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25 Gold Standard Adoption Advice and Information Sites

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1. Rage Against the Minivan

Rage Against the Minivan is an inspiring and unique perspective on the world from a mum of four, who has experienced the joys of birthing and adopting. She offers an honest and personal account of what it is like to raise four young children, and often posts straight from the heart during times of disaster and joy, making for a very heartfelt blog. Her blog is upbeat and has a very funky aesthetic, engaging readers from all walks of life.

2. Flower Patch Farmgirl

Flower Patch Farmgirl is the blog of a young mother who has a devoted husband and three adopted children. The blog is a very personal and lively account of the lives of this unique family who have been though trials and tribulations to end up where they are. It is relatable, easy going and entertaining, and the pictures make it an especially enjoyable read.

3. Millions of Miles

Millions of Miles is an inspirational and uplifting blog about parenting, adoption and fostering, written by a mum of three who has experience of adoption and is now embarking on a mission to foster as well. It is a very relatable blog, which aims to create an altogether positive world which is free from discrimination and prejudice. It tackles tough issues as well as lots of fun and interesting topics.

4. Any Mommy Out There

Is There Any Mommy Out There is a fun, frank, and friendly blog which is written from the perspective of a multiracial family consisting of mum, dad, and four children. It is an entertaining read for anyone interested in parenting issues, adoption, and worldly advice from those who are experiencing the joys of parenting and adoption.

5. Livesay Haiti

Livesay Haiti is a fascinating blog which documents the lives of a very extraordinary family. The family comprises of mum, dad, and seven children, some of whom have been adopted from Haiti, which is where they have ended up settling. Tackling parenting, social, political and environmental issues, this blog is a real eye opener into a different world that is hidden from most.

6. Little Did I Know

Little Did I Know offers the musings of a single mum who has three adopted children and is now looking into the international adoption process. It is a creative, fun filled blog that offers insights into a variety of issues from everyday childcare matters to thoughts and feelings on parenting and life in general. It combines information with entertainment to create a very enjoyable read.

7. Our Little Tongginator

Our Little Tongginator is an imaginative and quirky blog which follows the life on one little girl and her family. Anyone who is interested in life, laughter, adoption, china, parenting, and many random issues should check in with this blog and see what’s going on.

8. Sit a Spell

Sit a Spell is a fantastic blog about the lives of a very inspirational young family who now live in Haiti. The blog is a very personal yet relatable account of what it is like to raise adopted, ill, and fostered children in the best way that they see fit, under the guidance of their faith in God. Not only do they cover issues encountered by a growing family, but social, political and environmental issues from the evolving world we live in.

9. Daddy Types

Daddy Types is a down to earth blog which uncovers all of the latest products, services, and current events stories which are relevant to parents today. With honest and unforgiving product reviews on all kinds of children’s items, family cars, household appliances, furniture and clothing, it is a great place to keep up to date on the hottest things out on the market and to get some ‘real’ feedback on them.

10. Welcome to My Brain

Welcome to My Brain is an unusual, interesting and totally inspiring blog which offers an insight into adoption and parenting from a very out of the ordinary family. Engaging in issues about homeschooling, parental styles, and therapeutic parenting, this is a great place for anyone wishing to learn about alternative parenting from those that have the experienced it first hand.

11. They’re All My Own

They’re All My Own is an adoption blog written by someone who has experienced all sides of the adoption process, and is truly passionate about what a great process it is. The author of the blog was adopted as a child, and now her and her husband have four children of their own, two of whom are adopted. The blog offers a very touching and personal insight into the joys of being a proud parent.

12. Do They Have Salsa in China?

Do They Have Salsa in China is a warm and friendly blog which follows the lives of two girls from China who have been adopted into a loving family and a new life. With some fantastic photography and an interesting narrative style, this blog will inspire happiness in many of its readers. It tackles parenting issues as well as promoting the positive effects of adoption and fostering.

