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25 Outstanding Medical Blogs By Nurses

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A Grumpy RN

Without breaking patient confidentiality, this nurse talks about his experiences as a nurse and the things people expect from nurses. This blog is funny, witty, and is a good way to tickle your funny bone as you read about people’s experiences that are similar to yours. The blog also covers the author’s memories of occasions, when he saved lives, and of the pride he felt in his work; he openly writes about the times when he wasn’t as successful, as well.

Head Nurse

This blog talks about the life of the author as a nurse, at and outside of a hospital. She talks about rude patients, conversations between nurses,and her personal battle, since she was diagnosed with cancer. The blog is funny and sarcastic while providing a window into the lives of nurses, professionals that are often taken for granted. A well written blog and a good read.

Code Blog

Health care professionals are often depicted on television and films yet most of these stories focus on the doctors and patients. Nurses are often overlooked; this blog provides readers with the perspective of nurses, their experiences, and how they are expected to perform. There are many entries in this blog that are inspired by the working experiences of the nurse described very well and in great detail. It is a very well written, informative, and touching blog.

Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse

This blog is about a nurse that works in an emergency room and the kind of good and bad experiences the nurse has. This is a good blog and should be read by nursing professionals as they can get a better idea about life in an ER. It is an informative, realistic, and very well written blog; a good read for anyone who is a nurse or wants to know what being a nurse is like.

Crass Pollination

Nurses must choose their jobs because they are determined to help people and save lives, otherwise experiencing what they do on a daily basis is impossible. This blog tells of experiences of an ER nurse and about the patients that come in to the hospital. It shares a lot of insight on addictions and the people that go through them. Well written, sweet, and very touching – it is a must read.

ER Nurses Blog

This blog has excellent entries about nurses, their lives, and how they must ensure they have time for themselves to reduce their stress. This blog provides very good advice for nurses and also reveals a funny side to the profession. It is very well written and should be read by anyone considering taking up nursing as a profession or someone who is already a nurse.

Adventures of Hood Nurse

As with all professions, some areas of the nursing profession are more challenging than others; the experiences, covered in this blog, of a nurse in a hospital in the hood are really funny and entertaining. It shows the attitude people have towards nurses and how patients often treat them. The blogger also covered her transition to a new hospital; she described the differences in the patients, equipment and attitude towards nurses, between the two hospitals.

The Nerdy Nurse

This blog is written by a nurse who also happens to be a techie. The blog has information on technology used by everyone in daily life like phones and laptops to tips for staying awake during a night shift. The blog is informative and easy to read.

A Writer in a Nurse’s Body

Writing about life and experiences as a health care professional, this blog is very well written, and it is easy to feel the blogger’s emotions through the words. The blogger is a passionate nurse and talks about many aspects of her career.

Nurse Practitioner

This blog sheds light on the business aspects of being a nurse and working in the health care industry. It makes the reader aware of the things expected from nurses legally and also how to make the most of their practice.

Ask the Nurse Practitioner

This blog has very important information on the nursing as a profession as well as many useful tips about going about daily duties as a nurse. The blog also provides a lot of information about techniques and machinery used in hospitals. This is a very well written, informative, and detailed blog.


A very good blog that is written by a nurse with 33 years of experience. It is informative and sarcastic, shows the care and compassion given by nurses, and also lets the reader in to feel the funny side of situations, encountered by a nurse. The blogger writes not only about life as an ER nurse but also about life outside the hospital. It is a very well written blog that provides an insight into the changes of the nursing profession over the last 33 years.

Those Emergency Blues

The blog tells of the experience of a nurse from Toronto who works in the Emergency Department RN. The writing is simple and very easy to read. It is informative and funny and also talks about the raw deal nurses get as opposed to other health care professionals. This blog is an excellent read and provides just the right amount of both humour and reality.

A nurse Practitioner’s World

This blog is written by a nurse who was replaced by an MD when she went back to study. It tells of her experiences and life. The author also talks about the new laws and bills being passed in different parts of USA and how they will affect the health care professionals. This blog is very well written and must be read by anyone who is facing a similar situation to the blogger.

