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24 Illuminating Positive Thinking & Motivation Resources

1.Dumb Little Man

This site is visually pleasing and laid out in a clear, professional manner. The self-deprecating name is fun and draws attention, while the home page immediately offers inspiring articles on subjects such as reducing stress and making good intentions last. A great aspect of this site is the search by category function, which will save time for people looking for specific support or words of encouragement. The section at the top of the home page promises to provide readers with weekly tips to ‘save you money, increase your productivity or simply keep you sane’. Plenty of reasons to keep coming back for more to this impressive, well-written site.

2. Persistence Unlimited

Clear, professional and to-the-point, this site is all about setting goals – the light bulb image at the top of the homepage sets an inspirational tone, although the site as a whole is not visually ambitious and carries few images or photographs. The article on the homepage dates from 2010, giving it an archived, even slightly neglected feel. This would be a good resource to refer to from time to time, but not somewhere to visit every day to look for new content. New articles would give this potentially helpful site a huge image boost.

3. The Positivity Blog

This site has a positive, pleasing feel to it with upbeat articles appearing right from the home page articles. Information is up to date and blog posts cover timely subjects, such as the Olympic guide to a successful life. An email sign up form allows visitors to receive notifications of new posts and a page for newcomers to the site explains what it is all about. The author describes himself as an ‘enthusiast for positive living’ – he doesn’t profess to be an expert, but his articles are helpful, positive and highly readable. Another good section is a collection of reviews about personal development products.

4. Lyved

This lively ‘blogzine’ was founded four years ago by young self-styled entrepreneur, Andrew Galasetti. Having experienced a difficult childhood with his single mother, Andrew has created a positive resource for news, business, environmental issues and personal development. Above all, the site aims to present information in as positive a way as possible, and it has succeeded, with clear, engaging layout and well-written content. The blogzine is divided into sections, making it easy to navigate and compelling to browse. Definitely one for the regular reading list.

5. Adderworld

This honest and uplifting website is written by a gentleman who suffers from ADHD. He has written several books about living with the condition and uses this website to discuss aspects of ADHD and it relate his own experiences – some difficult, but most written to see the humorous side. An inspirational website for sufferers and their families to see a brighter future. There are, obviously, links to purchase his books, but the site remains pleasingly non-commercial in the main and the author offers a handful of free e-books on the subject of ADHD. Some great images add to the solid, sensitively written content.

6. The Daily Mind

Designed to look like a broadsheet newspaper’s online presence, this website uses Eastern wisdom to explore the topic of happiness and positivity. It covers topics from food to meditation and has been kept up to date with regular informative blog posts. Its email sign-up form will encourage visitors to keep in touch and engage with the author and his posts, so long as they can keep an open mind about some of the Eastern methods detailed on the site.

7. A Year of Positive Thinking

This highbrow website is authored by feminist painter and author, Mira Schor, who has published a collection of essays entitled: ‘A decade of negative thinking: essays on art, politics and daily life’. She states, that, despite the title of her work and her research, she is not a negative thinker herself and the website looks at the topic of positive thinking from a feminist point of view. Mira seeks positive examples of art, films and political speeches and examines them. Not one for a casual browse, perhaps, but Mira’s content certainly gets you thinking.

8. Feminist Fitness

A fitness and weight management website for women with a positive tone and encouraging vibe. Plenty of bold affirmations and groovy images that will cheer any women looking to renew their motivation to get fit and healthy. Blog posts tend to be in the form of diagrams and humorous images – great for when you are short of time and need a quick pick-me-up. Seems to be updated regularly too.

9. Chief Happiness Officer

This website shouts positivity from the start. A large red banner introduces its author, Alexander Kjerulf, otherwise known as the Chief Happiness Officer. He is a published author specialising in happiness at work and the site details some of his talks (some via video) and blog posts on related topics. The tone is light and humorous and the images witty. Topics are interesting and the titles in the contents list on the left hand side of the home page make you want to explore the site in depth.

10. My Super Charged Life

This site hits you right between the eyes with tips and good habits to get into to ensure a good life. Author, Jeff Nickles is indefatigably enthusiastic and wants to share his zest for life. He believes in ‘super charged living – i.e. living life to its fullest and grabbing opportunity as it comes by. Reading his blog will leave you uplifted, but probably exhausted at the same time. Clearly aimed at a young, active male audience.

11. Positive Thinking Quotes

This blog is fairly self-explanatory, set up to provide a positive quote, or affirmation every day. Recently, the quotes have slowed down, with the most recent one at time of review dated 13 June 2012. However, the quotes are nice to read and the tone is upbeat. A little more care could be taken over presentation as the page looks a little cluttered, and making sure the site is kept up to date would attract more traffic. The main image on the home page seems to be an advertisement for another product/website, which is also a little off-putting.

