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31 Authority Sources of Infertility Advice and Information

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1. Coming to Terms

Coming to Terms is a blog by the award-winning author, Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos. She has managed to turn her infertility problem into a source of literary inspiration, which resulted in the candid novel, Silent Sorority. Her blog and book help readers to understand the pain of infertility and the strain it can put on relationships, plus how to deal with the problem and face its realities. Her book is a demonstration for people of how they can turn pain into something creative.

2. The Two Week Wait

The Two Week Wait is a blog written by a freelance writer based in New York City, who while working and writing is also trying to get pregnant. It is a slice of life blog where a woman is trying to balance all those things while keeping her sanity and her sense of humour. It is aimed at both men and women who want to read about a person’s life and her struggles, but also who want to take inspiration from her never say die attitude and laughing is mandatory.

3. From IF to When

From IF to When follows Katie from Florida who had to go through the agony of infertility with her husband Joey. Katie found out she was infertile nine months after getting married and has since tried surgery and IUIs, but to no avail. This blog shows how a couple can survive the pain and can stay together. It shows how sometimes it is best to forego IVF for the same of love and to try adoption instead. The website is well presented and an inspiration to anyone.

4. Single Infertile Female

Full title: Single Infertile Female: Now What? The blog follows a lady who is both infertile and single. The blog follows several streams of thought ranging from the problems of dating knowing you are infertile and that the man you might fall in love with could want children, to the trials and tribulations of trying to become pregnant while still single. This includes experience of failing IVF cycles and realizing the costs of such procedures in America.

5. The Infertility Voice

Founded by Keiko Zoll, the Infertility Voice was designed to become an online resource for people who are infertile and are seeking support and compassion. The mission is to remove the shame aspects of infertility and to bring about more understanding of the problems it causes. The site is full of information about infertility, embracing hope as an infertile person, speaking about the problem, how to make a difference and how to access the books Keiko has written on the subject.

6. So Close

So Close is the personal website of Tertia, who lives in Cape Town, South Africa. This is the remarkable tale of a woman who managed to fall pregnant with twins after her 9th round of IVF, yes, 9th, proving that sometimes hope will win out. Not only is this site inspirational, it also shows how people around the world can help others by setting up egg donor and surrogacy programs where none exist before. Follow Tertia’s story and then learn to forge your own path.

7. Womb For Improvement

It might be a deliciously bad pun, but Womb for Improvement shows that some can have a humorous take on the problem of female infertility. The blog follows one woman’s attempt to get pregnant since 2006. It follows IUIs and IVFs and the trauma of a short lived pregnancy. Despite all this, she has kept a typically British sense of humour and if you are looking for something less serious, but still important on the topic, this is the blog for you. Be prepared for bullet point lists!
8. A Little Pregnant

8. A Little Pregnant

A Little Pregnant follows Julie, who is married and from New England. She has been through a lot to get pregnant and has managed to come through it with her son Charlie. This has included four rounds of IVF, a miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy and a premature birth. No matter what stage of infertility you are at, Julie’s blog shows that sometimes it can be worth all the pain and hassle to finally get pregnant and have children.

9. Stirrup Queens

Stirrup Queens is a blog by Mel, short for Melissa, who conceived her twins via fertility treatments and writes about them on her blog. This site is not just about being infertile and trying to have children via treatments – and the stresses and strains that produces – but about bringing up those children at the same time as trying to conceive a third. The site is full of inspiring posts, useful information, great quotes and also information on Mel’s book on the subject.

10. Making Me Mom

Making Me Mom follows the story of a woman trying to become pregnant. It starts with being unable to conceive then takes her through three years of surgeries, infertility treatments and the adoption process before the miracle of being pregnant and life as a mother. Truly inspiring to see how someone can struggle through all that and come out the other side as a mother.

11. Fertility Lab Insider

The Fertility Lab Insider is a blog designed by someone who has a personal and professional interest in the baby making process with regards to fertility treatments. Written by the director of an IVF laboratory for 15 years, the blog speaks with genuine knowledge on the subject matter. This is a powerful resources, which is full of information and advice, but as the writer states, it is a guide and not a substitute for official medical advice.

12. Chapters

Chapters/Amwalk21, follows the life of military brat, Amy Walker from Texas who married an Alabama native after eloping. The blog follows years of effort trying to get fertility treatment, changing jobs, moving states four times and settling down in Alabama. It follows their creation of “custom daughter” LC and life with their two lovely Labradors. This is an inspiring and cosy blog that lets you know how it is and has a happy ending too.

13. Crazy Lady Ramblings

Crazy Lady Ramblings is a blog that follows Rebecca is 26, married and childless. This blog documents the life of a slightly eccentric, always caring and never boring infertile woman as she traverses the universe of family building. It is full of interesting comments and opinions, plus information about life. It shows that life goes on and that someone is not defined solely by their infertility. This is a great general slice of life blog fit for all.
14. 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility

14. 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility

999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility does pretty much what it says on the tin, even if it was conceived on the toilet. The blog follows one person’s attempts to look on the lighter side of life while dealing with infertility. While it never mocks the pain and problems of infertility itself, the blog is a light hearted way of dealing with the problems that come with it. As the blog tries to say, sometimes it really is best to try to find the funny side.

15. Meier Madness

Meier Madness is a slice of life blog that follows the heartache and never say die determination of a 30-something with PCOS who is trying to remain pregnant. She has gone through clomid cycles, failed injectables, two IVFs, FET failure and more. As the blog is written she is pregnant again and also looking after a husband, two cats, a neurotic dog and enjoying her interests in chocolate and wine. This just shows you should never give up and should keep remembering the good things in life.