13. Adoption Talk

Adoption Talk is a direct, to the point blog which covers a variety of adoption based topics for all those who are interested in, involved in, or affected by adoption and fostering. Issues which are covered include birthparents, race, abandonment, adoption and China.

14. Mama C and the Boys

Mama C and the Boys is an intriguing and soulful blog written from the perspective of a mother who has a multiracial adoptive family. The issues which are covered on this fabulous blog include transracial adoptive parenting, self observation, growth, parenting, adoption, racial awareness and storytelling, which combine to make a fascinating log of parenting in modern culture.

15. The Declassified Adoptee

The Declassified Adoptee offers an insight into the world of adoption through the eyes of an adoptee who has been through the process of growing up in an adopted family, and eventually reuniting with her birth mother and family. It is an intriguing account of the emotional ride that has shaped her life, a story that many people can connect with.

16. Five of My Own

Five of My Own is a practical, upbeat blog that tackles all the issues that a modern mum may encounter. As the name suggests, the author of this blog has five children, and manages to juggle her time well between all of the necessary requirements and ‘me time’ activities. Adoption, social issues and parenting are all covered in this blog and a whole lot more besides.

17. Oatsvall Team

Oatsvall Team is a blog dedicated to raising awareness of the issues of global adoption. If you are interested in learning about adoption, social issues surrounding childcare, and find out as much information as possible from someone who has been there and experienced it first hand, this is a great blog to follow.

18. One Thankful Mom

One Thankful Mom is an inspirational blog from a mother of 12 children, both birthed and adopted, who has devoted her life towards improving others’. This blog is written by an experienced parent who wishes to share her experiences to help others along the road. It covers issues such as attachment, trauma, adoption, parenting, homeschooling, family life, and many more interesting topics.

19. Jesus Has Two Daddies

Jesus Has Two Daddies is an interesting and uplifting blog about parenting and adoption, written from the point of view of two gay parents. It has a laid back and informative style, which connects to a wide variety of people, covering social, political, and moral issues as well as addressing parenting styles and techniques.

20. The Eyes of My Eyes are Opened

The Eyes of My Eyes are Opened is a heartwarming blog documenting the experiences and feelings of a couple who have adopted two children from Ethiopia. It follows their lives through the use of blog posts and photographic post entries, covering the highs and lows of everyday parenting, as well as detailing the issues that surrounded their adoption process.

21. Production Not Reproduction

Production Not Reproduction is a fascinating blog written from the perspective of a mother who has first-hand experience of going through the process of adopting a child. It offers interesting insights, advice and guidance, and information for anyone who is going though the process as themselves, as well as some very helpful parenting advice and tips.

22. Ethiopian Ties

Ethiopian Ties offers an insight into the world of foreign adoptions. Written by an experienced mother of three, whose youngest daughter was adopted from Ethiopia four years ago, this blog addresses the issues being faced in Africa, as well as the positive schemes and projects that are underway to improve the lives of children in Ethiopia. The blog delves into all kinds of other issues such as parenting advice and current legal adoption changes and is a great resource for many people.

23. Inventing Liz

Inventing Liz is the blog of inspirational mother Liz who changed her life around at age 40 to make it a life full of purpose and meaning. It explores issues of parenting and self fulfilment, and is a fascinating read for anyone looking to embark on the adoption or fostering process themselves.

24. Amazing Grace and a Safe Haven

Amazing Grace and a Safe Heaven documents the lives of a growing family as they tackle everyday situations and issues. The major difference with this family is that they consist of one adopted child from china, and five adopted children from the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is an inspiring and very eye opening blog which gives an insight into a different world.

25. The Chronicles of Munchkin Land

The Chronicles of Munchkin Land details the issues surrounding open adoption and parenting. It is an easy to read personal blog written by a mother or two who has hands on experience of life, love, and loss, with a heartfelt and emotional story. The blog provides an excellent resource for anyone looking into adoption or in need of parental advice.

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