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24 Outstanding Dating Information Blogs

1. Sugar Sugar

Sugar Sugar has been designed to bring together people that want a mutually beneficial relationship, namely wealthy men spoiling the women they meet. A place where sugar babies can find a sugar daddy, this unique website helps people to lay their cards on the table so they can quickly find what they want. There is plenty of advice and guidance within the blog to prepare people for starting this type of relationship, with suggestions for where to go on first dates, what the sugar daddy lifestyle is really like, tips for creating a profile that will get you a date.

2. Lifebytes

Lifebytes is an inventive blog that publishes stories about online dating from across the world. Along with some tips and guidance from the editors and guest bloggers of the blog, the posts mainly consist of people’s real-life experiences in the unpredictable world of online dating. This blog is a great place to read about all things dating, and not just online dating. What makes it stand out is the wide variety of different viewpoints it publishes, which give a great selection of dating tips and information. The creators of the blog even want to create a book of the best stories to publish, so if you have a good story, write to them!

3. Adam LoDolce

If you are suffering from a lack of confidence while on dates, then a visit to Adam LoDolce’s blog will provide you with tons of guidance to help boost your self-esteem. Adam is a dating confidence coach who specialises in transforming a person’s way of dating and flirting so that they become more successful at attracting partners. The blog has a variety of different information, from the right body language to use, the importance of being positive, and the best places to meet men and women. You’ll also find videos of Adam displaying his dating skills in public, along with tutorials on how to boost confidence.

4. Catherinette

Here’s a personal blog that’s a lot of fun to read, and can offer some enlightening true stories for those of you that think your dating life is a disaster. The blogger calls herself Catherinette, and impartial information and guidance isn’t exactly what’s on offer here, but reading the amusing stories written by this blogger will certainly give you things to keep in mind while on a date. Titled ‘Bridget Jones has Nothing On Me,’ it reveals the thoughts of a woman looking for a man, but rarely finding one that is right for her.

5. Debi Berndt

Debi Berndt is a love and success mindset mentor, who offers guidance and advice to women looking for the perfect man. Here blog is full of material that helps to break down each and every barrier standing in the way of a fulfilling love-life, one by one. Debi has published a book on the subject, called ‘Let Love In,’ and you can watch videos of her explaining what you need to do to find the right man. There are plenty of success stories published here, with personal testimonies from women that Debi has helped. For a more spiritual approach to finding love, this is a great blog to read.

6. Lunch Dating Tips

A contemporary blog that looks into all the factors that affect a person’s dating life, Singles Scene by it’s just lunch contains a wealth of information for singles looking for answers to their awkward dating questions. Things like whether it’s appropriate to check your social media accounts while on a date, and unwritten rules on when you should text back after a first dates are discussed here. It has a technology slant, and talks about how technology has affected dating, but also offers guidance to anyone struggling with long distance relationships and starting interesting conversations while on a date.

7. Astrology Dating

Looking to the stars to help you find the perfect match, Astrology Dating advocates the use or horoscopes to make finding a date easier. If star signs and astrology is your thing, then this is the blog for you. It focuses on forecasts from the stars, and while can be a little hard to decipher, there is plenty of encouragement here to give dating confidence to both men and women. You’ll also find personal stories from people who have had success with the help of a forecast, and real dating experiences form followers of the blog.

8. Dating Without Drama

A blog written specifically for all the women out there who just can’t seem to get their heads around why men do some of the things they do, Dating without Drama offers expert dating tips so that women find a fulfilling relationship faster. The blog is full of relationship advice for women, and there are also a number of expert dating guides available which are aimed to help women understand men better. If that wasn’t enough, there are links to a number of downloadable self-help books with specific programs so that you can find the exact help you need.

9. Cupid’s Review

If you are already using online dating sites, or are thinking about doing so, head to Cupid’s Reviews first to get the lowdown on which sites you should sign up to. The blog contains in-depth reviews of the leading online dating sites, as well as the lesser known ones, and gives them a rating so you can see which is best for your needs. Just check out the leaderboard to see who is top, and once you’ve signed up, you can add a personal review to the blog to give readers your experience of using the site.

10. Julie Spira’s Cyber Dating Expert

Dating expert Julie Spira, author of ‘The Perils of Cyber-Dating,’ is responsible for this comprehensive website that covers pretty much everything to do with using online dating sites. There are tips on how to create the most alluring profile to get lots of attention, the best apps for mobile online dating, and how to use Facebook and Twitter to get even more dates. Julie has been invited to a number of news shows, and here advice has been published in magazines too. For guidance from a high authority on online dating, this is a great place to start.

11. Dating & Relationship Advice for Women

Even though the title says advice for women, men can pick up a few tips here too. This blog has information and guidance for every aspect of dating and relationships. From finding a date in the first place, top secrets to keep your partner happy, and how to deal with a break-up, everything is covered here. There are hundreds of articles to read through here, and whatever your particular problem is, you can be pretty sure there is an answer in here somewhere if you dig around. You’ll also find some great real-life love stories written by readers to inspire you in your quest to find ‘the one.’

