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25 of the Very Best Fitness Sites in 2012

There is a vast variety of fitness blogs out there. While some of them give excellent training advice and top diet tips, others simply give out bad advice. How do you know which are great and which you should avoid? Here are 25 of the very best fitness blogs out there.

1. Mark’s Daily Apple

Mark Sisson is a former Ironman competitor and triathlete. He started his own blog, Mark’s Daily Apple, to share inside tips and tricks on dealing with how to live the primal lifestyle in order to get better in controlling your own health. Along with Mark’s free, delicious recipes and great exercise tips that he offers, he also showcases his “Primal Blueprint”, which tells his readers how to become more fit and energetic while “reprogramming their genes”.

2. The Great Fitness Experiment

The Great Fitness Experiment is run by Charlotte Andersen, a mother of four children, who is extremely passionate about the world of fitness. You may have seen her work pop up in places like the Huffington Post, Redbook Magazine, and BlogHer. In her blog, you can find popular articles on topics such as Intermittent Fasting, dietary mood disorders, and weight lifting tips.

3. TRX Training

TRX Training, invented by a former Navy SEAL, is essentially a workout utilizing your own body weight and some suspension cables. No other equipment whatsoever is needed. TRX Training’s blog includes plenty of workout training involving core workouts, cycling workouts, and even resistance training. Each blog post includes a video along with it so you will know exactly, what you are supposed to be doing with each workout presented.

4. Elitefts

Elitefts is one of the best fitness sites in the world that aims to educate and provide the proper tools necessary for the strongest athletes to keep getting better. Along with providing everything from food supplements to workout equipment, Elitefts has a huge selection of articles regarding strength training and motivational materials. The Question & Answer section includes answers from top athletes on a wide variety of topics such as nutrition, power lifting, and sports training.

5. Social Workout

Social Workout is one of the best tools that you can use in order to set goals for your workouts. Both personal goals and group challenges that are centered on a community, where everyone encourages each other through positivity, can be set up. Anything from your workout goals to your diet can be tracked in order to encourage you to further progress in your training process each and every day.

6. Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle is one of the best blogs to check out for all of your strength training needs. Along with a huge amount of guest authors, articles include topics on popular workouts like Convict Conditioning or RKC Kettlebell. He offers different trainings, catering to everyone from athletes to expectant mothers. Videos, clearly presenting you both the right and wrong way to perform certain exercises, are also available. If you are wondering how Olympic athletes or martial artists train, you can check out many different athlete journals they host.

7. Scott Herman Fitness

Scott Herman Fitness is one of the best online support systems to help you reach any goals that you may have. Subscribers have access to complex exercise programs targeted toward people at all age, gender or levels of fitness. Workouts can even be picked out depending on the body part you wish to work out. They also offer a meal plan system that will help design a nutrition program to fit your goals. Along with tons of workouts, expert articles are often posted by fitness professionals such as Scott Herman himself.

8. Loving Fit

Loving Fit is run by Tatianna, a certified personal trainer and former figure skater from Russia. This blog focuses on a technique known as Unit Training, which focuses on using the full body for each workout. Along with some excellent nutrition and weight loss advice, Loving Fit blog is about a ton of different workouts that anyone can do with a few dumbbells and a medicine ball including favorites such as “The Covet Workout” and “Lean Body All Over Workout.”

9. Astone Fitness

Astone Fitness has a simple goal of getting everyone in the best shape of their lives while having fun doing it. Besides providing some of the best fitness equipment and accessories around, Astone Fitness provides a ton of dieting advice, great and practical workout tips, and delicious, healthy recipes for everyone to utilize, backing it up with visual representation, as well.

10. Kodjo Workout

Kodjo Workout is a blog run by a fitness enthusiast that showcases a ton of different home workouts that are designed for people who have busy lifestyles. Along with a variety of circuit training workouts that are accessible, Kodjo posts dietary advice, ways to treat exercise-related injuries, and even reviews on some of the most popular fitness products available out there, including food supplements and snacks appropriate for fitness training.

11. Tweak Fit

Tweak Fit is a fitness blog that is centered on helping people achieve their goals through good old fashioned exercise and proper diet. Along with providing delicious recipes and workouts you can do at home, Tweak Fit blog even provides information on how to create your own pre-workout supplement cheaper. Authors of this blog include fitness competitors, registered dieticians, research scientists, and personal trainers; along with facts, they often provide motivation tips and tricks that will help you stick with your exercise plan.

