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25 Teaching Blogs That Look Set To Inspire A Generation

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Little Miss Hypothesis – Lessons from the Science Lab

This brilliant blog of a science teachers lessons gives some great ideas and insight into unusual and exciting ways to teach young children about science, with a hands-on and interactive approach. It is very reader friendly, has a lot of images showing how the children responded, and has many great ideas to share for interactive lessons; as well as recommending good resources to use in a classroom situation, from simple labelling worksheets to useful age-appropriate books. The blog is bright and colourful, written in a very engaging manner.

The Science Penguin

A bright, colourful and cheerful blog of a science teacher who offers an insight into both the personal and professional life of a teacher. This blog is a brilliant resource for worksheets and information sheets that other teachers can use for their classes; all of which are very cute and engaging for young children and offer some good information for them too. It also offers some interesting science games and ideas to keep children entertained and quiet throughout lessons.

Teach Science Right – Home

This blog is well organised and updated very regularly. It looks good and offers many great pieces of information as well as links to free resources and current information. The written content is good, with posts on many subjects which will provide entertainment for hours. It is a brilliant place to check for fast, accurate information; as well as an honest opinion on many subjects. Included resource links are very useful, and kept in an easy to understand and easy to navigate style.

Making Science Fun | Official Blog for Steve Spangler

There is a wealth of information available on this blog, from science experiments to smart toys for children; basically everything science related is on here. The blog is engaging and easy to read, and the content is updated very regularly, with a new experiment being written about every week. The entries written are often by guest writers; however they are all very entertaining and interesting to read, allowing for even more new ideas in one area, and a bigger pool of resources to choose from.

ScienceFix – Science Fix

With many experiments explained in detail on this blog, it can be used as a brilliant resource for new ideas and experiments to try with students. It also offers innovative alternatives to some current ideas, allowing students to interact and share science ideas amongst each other, allowing learning to be both fun and engaging. An excellent science teacher’s blog; interesting and full of useful ideas and information as well as some helpful videos and resources.

sciencegeekgirl.com – explorations and inspirations… in how we learn science

This is a cheerful, exciting blog following the story of a successful business woman who has dabbled in many careers including education. It is well designed and easy to navigate, giving it a very welcoming feel. The blog offers an extensive array of information and insight into many different topics, all delivered in a very engaging style of writing. There are many resources available through this interesting blog, aimed at teenage children and higher.

Fiendishlyclever | Fiendishlyclever Science Teaching ideas and resources from Rob Butler

A world of free resources are available through this blog, as well as teaching tips and many ideas on how to check students are learning the course information properly with a number of different techniques. This blog is clear and well-written, offering help with teaching children to understand the necessary information, not just getting them to memorise it. An excellent collection of insight, information and free resources; he is also very active with social media discussions on new ways to teach.


An amazing blog, for both resources and general interesting information available. Not just a science teacher, but also a role model for many, the blog reflects this very well as it covers both personal and professional scenarios; capturing the reader’s attention and drawing them in post after post. With some amazing information posted for teachers, either in training or already in a school it is well worth a few hours of reading time.

Science Gal

This blog is an ideal resource for teachers looking for an abundance of advice, information and explanation. The blog is descriptive, explaining many different aspects of her classes and how she keeps children involved and entertained, including links to many resources with innovative programs to keep kids focused and enjoying every science class. The blog is very easy to understand and offers many helpful hints, tips and new ideas.

Science Notebooking

With many ideas to get a class more interested and involved with a topic in the classroom, this science blog could give many teachers new ideas on how to keep their classes focused and interested – keeping the class entertained whilst still doing work and being sufficiently informed and challenged. It offers links to some very useful resources, and does so with a simple and easy to follow layout. Many new ideas and suggestions can be found here.

Teach Science (.net) | Because Science is Cool

Some brilliant teaching stories can be found here, sure to resonate with other teachers experiences of teaching, especially those specialising in science. Each story here is interesting but has a good reasoning behind the story, promoting teachers to not ‘over-teach’ their classes but allow them to be hands on and learn from their own mistakes. An excellent place to read engaging stories, and find new exciting ways to keep children focused and entertained.

Teaching Science and Math

This blog is a seemingly endless supply of amazing advice for teachers – not just science and math teachers, but any subject. It offers new ways to approach a classroom scenario, especially directed at classes that are underperforming, or struggling to complete homework assignments. Many different approaches are discussed on this blog, giving both teacher and students a new outlook on how things can be done in the classroom. A brilliant blog to browse through for new approaches to not-so-new issues.

