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25 Yoga Sites That Set The Standard For 2013

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My Yoga Online

A fabulous high quality website, My Yoga Online will meet the needs of even the most discerning of yoga lovers. With stacks of great information on practicing yoga (both written guides and video lessons) the site also includes a trove of articles on living a healthier lifestyle. Combine this with a news section that doesn’t miss a beat, a community of lively yogis, and an area dedicated to yoga music – and you’ve got a website that has something for just about everyone.

Yoga Journal

Whatever your age or ability level, the Yoga Journal will have something for you. A rich resource for information, its easy to navigate pages have everything covered. With a ‘poses’ section explaining a vast variety of yoga techniques; from poses and stretches, to entire sequences; as well as a video section with tutorials and lessons to help you. What’s more there’s also a health area covering well being and holistic healing, along with a ‘wisdom’ section – which touches on the more philosophical and spiritual side of yoga. If that wasn’t enough, their regularly updated blog offers plenty in the way of worthwhile yoga-related reading!

Curvy Yoga

As featured in the Yoga Journal and Vogue, Curvy Yoga has become quite the sensation – empowering and inspiring women everywhere. The curvaceous lady at the helm of all of this positive energy is Anna Guest-Jelley; who believes that women of every age, shape and size should grab life by the curves – and not let go! Curvy Yoga, as the name suggests is a type of yoga developed and targeted towards the curvier woman. Anna’s website provides all the information on getting involved in her exciting brand of yoga, as well as a blog – providing updates on the organisation along with beautifully written articles; offering much positivity, inspiration, advice and guidance. The website as a whole shares the same flair for female empowerment that Curvy Yoga has become known for. Definitely worth a visit!

Chelsea Loves Yoga

Atlanta based yoga instructor, Chelsea Jackson, runs this colourful blog which has a particular focus on yoga within our communities and the effect that it has on the individuals who practice it. Her ‘Yogi in the Community’ posts share the profiles and personal stories of yoga enthusiasts from all over the country, discussing the benefits and positive influence yoga has had upon their lives. With contributions made by guest posters as well as Chelsea herself, her blog also offers advice when it comes to practicing yoga, along with a few philosophical views on life. All in all, this is a very positive and inspirational blog.

Om Shanti: A Yoga Blog

Om Shanti is certainly a worthwhile visit for any yoga enthusiast. Offering demonstration videos showing a variety of techniques, stretches and poses for both beginners and the more experienced, a news section with all the latest yoga-related news, a product review section (reviewing books, videos, and equipment) and if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a fantastic blog. With posts on a variety of topics from embarrassing moments in yoga class, to yoga etiquette 101 – it’s all there!

Damn Good Yoga

Specializing in Ashtanga, this is the blog of yoga instructor Megan Walker. Sharing her thoughts life along with her personal yoga journey, Megan takes a somewhat philosophical view on things, making her blog a positive read for any yoga enthusiast. With advice on Ashtanga yoga itself and a post or two on healthy living, Megan’s blog makes for a calming and inspiring read.

The Yoga Blog

The Yoga Blog’s tagline is ‘Life through the yoga lense’ – which certainly sums up what they’re all about. With all the latest yoga-related news headlines alongside a regular ‘world news’ page, The Yoga Blog will keep you well informed. As well as this, the product review, spirituality, poetry and humour sections will keep you advised, guided and entertained. If that wasn’t enough, there are plenty of informative and educational articles on practicing yoga itself too. An online mecca for yoga junkies, this is a great one to add to your favourites.

Daily Cup of Yoga

This lively high quality blog is a collaborative effort from a group of authors, all with the common goal of providing enlightening information and resources for yoga enthusiasts everywhere. With sections for practicing yoga and meditation, books and videos, and news and events – there’s plenty on here for any self-confessed yogi addict to get their teeth into. Get your daily cup!

Yoga Bloom – Cora Wen

Cora Wen is an international expert on yoga therapy, having taught throughout the United States, Asia and Thailand – and with over two decades of experience, she certainly knows her stuff. Her fantastic blog shares her expertise, advice and guidance when it comes to the practice of yoga, the philosophy that surrounds it, and her thoughts and beliefs on life.

Bernadette Birney: it’s about yoga

Positive muse and yoga instructor, Bernadette Birney, credits yoga for improving her life massively and believes that it can do the same for everyone – if they go about it in the right way. Her website has all the information on her down-to-earth, laid back and ‘yoga-‘tude free zone’ Connecticut classes and coaching services, along with information on the practice of yoga itself. Her personal blog shares her thoughts on life and the world around her, yoga guidance and musings, healthy living advice, and the goings on within the yoga community.


Yoganonymous state their personal mission is “to provide the most legit resources for the modern day yoga practitioner” – and they do just that. With a treasure trove of reliable, high quality information on their pages, Yoganonymous is a fantastic one-stop site. What’s more, there’s also a regularly updated blog contributed to by a variety of yoga enthusiasts and professional instructors; with articles covering all areas of yoga – from news and events, through to practice, lifestyle, and wellness.

