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24 Depression Information Sites Awarded Five Stars For Support & Encouragement

1. Post Partum Progress

This well-designed, superbly researched website offers resources and advice to mothers suffering from pregnancy-related or post partum depression. From inspiring (and relevant) stories about celebrities suffering form post partum depression to motherhood musings, medical information and advice, there is even a section for the often-neglected fathers. A trustworthy, invaluable, uplifting resource.

2. Motherhood Unadorned

This site is lovely – fresh, vibrant and very pink. Clearly aimed at mothers, it offers excellent, well researched advice and guest posts on parenting topics ranging from feeding to potty training and emotional issues from mental health to fertility issues. Well written and fully researched articles are backed up with bright graphics and appealing photographs.

3. Storied Mind

This tranquil site, dotted with inspirational pictures delivers more advice than many depression-themed blogs, which focus more on the individual’s own experiences. It divides the information available into sections; Living Depressed, Choices in Healing, Relationships and Living Well. Thus the browser can find what they need quickly and effectively. An excellent resource.

4. Fighting The Darkness

This is a personal account of living with depression by a mother of two girls, who has fought the condition since childhood. She posts updates about her life and also hosts guest posts from fellow sufferers. Not so much a resource for advice or tips, but an interesting story nonetheless. She shows others looking for hope online that it is possible to combat, or at least live with this troublesome condition.

5. Sluiter Nation

Site author, Kate describes herself as a mother, wife, teacher and writer who experiences joys and struggles ‘just like you’. This is the secret to her site’s success. She writes simply and endearingly about life in such a way that readers can relate to her and enjoy what they read. Topics range wildly from book reviews to touchingly personal accounts and family photographs. A highly enjoyable read.

6. Rebuild from Depression

This website offers a practical, positive approach to the topic. It is written by a lady who has suffered with depression herself and has looked carefully into the topic. She is researching and working with ways to combat its effects through nutrition and writes about depression-beating foods, vitamins, minerals etc. The website is full of useful advice with interesting links, an upbeat tone and pleasing visuals.

7. Not Just Super Mom

This blog from an amusingly self-deprecating mother who works from home and who experienced post partum depression after giving birth is eclectic, refreshing and fun. She is clearly an excellent writer and researcher, having pulled together some invaluable information on post partum depression, its effects and how you can fight it. This website is definitely one to be bookmarked for future reference.

8. Una Vita Bella

This attractively-designed blog is a personal journey by a lady diagnosed with fibromyalgia and depression. She talks about her life and experiences and, particularly helpfully, links each post to other similar blogs and online resources that can offer help and advice. She seems to have inspired quite a following via various social media platforms and displays a positive attitude to her challenges.

9.Depression Tribe

Working from the premise that people affected by depression respond well to support and encouragement, this ‘free community website’ allows other bloggers to link their posts about depression and to seek peer support through forums, polls and social media links. A great place for people newly diagnosed with the condition to begin their online research.

10. Lawyers with Depression

A case of ‘doing exactly what it says on the tin’ – this site is aimed at people working in the legal profession who suffer from depression. It looks at the specific issues faced by this group of people and offers support and practical advice in the form of guest articles, recommended reading lists and blog posts. Hard-hitting and a very useful resource. Often, lawyers are seen to be tough and able to set aside emotions for the good of their careers. This site allows vulnerable people working in this profession a chance to express and explore their feelings and seek support.

11. Post Partum Men

A tranquil, beautifully designed website aimed at helping and supporting men who are affected by post partum depression, either directly or through supporting a partner. It offers practical advice and information, as well as an online forum and links to other useful articles and websites. It is most refreshing to see this often ignored aspect or post partum depression dealt with in such a dignified, helpful manner and this online resource will bring reassurance to many men and their families who are coping with negative after-effects of birth.

12. PPD to Joy

This is a positive, attractive website which is aimed at celebrating the stories of those who have overcome PPD and are now embracing their new journey into motherhood. However, the helpful site also seeks to support those who are still feeling the effects of PPD and it includes plenty of details about symptoms, ways to tackle them and resources that can help. There is also information about local groups, therapies and other ways to fight back against depression.