Physics & Physical Science Demos, Labs, & Projects for High School Teachers

The general information on this blog is quite in-depth, but it gives many ideas for moving classrooms into the 21st century – offering activities and suggestions for fun new ideas to keep children motivated and interested. It also offers an extensive collection of physics resources for teachers in that education area, these resources are also suitable for parents or students looking for a little extra help with their science understanding.

The Art of Teaching Science

This blog offers many resources for education in the form of suggested books, and appears to follow current events with a great interest. It gives ideas involving current events to teachers, allowing a lot more coverage of current global issues in a classroom scenario than many classes may have. It can be used as a source to ensure science lessons are kept relevant and to give ideas to teachers about interesting new facts to introduce to students, allowing students to feel as though they are constantly learning more about the world around them.


A very current look at science, with a blog of science events attended, offering ideas and resources learnt at these places for anyone who could not attend. The blog posts are concise and to the point, allowing any readers to easily understand information being explained. It focuses on chemistry, but many of the ideas portrayed and points made could be applied to any classroom to further the learning and teaching experience.

The Skeptical Teacher

This is a very smart, witty look at science teaching, with an interesting and involving writing style. The blog contents are varied but always interesting, and there are a number of good resources and links to other blogs to help readers find their ideal information. It offers some interesting ideas to get students more involved in science and many ideas on how to keep a child’s attention span on the teaching and information at hand.

Just Call Me Ms Frizzle

Many amazing and accessible ideas are looked at on this blog, with an interesting writing style and pictures to accompany it for those with a less active imagination. The blog contains a host of resources and ideas for keeping children excited by learning and ways to keep them very well-behaved. This blog should not be missed for teachers who want their pupils to be interactive and have fun within the classroom.

Using Blogs in Science Education

An insightful and interesting blog, showing how teachers can really interact with students and help give them confidence and self-belief. It offers many ideas for the classroom, and gives many examples of how students can begin to feel more at ease and relaxed in the classroom, allowing them to perform better and concentrate more on the work at hand without worry. A brilliant blog or motivation inside and outside the classroom.

SuperFly Physics | Physics questions, ideas, hare-brained schemes

This blog seems to focus around ideas for lessons to help children easily understand a subject, as well as fun ways to get them involved and stay involved. It discusses many issues faced in the classroom by teachers, and discusses ways around these – allowing less stress for the teacher involved and much more fun for the class. The contents of the blog vary in the level of seriousness implied, some are much more humorous than others, but it is a good blog for advice.

Tearing Down Walls

The main focus of this blog is on getting technology into classrooms much more than it currently is, suggesting ideas and ways in which it can be used to benefit both the class and the teacher. It also offers some invaluable information on current conference events within teaching, and offers teachers some good resources to use. Also, it includes some very interesting blogs specifically for certain classes the blogger teaches.

Science Teacher

This blog has many interesting subjects discussed, many of which come with interesting stories or tales which make the reading experience very enjoyable. It is an easily understandable blog, and another blog which is easy to find comparisons to scenarios the reader may have previously found themselves involved in. It is quite a reflective blog site, but that adds to its reading appeal, keeping the reader engrossed in the stories being told.

The Blog of Phyz

A regularly updated blog with interesting information discussed and many interesting and useful resources linked. With some blog posts containing in-depth information and others being much more basic, it will deliver interesting reads or information links time after time – a place to visit when new ideas and new resources e needed with plenty of visual aids available.

Swans on Tea

This blog offers a very interesting look at teaching subjects, written in a very engaging manner. It has a very simple, easy to navigate interface and offers new ideas and resources in almost every post – boasting entertaining and interesting subject matter. The resources that it includes are all very useful, and it offers many lesson ideas for teachers who want to try a different approach to their normal teaching style.

Action-Reaction | Reflections on the dynamics of teaching

Many ideas here are very good, and will be exceptionally useful in a classroom situation. Suggesting the students themselves prove they have good understanding of a subject by leaving them to their own means, allowing the teacher to easily see who is struggling and who understands the subjects in question. The blog is interesting and offers some resources for teachers to use in their classrooms, and to further the points being made in the writing and the readers understanding.

Jacobs Physics

This blog offers suggestions on ensuring students are understanding everything they need to know for exams, or as part of the course, whilst still keeping them interested and engaged. There are many resources offered here, as well as ideas on interactive learning, and exciting new ways to get children involved in the lessons and the learning. It also has some posts that suggest challenges to set for students to ensure they understand the curriculum being taught.

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