12. Fit Hacks

Fit Hacks is a blog run by a man named Bryan, who since 2007 has lost 70 pounds and is now in the best shape of his life. The most impressive part is that Bryan did this without the use of fancy exercise equipment. He simply stuck to his personal plan of diet and exercise to keep himself going. Fit Hacks provides intensely in depth blog posts detailing popular topics such as the best meals to eat to fuel your workouts and ways to boost your testosterone levels in a natural manner.

13. Tony Gentilcore

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the New England area, Tony Gentlicore has a large reputation for his experience and training fundamentals. His work has been seen in such popular publications like Men’s Health and Livestrong. Tony’s blog provides a huge amount of resourceful information regarding strength training, healthy fat loss, and injury treatment.

14. Fitness NYC

Fitness NYC is run by a city girl named Melissa who has been running city marathons since 2007. Within her blog are a huge amount of tips regarding marathon preparation, training plans, dieting advice, and some of the best workouts you can utilize to help increase your endurance.

15. Skyler Tanner

Skyler Tanner, a personal trainer with over a decade of experience, shares his knowledge about weight loss and experience with his unique diet regimen through his blog. Since Skyler is working toward a degree in Exercise Science, many of his blog posts take a more scientific approach and discuss topics such as fast twitch muscle fibers and the effect of strength training on aging.

16. TriMarni

Marni Sumbal, a licensed nutritionist and dietician, runs this blog to discuss her triathlon experience, nutrition tips before working out, and various reviews of workout accessories, among other things. Marni has completed 5 different Ironman triathlons and is an expert in vegetarian cooking.

17. Weight Ladder

Weight Ladder is a blog dedicated to one man’s weight loss journal and has been named one of the top fitness sites by FrugalDad.com. Along with being able to buy exercise equipment, users can use one of the many available fitness and diet calculators. Popular blog posts include topics natural weight loss, fitness challenges, and portion control advice.

18. Eric Cressey

BCx Boot Camp is one of the top fitness programs throughout the world because of its unique combination of exercises that have been used in things such as resistance training, kickboxing, and fitness boot camp. This blog showcases many of the BCx workout routines that you can do yourself without needing any complex gym equipment.

19. Do BCx Boot Camp

Grateful dating is a personal blog that reveals the woes of a woman struggling to find a man to share her life with. The posts are here real-life stories of the highs and lows of her never-ending search to find that special someone. For practical and to-the-point information, this is probably not the best blog to find it, but it does offer something special that many dating blogs don’t. It’s like a diary, and reveals some interesting facts about what women what when it comes to dates and relationships. Men could find this an enlightening read.

20. Exercise Biology

Exercise Biology is a blog that was created specifically to help you to become healthy and strong while educating you on the scientific principles tied to both diet and exercise. Anoop T. Balachandran, a certified personal trainer with a Master’s in Exercise Physiology runs this blog. Readers will enjoy learning about topics regarding protein absorption, muscle growth, and why hypertrophy workouts can be so beneficial.

21. The Bar Method

The Bar Method is a unique, full body workout that was created by Burr Leonard as a way to combine interval training, isometrics, and dance conditioning, in a way that allows you to change the look of your body dramatically. This blog includes dieting tips that can be used in order to stay lean, as well as how to get those sculpted legs that you have always wanted.

22. Gold’s Gym Blog

both bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts around the world. The Gold’s Gym blog showcases everything from fitness case studies to exercise routines that you can try the next time you hit the gym.

23. Workout BOX

Workout BOX is one of the quickest and easiest ways in order to discover a workout program that works perfectly with your situation and lifestyle. Learn through videos and join a fitness community that will help you to reach your goal whether you want to lose weight and tone up or build a ton of muscle to look nice in new swimming suit.

24. Sports Fitness Hut

Sports Fitness Hut is one of the best blogs out there to learn all about getting lean for your athletic endeavors. Run by Mark Dilworth, a former NCAA Division I athlete, this blog primarily focuses on fat loss as a way to build muscle, while staying thin. Blog posts discuss everything from nutrition to food supplements for rapid fat loss. Readers can learn about how to speed up their metabolism and each workout Mark discusses will typically take less than an hour to perform.

25. MadSweat

MadSweat was founded by two certified fitness professionals as a way to offer one on one training in a virtual manner. Users can use MadSweat to create a customized program to fit their own needs. Along with a community that you are able to talk with about your progress on a daily basis, you can also search for the calories in your favorite foods by using the CalorieKing food database and receive a customized fitness evaluation. Blog readers can download free full printable workouts and learn about such controversial topics like “spot reducing fat.”

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