Nursing Ideas

This site is designed to improve healthcare by improving nurses. It provides nurses with ideas and information about research, innovation, and leadership. It not only provides nurses with tips and ideas that will benefit the hospital but also encourages them to stand up and become more professional. It gives a professional voice to nurses. The site is a very good source of information for all nurses as all of them should be aware of their rights and duties as well as the ways they can improve their work.

Impacted Nurse

This blog talks about the problems faced by nurses and how often they do nothing about it. It talks about long shift hours, not being able to take a bathroom break, dealing with rude patients, and how they often end up losing their sense of empathy and sensitivity. It also provides information about health care events that are going on and details about the events. It is a good blog to read, and most nurses will probably relate to these stories.

Nurse Story

The blogger talks about different experiences as a nurse and many observations and facts about nursing professionals as seen through the eyes of another nursing professional. The blog is very well written and should be read by other nurses. There are several entries that provoke a lot of thought, like why nurses often forget their regular medical checkups. Nurse Story is a very good read and full of interesting and funny information about these health care professionals.

Digital Doorway

This is a blog written by a person who coaches nurses. The blog itself provides information about nursing and how nurses are often more aware of the quality of care being provided at the hospital as compared to other people in the health care industry. This blog is very well written and guides nurses on how to lead more fulfilling and happier lives.

JParadisi RN’s Blog

This blog is written by a nurse with 24 years of experience. She has an interest in art and science, and talks about her experiences as a nurse in the departments she has worked in, including the department of adult oncology where she is currently working as a nurse. The nurse also gives her opinions on a lot of current topics. The blog is well written and is an interesting read for anyone curious about art and nursing.

Off the Charts

The American Journal of Nursing provides information to nursing about a range of topics from medical issues, and attire for nurses to the licenses a nurse must have and needs. This site provides very valuable information to nurses, and aims to inspire them about every aspect of their profession. The site also invites entries from nurses about their experiences providing real experiences and feelings. Anyone in the health care field will find information and experiences shared in this blog very useful and enlightening

Correctional Nurse.net

Correctional nurses often face many challenges that are difficult to deal with as they have to carry out the regular duties of nursing while dealing with the inmates being in a correctional system. This site shares experiences and tips for correctional nurses by a correctional nurse educator. The site is easy to manoeuvre and provides useful information about correctional nursing and how to improve the inmates’ behaviour. It is a good site for correctional nurses to visit and get not only inspiration but also feel appreciated.

Marijke: Nurse Turned Writer

This blog, written by a nurse, explains health care issues that are important to non-health care professionals, as well as health care professionals. The blog is informative, well written, and easy to read, with concepts explained in a simple manner so even someone who does not have a health care background will be able to follow it. The blog provides interesting and valuable information not only for health care professionals but also for people looking for answers about illnesses and preventive medicine.

The Makings of a Nurse

This blog is about a nurse and her experiences, both professional and personal. The blog is funny and has a lot of stories about how she deals with aging, her work, and her life. It is a very good blog with a lot of insight on how she deals with night shifts, tending to patients, and working up the confidence for dealing with other aspects of her life.

The Nursing Show – For Nurses by Nurses

This site provides articles and podcasts, covering the latest news about nursing and health care developments. The site has a number of articles about nursing practices and has many top nurses as guests in their episodes. The site also provides information about moving to a better, more sustainable future; popular topics that include the advantages of smart cars, walking, and the importance of nature for children, are covered in an articulate manner. Practicing nurses and nursing students will find this site very useful.

Registered Nurse RN

What do you do if you want to become a nurse? Is it a good career option and what are the salaries and opportunities you will have? This site provides answers to these and similar questions, as well as personal experiences of practicing nurses. It also provides news and updates in the nursing world. Students that are considering nursing as a possible career choice and student nurses will find this site very useful. Practicing nurses will also find a lot of updates about their profession.

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