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27 Truly Informative Egg Donor and Surrogacy Sites

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1. Pink and Blue Surrogacy and Fertility

This is an excellent website run by an American agency that works to match intended parents with surrogates. It is written by a former egg donor and surrogate mother and packed full of useful information about the whole process of surrogacy. The best section is the blog, which covers all kinds of topics, from scientific news and advances to legal advice and explanations of the egg donation process. The site feels professional, honest and non-judgemental – emphasising in a number of places their welcoming attitude to gay couples and single intended parents.

2. Donor Offspring: Books for Children

This useful resource is a well-researched listing of books and literature related to egg donation, IVF and surrogacy and aimed at children. They list a range of books for different ages – in English and French. Books are divided into easy search groups, including gay parents, egg donors and infertility. The books have been reviewed by the site’s author – a ‘librarian and consumer’ with a seemingly vast knowledge of the subject. The site also lists other related blogs and online articles on surrogacy, infertility and egg donation. One small criticism would be the use of a quite childish font – clearly aimed at setting a child-friendly tone, but which is a little hard to read when used across the whole website.

3. The Surrogacy Source

Pleasingly laid out, this US website is a fantastic resource for intended parents and would-be surrogates. It has comprehensive information for both sides, as well as a well-written, engaging blog covering all kinds of topics, from what it is really like to be a surrogate mother to gay couples’ rights and expectations in surrogacy. A great place to start researching surrogacy and egg donation.

4.Surrogacy 101

This is a very business-like website from a surrogacy business consultant, who writes articles on surrogacy from legal, financial, psychological and medical perspectives. It provides extensively researched articles and is a very useful resource, although its primary goal is to promote the agency’s own IVF financial packages and insurance plans. That said, the blog posts are of a good quality. There are regular guest blogger posts and links to social media outlets and other related resources.

5. Ask Kate

Kate is an egg donor who has been through the process as an egg donor for infertile women and now wants to share her experiences with others. Her website is non-threatening, comprehensive and friendly, with articles laid out in an easy-to-read question and answer format. You can search her website to see if your question has already been answered – chance are it will have been – or you can become a member of her online community. Finally, there is a contact form for you to send your question directly to Kate for a reply.

6. Heartfelt Egg Donation

The website from a US egg donation agency cover a lot of ground, with excellent FAQs and details of how the process works. Its initial business-like feel and corporate tone is softened in the blog, which focuses on more ‘heartfelt’ topics, such as personal testimonials, open letters and birth announcements. This site is positive, uplifting and inspirational, explaining the processes and emotions involved in egg donation from both sides of the table. A nice read and a pleasing design and layout.

7. Coastal Surrogacy

Serene images of a calm, blue sea greet visitors to this helpful website from a US surrogacy agency. It offers comprehensive information for anyone looking into surrogacy and helps people all over the world achieve their dream families. A lovely, inspirational touch is the counter on the home page showing how many babies have been born in 2012 thanks to the agency – and how many are due next year. Secure parent and surrogate log-in sections help foster a sense of community for the intended parents and surrogates on the agency’s books.

8. Melissa Brisman – Surrogacy Simplified

This serious-looking site is run by an American surrogacy matching agency. It carries several articles on infertility, homosexuality and surrogacy issues, mainly focusing on the legal and scientific aspects, as well as linking to relevant US current affairs. Melissa Brisman – who runs the agency – is also a professional speaker and she lists her forthcoming conferences and speaking dates on her home page. There are several useful book reviews and links to social media – and another interesting aspect of her site is the ability for readers to rate each of the articles posted as ‘disturbing, interesting or educational’ via a set of tick boxes. This kind of ‘vox pops’ would provide a fascinating snapshot of public opinion and it would be interesting to be able to see the results.