13. Beyond Post Partum

An attractive site with positive imagery and an upbeat tone. This appears to be a personal blog that also shares advice, medical insights and developments to combine an individual’s experiences with the wider field. The author shares stories and anecdotes with charm, and seeks to root out helpful links and resources to back the topic up and provide further reading. This site is easy to read and navigate, which makes visitors want to delve deeper into it to read more.

14. All Work and No Play Makes Mommey go Something Something

A personal ‘mummy blog’ by a mother suffering from not only post partum depression but bipolar 2 disorder, making daily life rather difficult, especially with a young family. She documents her daily experiences and lists useful resources for fellow sufferers. Plentiful photos make this potentially difficult topic easy to read and explore on her website, although practical advice is a little thin on the ground.

15. Pretty Swell

This website is written by Suzanne – a mother of two little girls, who suffered from post partum depression after the birth of her oldest daughter in 2008. She writes about her experiences, but tempers it with joyous posts about ‘random things’, such as the fun of buying her baby’s first pair of shoes or cool pieces of art. A great read if you want to lift your spirits on a difficult day.

16. Being Mentally Interesting

This personal blog by an Irish lady called Seenean charts her experiences since being diagnosed with bipolar and body dysmorphic disorder. She writes about her own feelings, experiences and opinions, as well as providing several useful insights into what living with a mental illness is really like. Open, honest and at time quite refreshing – it doesn’t hold back with the feelings, rather taking time to explore and express them in full..

17. Struggling with the Elephant in the Room

This personal blog appears to be a much-needed outlet for a man who is experiencing depression, but who finds it hard to seek help from other people face to face. He documents his medical history and daily struggles, but also shares good news and achievements to balance out his story. Not so much practical advice here, but an inspirational read about an ordinary man’s experiences and thoughts on his condition.

18. Daft Mamma

This British mother blogs about effects that post partum depression have on her life – both good and bad. She uploads emotional, honest posts that are powerfully written. She is pregnant again, and charts her response to the new life growing inside her and her fears about post partum depression returning. Less of a resource for advice or tips and more of a personal journey. This is a well written and pleasingly designed blog that tries to lighten the mood while acknowledging the seriousness of the condition.

19. James and Jax

A parenting blog that is frank and honest – this personal account is by a mother (whose nickname has always seen, somewhat confusingly, James) and her young son, Jax. The blog posts cover James’ diagnosis with and experiences around post partum depression, as well as her first few months with her new son. James also offers tips to combat anxiety and shares links to other blogs that she finds inspiration around the internet. Not huge amounts of information to be found here, but it is a nice read nonetheless.

20. A Splintered Mind

This website by a male sufferer of ADHD and depression packs a punch.Douglaswrites honestly and openly about his experiences and life with these two conditions and even injects an element of humour into his writings. He also links to other men blogging on the same issues. This is a rare and welcome online discovery for men looking for peer support in an often female-dominated sphere. Well worth investigating further.

21. The Mummy Chronicles

This website has a great home page, both visually speaking and in terms of content. A wide range of topics are covered, including post partum depression, which is dealt with practically and sympathetically. The author also writes on other topics of interest to mothers, including parenting, children, green living, fashion and beauty. It isn’t somewhere where visitors can find in depth information about depression, but it certainly covers the basics, raises some of the issues and makes a good general read.

22. Everyone Needs Therapy

A light-hearted blog with a therapeutic tone – the author takes inspiration from popular films, books, public life and her own experiences to write informative, fun posts. Not a large site, this won’t take long for a reader to navigate in full, but it is a good diversion and a positive treatment of the often troublesome subject of depression.

23. Multi-Tasking Mumma

This busy mother writes about post natal depression and her daily experiences with her family. The site’s graphics are fun, which lightens up this potentially difficult topic. There are no real advice, tips or practical resources here, but good to follow if you are seeking some peer support or understanding.

24. Defeat Depression

At first glance, this slightly oblique site seems to be nothing more than a collection of inspirational image posts (example: the now iconic ‘Keep Calm’ message, change to read ‘Keep Calm and Defeat Depression’. But a further read into the message boards show it to be an active online support group with a loyal and grateful following. Not one for casual browsing, but worth investigating for anyone who wants to find a sympathetic group for communication and support.

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