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24 World Class Sports Training and Sports Injury Resources

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1. Stop Sports Injuries

Stop Sports Injuries is a great organization dedicated to educating parents, coaches, and athletes on the best ways to prevent injury regardless of the type of sport. The website is a fantastic source for sports injury prevention information. Sports injury prevention has been broken down into sections for specific sports, parents, athletes, coaches, health care providers, and specific issues. This makes for very easy navigation, and it helps speed up the process of locating the exact information you are looking for at the time. The Stop Sports Injuries website also provides information for individuals seeking to make donations to the organization, it allows other groups to post their own sports safety events on the websites monthly calendar, and it even helps people find an orthopedic therapist in their area. Users can sign up to receive a monthly news letter keeping you up-to-date with all the latest information.

2. Recovery Doc

RecoveryDoc is an amazing website for all athletes, from those who train at an amateur level, to those who train at a higher level than most people such as professional and Olympic athletes. RecoveryDoc uses top notch cutting edge technology promoting a better and faster recovery time. From nutritional to psychological care, RecoveryDoc assists those athletes suffering from an injury with their physical and emotional care. They also discuss different treatment options in depth giving the reader a better understanding of their injury and rehabilitation options.

3.Sports Injury Clinic

Sports Injury Clinic’s website is a great place for individuals suffering from a sports related injury to gather information regarding their injury. The website provides a list of well known sports injuries, and the rehabilitation that may be required to prevent further injury. This site is dedicated to sports injuries, which is helpful because you do not have to go through an entire site dedicated to various types of medical conditions, before finding the desired information. There is even a section dedicated to stretching and exercises individuals can do daily to prevent further injury or keep the possibility of self injury less likely to occur.

4. Sports and Spine Rehab

The website is a fantastic source for sports injury prevention information. This site is user friendly, and it helps speed up the process of locating the exact information you are looking for at the time. The Sports and Spine Rehab’s aim is to help their patients understand their condition and to provide the knowledge about treatments, available to assist them in returning to a pain free life.

5. Doctor David Geier

Dr. David Geier’s website is based on his work in sports injury treatment, prevention, and wellness. This site has a bit of everything! Users can take advantage of the “Ask Dr. Geier” section. There is also a “Sports Injury Locator” on the site where you can find more information about the cause of your injury, and advice on treatment for it.

6. The Concussion Blog

Concussions can be very dangerous for everyone. People who play contact sports for a hobby or a living must stay up-to-date about all the information on concussions available. This blog will explain to you what exactly a concussion is, the signs of a concussion, and concussion management. It breaks down what a person should and should not do, if they are suffering from a concussion. There is information for concussion from younger children to adults, and the blog also extensively covers protective equipment that can help prevent this kind of sports injury.

7. Doctor Stephen M. Pribut

Dr. Pribut is a renowned expert in the field of podiatric sports medicine and biomechanics. In fact, in addition to being a doctor, he has been an avid marathon runner and been a part of numerous such events in the past few years. Doctor Pribut’s website features a lot of interesting information and tips related to the daily activities of sports and athletes. Delve into this website to find out more about how to avoid injuries while running, a brief insight into how to perform stretching and a lot more! In addition, you can read about the Iliotibial syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis and stress reaction and stress fracture, as the doctor himself explains these complex terms by providing a lot of detail on different aspects including the causes and symptoms to name a few. An excellent feature of this website is that you can make an appointment with the doctor either by calling on the specified number or simply by completing the online application request form. Do not forget to check out the ‘running highlight’ on the main page of his blog, you will definitely find it informational and useful.

8. NY SportsMed

This website deals with a number of aspects that encompass sports medicine and physical therapy. Runners will find this website to be quite useful as a section here is entirely devoted to the Runner Resources. In addition, you can also be a part of the running club which meets every Tuesday and also attend some great running workshops by paying a nominal fee. Others can find a lot of information here about different therapies including Electromyography, Trigger point injections, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Back pain, joint fluid replacement, post surgical rehabilitation and capsular contracture. Since there is a team of doctors involved who offer such therapies, you can expect different kinds of treatment here.

9. THe Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group

This website is by far one of the best websites for athletes and sportsmen. Not only it features great blog posts targeted at your well being and performance, but also hosts some of the important seminars and events which you should not miss. If you have missed the last conference, then you need not worry as you can buy the video anytime. There is a surprise for BasketBall players too! This website dedicates a section ‘Everything Basketball’ to the basketball lovers which features a basketball forum, advisory board comprising of athletic trainers, back experts, basketball experts, nutritionist, physical therapists, sports psychologists, strength & conditioning coaches and physicians. Also, hop into the ‘Recommended Library’ section, to check out some of the great writeups on different areas including anatomy, career development, leadership and inspiration and a lot more.

10. Howard J. Luks

This website stresses the fact most of the patients are turning to the internet and social media to gain an insight into their ailments and the possible cures and treatments. As such, here you will come across a wide array of blogs written on a number of niches, including medical social media, orthopedic social media, sports medicine, and tactical social media guidance. In fact, if you have queries regarding any kind of injury or injuries dealing with knee and shoulder, then you can check out the FAQs. Hence, this will help you to go for a specific treatment plan and get rid of your injury. The website also features some enriching videos on Orthopedics, sports medicine and joint replacement.