12. Dating Service

Dating Service is an online dating guide, which will fully prepare you before stepping into the wide world of online dating. What’s great about this site is that all the dating sites are categorised, so that finding the perfect dating site for you is easy. Each site is reviewed, and users can add a rating once they have used it. Other useful information you’ll find here is how much the site costs to use, how many active members the site has, and the ratio of men to women members. Dating Service is an essential pit stop before you start your journey through online dating.

13. Dating Thoughts

Dating Thoughts is a great place for you to vent any frustrations you are having in your relationship, and you might even get some useful advice from a reader that fixes the problem. The posts on this blog cover all sorts of things, from personal gripes to dating horror stories. You’ll also find reviews of the latest dating help books, contemporary looks at the world of dating, and new theories on dating practices. Many of the post here are personal stories, and some make for very good reading.

14. DeAnna Lorraine

Dating and life coach DeAnna Lorraine offers guidance and support for both men and women, and you can benefit from much of her wisdom for free when you read her blog. She even broadcasts her own radio show where she discusses new problems people are having with their relationships. DeAnna films many videos that demonstrate how to improve your dating and love life, which are often posted on the blog for visitors to watch for free. A great place to get expert advice without spending a penny!

15. LiveLinks

Livelinks is a new spin on the idea of online dating, where instead of emails and instant chat, you’re thrown straight into a phone conversation with another single person. The blog has humorous and cheeky posts that encourage readers not to take themselves too seriously, or look into the whole dating and relationship thing too closely. It’s a welcome change from many dating blogs, and takes a different approach in educating its readers on the pitfalls of dating. There is plenty to read here, and although it’s not packed with expert guidance, you’ll surely have a laugh while reading it.

16. Online Dating Sites

An online dating review site that provides an excellent resource for people new to online dating and those of you that have been at it for years. Aside from comprehensive reviews highlighting the pros and cons of all the best dating sites out there, the blog is full of informative articles. Read interviews with professional dating coaches and founders of dating websites. Also catch up on dating industry news and get some online dating tips that you won’t find anywhere else. The quality of writing here is superb, and it’s a real must-visit site for anyone with an interest in online dating.

17. What Do Men Really Think

A one-stop-shop for everything a woman wants to know about here man but is too shy to ask, this blog is a great resource for women who want to understand their boyfriends or husbands better. The articles here cover a broad range of topics, from birthday gift suggestions to just everyday things you can do to make a man feel better about himself. One of the great features of this site is that the editors encourage readers to send in their questions, which are them answered and published on the blog. Readers can them post their comments to add their views to the conversation.

18. April Beyer

April Beyer is a relationship coach with many years of experience helping women find men that are perfect for them. Her blog is place where he shares her wisdom with everyone on the web, and answers relationship trouble questions from readers across the world. You’ll find videos of here television interviews, along with an option to sign up to her free newsletter that provides the latest techniques to get the most out of a relationship. April even offers a matchmaking service on her website, which could be just what you need to find that perfect date.

19. Grateful Dating

Grateful dating is a personal blog that reveals the woes of a woman struggling to find a man to share her life with. The posts are here real-life stories of the highs and lows of her never-ending search to find that special someone. For practical and to-the-point information, this is probably not the best blog to find it, but it does offer something special that many dating blogs don’t. It’s like a diary, and reveals some interesting facts about what women what when it comes to dates and relationships. Men could find this an enlightening read.

20. Dating Diva daily

Dating Diva Daily is a high quality blog, which reads much more like a glossy magazine. From feature articles and opinion pieces, to revealing quizzes and news stories, there is tons of interesting posts to read here. The site looks great, and even though it focuses on dating, it gives some tips on things like diet and dressing too. A great all-round blog that provides a wealth of information and contemporary ideas when it comes to dating.

21. A Love Links Plus

A wide-ranging blog that looks at many of the aspects associated with dating online, and provides some great resources for both men and women. Here you’ll find online dating website reviews, horoscopes, and plenty of dating advice. It also provides a number of tests that you can carry out yourself, with one claiming to show you exactly how romantic you really are! To top it all off, the editors have sourced a number of free Ebooks that concentrate on dating a relationships, and have made them available on the site.

22. Love in 90 days

With a name like Love in 90 Days, this website has got a lot to live up to. The official website of Dr. Diana Kirschner, author of ‘Love in 90 Days’ and ‘Sealing the Deal,’ it is crammed full of professional relationship advice. Plenty of people testify to Dr Kirschner’s advice improving their relationships, and you can find much of it on the blog without having to even buy the book. The blog is updated with all the latest dating and relationship trends that Diana observes, along with guidance that could transform your love life.

23. Scot McKay

Professional dating coach Scot McKay is the author of this site, and he provides an entertaining look at how communication is the key to any successful relationship. He also dispels some dating and relationship myths on his blog, and opens up viewers eyes to things that once mentioned, just see plain obvious. It’s a clever blog that will appeal to men more than women, but nevertheless offers some great advice for both.

24. Interracial Dating Coach

As the name suggests, interracial dating coach aims to provide guidance and advice to people that are planning to or are in an interracial relationship. It discusses how to deal with problems arising from dating people of a different race or culture, and provides tips on how to find that perfect man or women of a different race. While there is plenty of advice on the blog, the author also provides private consultations for a small charge, so that you can get your difficult questions answered quickly and confidentially.

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