16. Bereaved and Blessed

Bereaved and Blessed follows the life story of Kathy. She suffered from secondary infertility or SIF, which strikes after already having one child. The blog follows the tough and tragic attempts for her to have a second child as well as bringing up the first. During this, after assisted reproductive technology cycles she became pregnant only to miscarry after 29 week, but she continued trying and now has a daughter to go with her elder son.

17. A New Kind of Normal

Through A New Kind of Normal, the blog writer hopes to provide encouragement to people with a chronic illness and show that despite all the problems, you can still enjoy a fulfilling life. The site also has a collective set of personal goals called Sharing Our Spoons or SOS, which are monthly targets that are physical, mental, spiritual, something fun and an out of your comfort zone bonus. The site has a blog, resources and more.

18. A Well Adjusted Pessimist

The Well Adjusted Pessimist is an army wife who has moved around more times that she would like, but remembers them through her Amazon addresses. She is a massage therapist and is using the website as a means of expressing herself and recording her thoughts during the long journey towards conception. This blog is great for people who are just starting out on the fertility bandwagon as she calls it and are looking for people in a similar boat.

19. Barren Mare

Barren Mare is a blog about a woman’s struggle through infertility and being barren. It contains the main blog, plus pages on a range of topics like how staying home saved her marriage and caught red handed. There is also an archives page. This is a good slice of life page.

20. Serenity Now

Serenity Now is a blog about a couple and their miracle son. The blog was written by the mother, who is an accountant and runner, who went through three surgeries, three IVF cycles and three failed FETs they finally conceived their son. Not content, they then took two years to do another five FETs and three more IVFs in an attempt to make a sibling. This blog shows that for some people, never giving up does pay off.

21. Everyone Else But Me

Everyone Else But Me is an Irish blog that follows an emotion familiar to many infertile couples, people around you are getting pregnant, but not you. The blog writer has suffered a lot, against all odds the ICSI and FET cycles ended up with not one, but two ectopic pregnancies and a hysteroscopy to remove scar tissue that left her tubeless, but she was still able to conceive baby Oliver and the site tracks her journey to finally having the child she wanted.

22. Infertility Overachievers

Having got married after a long distance relationship due to her husband-to-be being in the army, the Infertility Overachievers started having miscarriages. The blog follows her journey through Clomid, Femara and IUI. After a long struggle they became pregnant, not once, not twice, but three times and the third time was twins. Follow their remarkable and inspiring journey on this site.

23. Naturally Knocked Up

This is a personal blog about the role of healthy living and natural remedies to help people conceive children. It looks at the way such lifestyle choices can improve the chances of conception. The site contains a wealth of information about super foods for fertility, traditional diets and nutrients, foods to avoid, preconception diets and lots more. There are recipes, a blog, resources, shop and a contact page. The writer, Donielle, has also written a book that might be worth reading.

24. This Cross I Embrace

For many people religion plays an important part in life and with conception or infertility, this is no different. This Cross I Embrace is a Catholic site and blog about infertility. The blog follows a Catholic woman’s journey through treatments such as NaPro Technology, FCP and RDMS. It also follows her struggles with adoption and fostering, where she has been rejected for those too. This is heartbreaking and is a site not just for Catholics.

25. In Vitro Fertility Goddess

The In Vitro Fertility Goddess is both the name of the web site and of a book by the author of the same name. It follows the emotional as well as the physical struggles of an infertile woman in a world where fertility is celebrated by the sisterhood, but infertility is shunned and not talked about. The aim of the book and the blog is to empower women who have gone through the fertility trials she has.

26. New Hope Fertility Center

This is the blog site for the New Hope Fertility Center, which offers up to date information and news on fertility techniques and developments. The center itself has an associated website that can be clicked through to from the blog site. It offers a wealth of options and background information on techniques and how they work as well as professional services to help couples conceive. The site contains resources and success stories.

27. The Dragondreamer’s Lair

The Dragondreamer’s Lair is a blog filled with random thoughts on infertility, parenting and the authors crazy life. It is a slice of life blog with a fantasy tinge (especially if you like dragons) and contains information on yearly book challenges and writing. This is a good blog for looking at life as a whole and not just as a person with infertility.

28. Genea

This blog is written by staff members and doctors associated with Genea, World leaders in fertility. They welcome comments and debate on the subject of fertility. The blog is associated with the medical website based in Sydney, Australia. It includes information on the company and also on the fertility industry and new technologies or developments. Worth reading whether you are Australian or not.

29. Aerotropolitan Comitissa

Aerotropolitan Comitissa or Infertile Fantasies is a personal blog by a couple who grew up in Australia and have spent time in Britain, Singapore and China. After marrying young it was not until later that they decided to try and have children, only nothing happened. The blog follows their attempts to get pregnant and then try for adoption in Singapore. Yet, the treatments worked and they were able to conceive their first child. It is about the life of parents and wanderers looking for a more certain future.

30. The Fertile Soul

The Fertile Soul looks to treat infertility through therapeutic programs rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. The website contains a wealth of information on these subjects and includes a shopping cart, retreat experience information, phone consulting options, diagnosis & information, methods & treatment, an about page, FAQs, testimonials, contact pages and resources, plus information on local practitioners and events. An interesting alternative for people to consider when trying to conceive.

31. Maybe Baby Blog

Most fertility blogs are written by women. Maybe it is because the treatments affect them most, because it is easier for women to talk about infertility than men or because there is more of a need to talk about it, but this is a blog with a difference. It is written by Matthew M. F. Miller and follows the journey his wife and he took towards getting pregnant via IVF. The site is a slice of life blog plus there are two books to look at, one autobiographical and the a guide for dads and pregnancy.

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