11. Brian Schiff’s Blog

Brian Schiff is a licensed physical therapist and orthopedic specialist. His blog covers various topics from how to keep your core strong to the specific case studies on hip injuries in women. Brian Schiff covers everything you need, to keep you informed about sports injury prevention, living a healthy lifestyle and keeping your body in top notch shape to live actively.

12. Sports Medicine Research: In the Lab & In the Field

Sports Medicine Research blog is simply great. There is a wide variety of information including, injury prevention, pediatrics, bone, and brain/concussions. Individuals in the field of sports medicine will find this blog incredibly interesting. There is a free subscription offer allowing all who are interested to receive emails so you never miss a new post.

13. FirstAid4Sport

This website is a great resource for all things involving sports related injuries. FirstAid4Sport is a one of the top shopping places online for sports injury preventatives or aids, offering an extensive injury guide on most common sport related conditions. Just keep in mind that this is a UK based business, so all customer service should be conducted online rather than paying long distance.

14. Midwest Orthopedics at Rush

Midwest Orthopedics website stands out among other websites. It does cater to those in the Midwestern area; however it has a great deal of information for anyone who lives with orthopedic issues. It lists all of the physicians currently working with the Rush team of physicians. Each physician featured has a brief biography on their accomplishments and history available for anyone to read, which is wonderful in this new world where people enjoy researching their physicians prior to scheduling an appointment. It also provides you with a list of their clinical staff, locations, all news media publications, and an option to schedule an appointment online.

15. Kinetic Sports Rehab

Kinetics Sports Rehab is different from other physical therapy related websites because it also provides information regarding alternative treatment therapy. An amazing site for those individuals, seeking further information, regarding a sports injury. Located in Seattle, the Kinetic Sports Rehabilitation Center is available to assist people with Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, Chiropractic Care, Kinesio Taping, Functional Rehabilitation Exercise, Sport Specific Training, and Massage Therapy.

16. Foundry Sports Medicine and Fitness

Foundry Sports Medicine and Fitness is located in Rhode Island, and the website has a great deal of information for anyone living with orthopedic issues. The main goal of this business is to provide the best in orthopedic care to all of its patients. Through the website, a person can become familiar with orthopedics, rehabilitation services, and sports performance. There is also a weekly blog that covers different orthopedic problems, and an area set aside for patients. You can start all of the paperwork you normally have to fill out during your first on-site visit online when requesting an appointment, and you can also check to see if your insurance is accepted.

17. DMC Athletics & Rehabilitation

DMC Athletics & Rehabilitation is the leading wellness center in the Morris County area of New Jersey. The website provides individuals with many details most people like to know before choosing a physical therapist. The website supplies potential customers with information regarding staff, locations, services provided, insurances accepted, and even some specials. It even has an entire section for physician and patient testimonials. There is a great deal of information for anyone who lives with orthopedic issues, and it can benefit anyone living with discomfort or pain.

18. Sports Training Blog

This blog is specifically catered for coaches and athletes seeking better ways to improve at their sport. From kayaking to weight lifting, everything on this blog is written and posted by experienced athletes. Individuals have the option to sign up to receive a monthly newsletter which often contains information regarding different topics such as weight loss, and the psychological aspects of sports.

19. Running Injury Free

This fantastic blog is hosted by retired software engineer, and it is dedicated to running. The blog covers his running achievements, along with plenty of useful information needed to enjoy running without injury; visitors can find information on proper clothing, training and running plans, and various tips that help with healthy running or walking.

20. Mike Reinold.com

The main aim of the site is to provide useful information on rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance enhancement to all professional trainers, orthopedists or therapists out there. The information is presented in the form of articles, technique videos, relevant book reviews, and special clinical cases highlights, and is well organized; the site structure allows finding exactly the information needed and provides pleasant, user friendly experience.

21. Human Kinetics Sport/Health/Fitness

Human Kinetics provides information on physical activity and health. It has all the latest news in sports and fitness. An amazing site for individuals seeking further information regarding sports injury prevention, living a healthy lifestyle, and keeping your body in top notch shape to live actively. Human Kinetics is available to answer your questions related to sports, health and fitness, and it also provides books on various sport related topics, for anyone wanting in-depth knowledge of a certain topic.

22. Sports EX

This great site offers sports related information with a unique approach. One of their medical journals, SPORTEX Medicine covers sport related injuries in details, including diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation, while other journal, SPORTEX Dynamics deals mainly with manual therapy of soft tissues for athletes. The site aims to inform everyone, suffering from sports injury; they are trying to deliver the relevant information by various interactive means, such as leaflets, articles, and quizzes.

23. SFH – Sports Fitness Hut

This neat blog covers various aspects of sport and provides a lot of useful information in the form of articles, covering nutrition, training plans, nutrition advice and plenty of guidelines to help prevent and treat sports injuries. The blog is not only appealing to the eye but also allows for practical search for needed information, with its blog cloud widget.

24. Sports Medicine Global

This blog, managed by the international community of Sports Physicians, Radiologists and Orthopaedic Surgeons, aims to improve aspects of sports medicine by providing and sharing knowledge. Upon free registration, visitors are granted full access to free archives; information on site covers almost every aspect of sports medicine, including training programs, examination guidelines, and an issue of dopping.

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