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23 Women’s Fitness Sites That Raise The Bar

While there are many quality fitness sites and blogs avaialable, some of them are just not what a woman wants and needs. Even though heavy strength exercise or weight lifting may be appealing to some of the ladies out there, many are looking for a high quality balance of fitness and nutrition tips, that will help them improve their health.

1. Healthy Women

This fantastic blog takes a holistic view of fitness and includes pieces on health issues and diabetes alongside exercise and healthy eating. Pieces are well written and fully researched; each one is positive and upbeat and the blog has something for all age groups with some very good general advice. The piece on getting more fruit and vegetables into your diet managed to get a new spin on a well covered subject. The site is set out so that you get a taste of each of the articles before clicking through to the article you choose to read. The site is easy to navigate and includes links to health and fitness questions and answers.

2.Oh Baby Fitness Blog

This blog is aimed at pregnant women and gives clear advice on the types and amount of exercise that are safe during pregnancy. Well written and informative without being patronizing it includes helpful images and diagrams as well as links to the main site, which is definitely worth a visit. The piece on the symptoms that are helped by exercise during pregnancy is excellent and video related to abdominal muscle separation is a must for anyone who is expecting. There are several opportunities to leave feedback and comments about the individual articles and the site as a whole.

3. Fit and Female

This blog has been compiled by an exercise physiologist and contains a range of well written pieces covering topics from; how DNA governs our susceptibility to obesity or illness to the effects of exercising under different weather conditions. On the whole, the articles are well researched and clearly written. The site is easy to navigate and is engaging to look at. Each article has either a related photo or drawn image, and these are worth scrolling through on their own. The site contains links to other works by the author, exercise resources and third party articles.

4. A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss

A blog aimed specifically at black women and based on the authors own weight loss journey. The blog is informative, light hearted and uplifting. It includes tips on exercises and healthy eating as well as other topics related to culture, body image and beauty. The piece titled ‘Dating while Fat and Feminist’ is a must read; it is thought provoking, funny and uplifting at the same time. There is an emotional edge to each piece, but you are left with a positive feeling and a sense of the author’s achievement.

5. Melinda’s Fitness Blog

This blog is written by a busy mom and is based on her fitness journey, getting back into shape after having her children. The blog contains ideas for at home workouts, recipes and foods to try, and motivational pieces. Aimed at busy women it also includes camps and activities that you can do with your partner. The bog is easy to navigate, visually appealing and easy to read. The piece on Romaine lettuce, avocado, and feta cheese is a must for anyone looking for new and different food ideas.

6.The Glowing Edge

An informative and exciting blog site that extols the virtues of female boxing; the site looks at training tips, avoiding injuries and getting the most from each sparring session. The blog is clearly written and easy to read; it aims to motivate women to try this different and exciting form of exercise. There are several blog pieces related to inclusion of women’s boxing at the London Olympics and a moving piece about the Indian women’s boxing team.

7. Striking Beauties

This is the blog of the first women’s boxing gym to be set up in New England. The blog concentrates the achievements of the gym and the individual boxers that train there. The site is visually stunning and has a high feel good factor associated with it. The individual success stories are a definite must read; they are well written, easy to read and emotional charged.

8. Cassandra Forsythe

This site is aimed at pregnant women and contains the stories of different women and how they stayed fit during their pregnancies. There are also some in-depth interviews carried out the author which are also related to how the interviewee managed to maintain their exercise routine during pregnancy. The stories on the site are interesting and are clearly written, and the site itself is easy to navigate. There are links to the author’s books and to external exercise and healthy living sites.

9. Victory Fitness Center

This blog is linked to a fitness center in Ohio and each piece offers a set of tips related to a different area of staying healthy and getting the most from a gym workout session. The blog is aimed at women, who already hold a gym membership and are looking to improve their workout sessions, and those who are looking for a gym that suites their individual needs. The blog is visually appealing, easy to navigate and interesting to read.