Five Points Yoga

Boston yoga teacher, Barrett Lauck Reinhorn, runs yoga classes for prenatal women. Her website hosts all the information on her classes, along with a store selling audio yoga lessons especially catered to pregnant women. As well as offering advice and guidance, her blog details the yoga stories of many women who attend her classes, from their introduction into prenatal yoga through to the birth of their ‘yoga babies’. A great go-to for pregnant yoga enthusiasts.

Compass Yoga

Founded by certified yoga therapist Christa, Compass Yoga is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the health of their members through the power of both yoga and meditation. Their website has all the details on their classes in New York, as well as a blog that rounds up all the latest yoga-related headlines from a variety of quality news sources.

Anacostia Yoga

Yoga instructor Sariane Leigh is all about promoting a more holistic and healthy neighbourhood. Based in Washington DC, her website has all the necessary information on her classes and programs, as well as her proactive healthy-living blog; which looks at yoga within her community, as well as physical and mental health as a whole.


A collaborative effort from three experienced yoga experts, YogaDork is a great source of reading for anyone obsessed with yoga. Taking a light hearted angle on the latest yoga news, yoga within the media, celebrity practitioners, and industry tidbits; YogaDork always has something interesting to share. Along with informative and educational articles on the practice of yoga, you might just learn something too.

Aura Wellness Center

The Aura Wellness Center is a family run business and one that boasts their very own yoga master – Dr Paul Jerard. With a website that offers plenty of enlightening resources (with Paul Jerard having written over 1000 articles on yoga, meditation and holistic health himself over the years) you can be sure that the information you find here comes from a reliable source. With all the details on their center and stacks of e-courses and e-books to explore, they certainly have plenty on offer.

Cowgirl Yoga

Blogger ‘Cowgirl’ describes herself as a city-girl fashionista turned eco-conscious outdoorsy type, through the influence of both motherhood and yoga. Living amongst the stunning scenery of Montana, the articulate Cowgirl shares her unwaning enthusiasm for all things yoga related, as well as thoughtful musings on life as she knows it.

It’s All Yoga Baby

Yoga enthusiast Roseanne Harvey runs her blog with the intention of investigating the relationship between yoga, the body and popular culture. Taking a feminist approach, that is both sex-positive and gay-friendly, she covers yoga, weight loss, and body image – and life, amongst other things! With varied and engaging topics, her blog is certainly a great one to visit.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama Yoga at Home

Specializing in the practice of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Krama at home, this blogger shares both his enthusiasm for both yoga and a healthier lifestyle. With plenty of advice and information on his chosen practices, with a free downloads section offering detailed tutorials on various poses, routines and sequences; there’s plenty on offer for anyone looking for guidance with their yoga.

Semperviva Yoga

The vibrant website of Semperviva Yoga. Based in Vancouver, you can find all the details on their classes, courses and yoga retreats; as well as a brilliant section for beginners thinking of taking up yoga for the first time. Their community gallery hosts pictures and videos of their workshops and courses, as well as sharing success stories from various students they’ve taught over the years. With a blog made up of contributions from their team, you can find some fabulous articles on a variety of topics geared towards a life of wellness, both body and soul.

Storytime Yoga

Storytime Yoga is an organisation dedicated to bringing yoga to kids – in a fun, creative and educational way. Their website has all the information for introducing Storytime Yoga into your children’s lives, as well as an online store where you can purchase audio and video kits in order to get started. Their blog keeps parents up to date with all the latest developments, alongside informative articles on children’s health and the benefits of having yoga in their lives.

Yoga for Healthy Aging

A collaborative effort, this brilliant blog sees regular contributions from a handful of qualified individuals. With articles written by healthcare professionals, PhD’s, aging experts, and of course yoga experts; it’s both a trusted and high quality source of information. As the name suggests, their primarily goal is to encourage and enlighten aging individuals when it comes to enjoying the benefits of yoga, in the safest way possible. The articles themselves take an educational approach on well being, with guidance and tips for practicing yoga, insightful articles on age-related health issues, and achieving better well-being in both body and mind. With information on a number of classes around America, the website also supplies free audio tracks to download.

Spoiled Yogi

This blogger, mother, self confessed ‘spoiled yogi’ (having always had the opportunity to indulge in her passion), and former online editor for ‘Yoga Journal’ magazine; shares her journey towards contentment and trying to ‘navigate yoga in the real world’. With posts on the practice of yoga itself, her experiences, along with product reviews, and many thoughts on life – Spoiled Yogi makes for a light hearted, down-to-earth and enjoyable read.


J. Brown, yoga instructor and founder of Abhyasa Yoga Center in Brooklyn, NY, shares his thoughts on all things yoga and life in his thoroughly engaging blog. Having written for various yoga publications and websites before, he’s no stranger to communicating his expertise. With a natural focus on all things yoga, along with his philosophical views on life, J. Brown’s words are certainly worth reading.

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