12. Positive Attitude Tips

At first glance, this website does not seem to deliver the attractive content suggested by the title, however, click into it to find the ‘practical self help’ blog and you will discover some very useful posts about popular subjects including how to relax, express gratitude and visualise positive change. There are some excellent tips in this blog, but they are all a little hard to find at first, as the less than professional look of the main home page suggests a lack of attention to the rest of the site, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Persevere to be rewarded with some excellent information.

13. Pick The Brain

A tranquil site with lovely pictures and uplifting blog posts that are a mixture of positive affirmations and practical advice. The website team has put together various programmes that visitors can follow to achieve greater happiness and productivity – some advice is provided free, other resources are available for a fee. However, the free section is plentiful and useful.

14. Creative Think

Roger von Oech is a motivational speaker who specialises in giving people a symbolic ‘whack on the head’ with powerful, positive words and advice. Alongside his talks, he promotes an iPad app that aims to remove blocks to creative thinking or brainstorming with some well-chosen ‘creative whacks’, or ideas. His blog is used to promote his services, however, he does share a few useful positive thinking strategies with his readers. Dig deep to find the pearls of wisdom.

15. Ciara Conlon

Ciara Conlon is an author, blogger and ‘productivity coach’. Her blog supports her published books, which are available to buy via the website. She works with organisations and individuals who want to get organised and motivated to change things about their life that they dislike. Ciara’s blog is based largely on her own experiences, which she uses to provide advice, support and encouragement. Good for a quick browse, but doesn’t seem to offer that much in-depth advice.

16. MotiveWeight

This website promises free weight loss pictures, resources and tips. It is a great place to kick-start a healthier lifestyle and is designed to be lively, fun and attractive. It carries motivational sayings, fun pictures and helpful advice written in, if you’ll pardon the pun, bite-sized chinks, aimed at a young, female market.

17. The Ascending Butterfly

Based on the imagery of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, this site is full of bright, colourful photos and uplifting quotes and messages aimed at women. The author seems to pick out what appeals to her most from the worlds of fashion, interior design, fitness and entertainment, and she talks about things that make her glad to be alive. With all this positivity, no one can fail to be cheered by this vibrant site. Rather light on advice or inspirational words, this site still deserves it place on any list of positivity on the internet.

18. Manifest Positivity

This site is authored by NLP expert, Dave Berman. He hopes to ‘help the YOUniverse conspire on your behalf. The tone is a little new age, but the message is unfalteringly positive. His Facebook and Twitter feeds on his homepage show multiple glowing testimonies and he lists a number of useful NLP books and resources. A little thin on positive messages, advice and inspiration, however.

19. The Redhead Riter

This somewhat eclectic site from an artist and red head who has purposely misspelt ‘writer’ to make it fit with the ‘redhead’ section of her website’s name is an Aladdin’s cave of art, expression and musings over life’s deeper topics. A list of ‘self development’ topics that mix abuse and divorce with motivation and sex sits alongside images of inspirational art and recipes. Not so much a shrine to positivity, more a meandering journey through an individual’s musings, motivations and interests. It is fascinating and very easy to lose oneself in.

20. Movies That Motivate

No nonsense, business –like site that selects movie moments to inspire tips on motivating oneself and pushing for greatness. Aimed slightly more at a male audience, this site is quirky to say the least, but also well put together with pleasing graphics and a strong writing style. Intriguing.

21. Motivational Memo

This website opens with a form asking visitors to sign up for a free self-help e-book – in return for joining a mailing list. The website has a rather commercial feel to it at first, but delving deeper into it, the blog posts do seem to feature useful content, and the author, while describing himself as a motivator and professional speaker, amongst other things, doesn’t overtly sell his services. The tone is upbeat, as expected, although readers do at times have to pick through the clichés to get to the good advice.

22. Bock’s Office

The main website promotes a life and business skills coaching organisation that promises to teach skills required for fruitful self-development. However, despite blatant commercialism on the main site, the blog does have a few useful posts on goal setting and motivation. Everything points back to the company and its training services, however, which does dilute the impact a little for those just seeking online inspiration at little or no financial cost.

23. Spunk on a Stick

This slightly tacky site promotes motivational speaker L. Diane Wolfe and her books, both fictional and self-help. Going under the name of ‘Spunk on a Stick, she presents motivational talks across the US. A little digging is required to find a list of motivational articles she has written on hard hitting topics, such as overcoming mental abuse, forgiveness and interview success. Despite the bold name and slightly tacky website, these articles are truly fascinating and useful to unearth.

24. Zen Habits

This website is very plain, with a white background and clear, black text. There are no images, but this seems to be a conscious decision so as not to detract from the powerful messages. Subject matter is eclectic, ranging from personal testimonies to guest blog posts giving advice and opinions on diverse topics including consumerism, teenagers, travelling and how to write a book. Slightly confusing layout, as topics are not grouped together, but for anyone with some time on their hands, this would be quite enjoyable to browse through.

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