10. Fit Yummy Mummy

A clear and to the point blog based on the authors personal fitness journey; it contains some excellent tips and how to videos. The blog is aimed at busy moms but could be just as useful for any women. Clear and well written it has an appealing tone and excellent content. The tips on keeping salad fresh and making more room the refrigerator are invaluable. There are opportunities to leave comments and feedback throughout the site and links to the authors other work and social media sites. Although one of the aims of the site is to sell the authors work, it advertised in a subtle way that does not interfere with the sites informational content.

11. Diamond Barbells

A stylish and informative blog aimed at professional women looking to stay fit, lean and healthy. The blog includes articles on exercises, recipes, and new and interesting foods. The blog is well written and also includes input from guest writers. There is a brilliant recipe for Gazpacho soup as a snack that is less than 200 calories. The site is visually stimulating and provides the opportunity to sign up and gain more information and leave comments and feedback.

12. Fitness 4 Her

A motivational blog aimed at women who have already started their journey into fitness. You need to sign up to get the full benefit of all the articles, hints and food tips; sign up is free and very easy to complete. Blog posts are well written and loaded with easy to understand information, to help keep you on track.

13. Flirty Girl Fitness

Aimed mainly at younger women who want to exercise at home this blog concentrates on the emotional, as well as the health benefits of exercise. It is linked to a site that provides live stream exercise classes at an additional cost. The blog is visually pleasing, easy to read and informative. It also explores alternative forms of exercise such as pole dancing.

14. Fit Bottomed Girls

The site contains blogs from four different writers and covers all aspects of fitness, healthy eating and feeling good. There is a question of the week section which is answered by all four authors and which is kept light hearted and motivational. The whole blog is information rich and well written. It is easy to navigate and leaves the reader feeling positive and motivated to continue with their healthy living routine.

15. Mom’s Into Fitness

This blog site comes recommended for women who are juggling a busy home life with trying to stay fit and healthy. The blog concentrates on how to regain your shape after having a baby and is written in an informative yet light hearted way. The blog also contains links to free workouts to help you develop you at home exercise routine.

16. Nubian Fitness Goddess

Created specifically for black women this site aims to provide motivation and fitness tips based on the authors own fitness journey. The blog looks at the obstacles to exercise that are experienced by black women. This is done in a light hearted yet informative manner, and the site is easy to access and navigate.

17. Black Girls Run

This is another blog whose aim is to encourage black women to become more interested and involved in their own health, fitness and general well being. The blog highlights events which increase the profile of the site and its aims including the Black Girls RUN. It also looks at well known black female athletes and offers tips on healthy eating and exercise. The site is positive and up lifting and has a real sense of purpose about it. It is easy to navigate, and the pieces are well written and engaging.

18. 30 Minute Hit

This blog is dedicated to the sports of boxing and kickboxing and specifically to women’s involvement in these growing sports. The blog is aimed at encouraging women to try out these sports and gives well written hints and tips on how to train safely and effectively. There are also posts on healthy eating and dealing with injuries. The blog is highly informative, well written and visually appealing.

19. Women’s FItness with Charlene

A clearly written blog aimed at women of all ages and stages of their fitness journey. The blog provides clear information on the values of exercise and how to make your workouts interesting and effective. It is a clearly presented site which is easy to navigate.

20. Girl Boxing

A fantastic look into the world of female boxing; the blog includes a super set of live action photos alongside a history of women’s boxing. There is little information on sparring and nutrition but a little more on the injuries that can be sustained. On the whole, the blog is a positive celebration of women in boxing.

21. Female Fat Loss Over 40

An informative and uplifting blog aimed at women over 40 and specifically those who have just turned 40. The site includes hints and tips on how to increase metabolism and tone problem areas. There are several success stories to encourage you to buy the authors exercise and eating program, to which there are several links on the site.

22. Tara Stiles

This blog is written by a yoga practitioner and is a mix of exercise tips, recipes and sales pitches. It is written in an open, friendly and conversational style and is pleasurable to read. The site contains links to the main yoga site and to sites which explain more about yoga.

23. Tracey Mallett

This blog concentrates on reviews of products and different exercise routines. It is an excellent site to visit if you tend to invest in new exercise and health products. The site itself is easy to navigate and is visually appealing. There is an excellent interview on the site that is definitely worth a read.

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