educator. This means JL is well versed in living a vegan lifestyle and cooking great vegan food. Her website contains information on body image, fitness, vegan activism and plant-based food. The site features resources for people wanting to go vegan or perhaps just thinking about it. There’s a recipe section, a blogroll of useful links, a store, contact information and FAQs.

9. Peas and Thank You

If you like peas, then you will like Peas and Thank You. This is not just a cooking blog, though there is plenty of that, it is also about parenthood and bringing up young children with a vegan diet. It covers nutrition and good cooking. Like many cookery websites, the author has also published a cookbook crammed full of vegan recipes good for adults and children alike. The book can be bought online and from the website direct. The site also contains information on the family and a number of recipes.

10. Bonzai Aphrodite

Bonzai Aphrodite is run by Sayward Rebhal who is not only a writer and scientist, but also an urban farmer. Based in Portland, Oregon, the site is divided into information on food, fashion, the farm and other things. Sharing the urban farm with her mutts and her husband, Sayward also has a few chickens. The food section contains information on recipes, foodstyles and also food and health. Fashion looks at clothing, accessories, beauty, cosmetics and more. There is plenty of information for all shades of vegan life.

11. Veganela

Vegangela is a vegan recipe site that looks at all aspects of vegan eating. This includes a recipe section that has cooking ideas about mains, soups, salads, side dishes, desserts, snacks, sauces and more. The dining vegan section looks at the opportunities for vegans to get good vegan food when out in town. Other sections of the website include a What’s That section about vegan ingredients, a tips and tricks section and a wealth of other resources and testimonials for users.

12. Veg News

Veg News is absolutely crammed full of interesting news and recipes. The site is a catch all news site for vegetarians and vegans. Its news pages are divided roughly into travel, buzz, food, planet and general news sections. There are plenty of links on the homepage including to top news stories, live polls, the site’s print magazine, and short cuts to topics like veg jobs, veg guides to thinks like vegan cheese and vegan beer, a vegan marketplace for books, organizations and vacations, plus more.

13. Vegansaurus

Vegansaurus is a vegan lifestyle guide. It defines itself as being both definitive and arbitrary, but it does review a heck of a lot of restaurants in the San Francisco area. Started in 2008, the site uses a wide range of sources for its information. The reviews are organized by both the neighbourhood from Alameda to Upper Haight via Palo Alto, and also by cuisine from American to Vietnamese. There are also a number of links to vegan friend sites that may prove useful.

14. Namely Marly

Namely Marly is about someone from Missouri living in Kansas City along with her husband, teenage child and two dogs. As well as being a slice of life blog, the site covers aspects of life in general including those of dogs. As Marly’s family are all vegan, it means that a lot of the information is related to everyday vegan life and food. It is great reading for people thinking of becoming vegan or vegans who want to know about their child’s own choices.

15. Maria Rose

Little Things Are Big is run by Maria Rose and was started in 2007 as a way of reminding her of the many varied ways life can be good. It covers her various interests including crafting, family life, and vegan cooking. The site contains information on Maria and her life, her many projects, links and a range of vegan recipes. This is a great site for learning a little about vegan life and food.

16. Kitteekake

Many vegans are also looking to become gluten free. This can be for a number of reasons including for better health. Kitteekake is a gluten free vegan recipe blog that is essential for people who want to be both vegan and gluten free. The blog contains a number of recipes, a detailed about page, crafty wares and information on how to obtain the author’s two published zines. The second of these is dedicated to gluten free vegan Ethiopian dishes.

17. Kath Eats Real Food

Kath Eats Real Food is a dietary blog for vegans run by a registered dietician from Charlottesville in Virginia. Not all of the recipes are perfect for vegans as there is at least one that contains salmon, but the blog contains a wealth of healthy living information for both vegans and non-vegans. This includes a moving tribute to oatmeal, videos, information about Kath herself and plenty of recipes.

18. It Ain’t Meat, Babe

It Ain’t Meat, Babe is rub by Jennifer from Ottawa in Canada. Having formerly lived in Saudi Arabia, Jennifer is well versed in all kinds of food and travelling. As cooking is a big hobby of hers, it was natural to build a blog filled with food. Not all the blog entries are food related, but a good deal are. It is an interesting slice of life that will appeal to both vegans and people living in Canada.

19. The Life

The Life: Recipes and Vegan Adventure, is a continuously updated food blog for vegans and people interesting in becoming vegan. It mostly covers recipes, but sometimes looks at vegan recipe books. The main blog is on the left and contains recipes such as sweet chili tofu, famous fries and vegan pizza, while on the right hand side is an easily accessible set of menus for types of recipes and also links.

20. A Dash of Compassion

A Dash of Compassion is written by Canadian writer, editor and wife, Nicole. As an animal lover, Nicole became a vegan and now teaches other people in Canada about vegan cooking and lifestyles through her vegan outreach tool known as baketvisim. The website contains information on this outreach tool plus recipes, reviews, a store, FAQs and more. This is a good place to learn more about cruelty-free recipes.

21. Cute + Delicious

Cute + Delicious is a vegan food site from Los Angeles. The site is a chronicle of the owner’s life and covers desserts, fancy recipes, craft projects, film making, bike riding and a whole lot more. This is great for people who want a lifestyle blog in Los Angeles that also represents their love of veganism. Crafts include baby knits while food recipes range include strawberry parfaits. The photography on show is simply beautiful.

22. For the Love of Food

For the Love of Food is a recipe blog run by a vegan named Sonnet. She works as a holistic health coach and food educator as well as a blogger. Her lifestyle interests centre around plant based eating, wellness and general good health. The blog covers great food from Seattle and also of her own making. It is a great place to learn new recipes and also offers an opportunity for people to work with Sonnet.

23. Vegan Lovlie

Began in 2007, Veganlovelie is a vegan life blog written by a Mauritius native who turned vegan in the UK. As well as presenting information on vegan lifestyles and recipes, there is the Bijouxlovlie line of cruelty-free handmade jewellery to look at. It proves that veganism can and should go beyond food and look at all aspects of our lifestyles. The site also includes food & recipe pages, a recipe index, pages on the handmade jewellery, a crafts pages and a musings page.

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