9. Christmas Eve Boys

This is a well-written personal account by a gay couple – both born on Christmas Eve – and their experiences of surrogacy. They have two sons, born by surrogacy in India in 2010. The two fathers give a candid account of the period leading up to their sons’ births and their lives together in Dallas, Texas. Their account is touching, not least because their latest post gives updates on friends they made during the process and the babies born to them as well. There are plenty of cute photographs and details of various milestones in their own boys’ lives. An interesting read, and a great memory for their sons when they are older.

10. Rasta Less Traveled

A fascinating blog by a couple who have fought to have a family of their own and who now have twins – a boy and a girl born in New Delhi via surrogacy in the middle of 2012. The boy is still in hospital with a series of medical complications following a premature birth, but the blog documents this sensitively and encouragingly. There are some lovely pictures and plenty of background detail for an inspiring read to others in a similar position, or who are considering surrogacy abroad themselves.

11. Simple Surrogacy Blog

This website’s clear, simple layout is reassuring and professional. It is run by a Texan surrogacy agency and offers clear, simple advice on how to go about becoming involved in surrogacy or egg donation. The blog is excellent, covering a wide range of serious topics, such as how to choose a surrogacy agency or issues of fertility law. However, the site also covers celebrity news, for instance sending a message of congratulations to Bill and Giuliana Ranic on the recent birth of their son, Edward Duke.

12. The Maybe Baby

This touching blog was set up by a lady whose childhood cancer treatment left her infertile. She lost twin girls four years ago, but is now expecting again via another surrogate mother. Her blog is her personal account of the surrogacy, combined with other musings about her life – her father’s recent death, for example, and her hobby of running. This doesn’t give much practical advice about surrogacy or IVF, but it is an interesting, well-crafted account of a brave lady who is not giving up on her dream of motherhood. It is attractively laid out, with a relaxing, pastel colour pallet.

13. Finding My New Normal

This happy blog is written by an American lady living in theUKwith her husband and baby daughter. Her daughter was born with help from an egg donor and follows the loss of a son, who died at 36 weeks gestation. The blog looks lovely, with a dainty white blossom background and is split into sections covering her daughter’s life and milestones, the loss of her son and a poignant timeline charting her IVF procedures that led to the birth of her daughter earlier this year. An inspiration, if at times rather emotional read.

14. Spawn of Mike and Mike

This is a personal blog by an American gay married couple – Mike and Mike, who are fathers to twin girls via surrogacy. They combine everyday tales of bringing up their lively daughters with updates on friends going through the same process. The blog is very honest; they detail the bad times as well as the good. There are plenty of delightful pictures of the girls and tales of their mischievous antics. A positive, uplifting, humorous blog.

15. Chai Baby

This is a well-constructed story of an Australian family’s life with their surrogacy-born toddler twins – a boy and a girl. Unfortunately, the garish Indian background pattern chosen to complement the theme that the children were born in India – rather detracts from the website’s overall appearance and makes it quite hard to read in places. However, if you can get past this, you will be rewarded by a touching account of the joy these twins have brought to their family. The best bit is getting to see lots of pictures of the delightful twins, although there is not quite so much in the way of useful information about getting involved in surrogacy as you might find on other websites or blogs.

16. Circle Surrogacy Blog

This no-nonsense website is run by aUSsurrogacy agency, which claims to work for straight and gay couples seeking to become parents. As well as details about the agency’s services, contact forms and interesting testimonials, there is a very good blog that looks at quite meaty topics, such as gay parents’ rights and the financial costs of surrogacy. They seem to have good international links too, with meet-ups advertised in America, France and the UK.

17. 14 Legs

This is a fun way to look at a male gay couple’s surrogacy-enabled family, for the 14 legs in the title of the blog come from the two fathers, their two dogs and their toddler son. This is very much a personal story, with plenty of family anecdotes, milestones, photographs and comments. It is written in a joyous, enthusiastic way that makes it fun to read and rather inspirational. The bright, spotty backdrop is a fun touch too, if slightly fussy to look at for a long time.

18. The Parents Via Egg Donation Organization

This site is attractive and professional-looking although the articles themselves can be a little hard to get into, as they are written from a fairly technical viewpoint. However, they are very well researched and the website is a useful tool for those looking further into the legalities and technicalities of the whole subject area. There are lots of links to other websites, blogs and services around surrogacy and IVF. Well worth a read, but not something to dip in and out of on a whim.

19. Beverly Hills Egg Donation

An excellent website from aUSegg donation agency. It is attractively designed, with a soothing colour scheme and clear layout. There are lots of details about the agency itself and how surrogacy and egg donation procedures work, however, there is also much evidence of a more personal touch. There are regular ‘donor spotlight’ features on individual case studies and articles on topics such as how to stop feeling scared of needles and injections. Even if you do not live close enough to Beverley Hills – or cannot afford to take advantage of their services face to face – their website is well worth a visit, as there is plenty of useful stuff on there

20. Information on Surrogacy

Information on Surrogacy was set up by Rayven – a three-times surrogate mother to two singleton babies and one set of twins. She has created the website as a resource for other families considering surrogacy and goes into detail about what to expect from the experience and what involved parties need to think about and do. The layout is a little old-fashioned, but the content is solid and the tone brisk but reassuring. The left hand side navigational bar provides links to articles and resources covering just about every aspect possible and the information is clear, encouraging and appears very trustworthy.

21. Confessions of a Cryokid

This slightly quirky-looking site is run by Lindsay, who was conceived through anonymous sperm donation and who is looking for her biological father. She documents her quest on the website, but also researches and writes about sperm and egg donation and other IVF issues and legislative updates. What might seem a disorganised, off-the-wall site to begin with quickly turns into an impressive resource and inspirational story. Well worth a read.

22. Child of a Stranger

This is a detailed account from Kathleen, who was born in the US through anonymous sperm donation about her search to find her father. She has carried out extensive research, contacting up to 600 men in her quest. She is also trying to find a half-brother who has Down’s Syndrome. The account is heartfelt and fascinating to read, albeit slightly laborious in places. There is no doubting Kathleen’s commitment to the hunt, however; her site lists links to various media interviews she has carried out, including appearances on The Today Show and Oprah.
The Allton-Nee Three

23. The Allton-Nee Three

A personal story about a gay family raising a young son, born via surrogacy. This is a nice read, although difficult topics are addressed head on – the couple’s second attempt at surrogacy saw a scan at 13 weeks fail to detect any heartbeats. They have decided to put things on hold for a while. The website isn’t especially well laid out – the pictures and text seem a little jumbled together. However, digging deep into the site reveals a great deal of funny stories and thought-provoking comment. There are plenty of social media links too, which encourage people to engage further with this particular surrogate family.

24. Donor Conceived Perspectives

This community blog comes from the point of view of the child conceived by sperm donation. It seems to have been written by several people – all of whom are donor-conceived offspring and at first, this concept seems like a very good one. However, while the posts are sensitively and competently written, the different voices tend to stop the blog from developing a strong individual voice overall. That said, however, it is interesting to read the different people’s thoughts and views on not having a ‘traditional’ father in their lives.

25. Strange Conceptions

This well-crafted, but slightly left-field blog is written by a woman who thought she was conceived through sperm donation. However, after extensive research and DNA tests, the rumour turned out to be false. Despite the emotional red herring, the result got her thinking about the whole issue of egg and sperm donation, and she debates it in her blog from several fascinating angles. Hard to follow in places, this is nevertheless an interesting perspective on donor conception and those affected by it.

26. IVF Land on Surrogacy World

Written by a US couple that used a surrogate to become parents. These our the thoughts and experiences written by the new Father who also runs another blog called Expect Miracles Surrogacy.

27. Happy-Go-Lucky

Recently completing 30 posts in 30 days this blog combines useful information with private thoughts and feelings that span way more than the topic of surrogacy and egg donors. As a result it makes compelling reading and will stand the test of time as a resource.

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