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32 of the Very Best Downs Syndrome Blogs

1. Kelle Hampton

Kelle Hampton’s blog began as a place to combine her writing and photography, plus life as a new mother. The blog took a new direction when she gave birth to her second daughter, who it turned out had Down Syndrome . Based in Florida, this blog is good for new mothers who are coming to terms with their child’s syndrome and also people looking to get into photography. It contains a general FAQ section and a Photography FAQ section plus a special page for newbies.

2. Not a Perfect Mom’s Blog

Not a Perfect Mom’s Blog is run by a stay at home mother of four children. The youngest child has Down syndrome and the blog reflects the author’s take on life trying to cope with four kids and especially Brooke who has Downs. As well as covering one person’s life as a mother and coping with the children, the blog reviews a range of products for mother’s with humour ever present.

3. Seal Bark

Seal Bark is a family blog about a couple’s six children. One of these children is a nine year old with Down syndrome. It is a regularly updated blog filled with travel news, photographs, adventures, accomplishments, information about Down syndrome and events such as world Down syndrome day. This blog is good for parents who not only have a child with Down syndrome, which is a challenge unto itself, but also for families who are trying to balance caring for other kids as well who do not have the syndrome.

4. Lila’s Miracle Life

Lila’s Miracle Life combines poetry and photography in the main blog. The site is dedicated to the couple’s daughter with Down syndrome Lila. Apart from poetry and photographs in the main blog, the website has a page introducing the family’s down syndrome journey, an advocacy page, a health and wellness page, a page on gluten free foods and lifestyles, plus a page on sensory processing disorder. A very useful site to help people learn more about life as a parent to a child with Down syndrome.

5. Little Wonders Heather

Little Wonders Heather follows the remarkable life of Zoey. This regularly updated blog by parents of six. Their youngest child, Zoey, has Down syndrome and the blog follows not just her life since she was born in 2007, but of the rest of the family too. The blog charts the family’s life, Zoey’s story, their friends, some inspiring quotes and a section entitled “the Beginning and Beyond” that marks the milestone of each of her birthdays.

6. Jaxson’s Fight

Jaxon’s Fight follows a little girl called Anna who was born with Down syndrome in the Ukraine. She was soon given up for adoption by her mother and found her way to America where she was adopted. It also follows the family’s child Jaxon, who was also born with Down syndrome. This site offers real inspiration to those with a down syndrome baby as they see a couple raise two.

7. Living Life with Es

Named after the two Es, Ethan and Emily, Living Life With Es follows the adventures of a mother of two children. Ethan was born perfectly fine, but Emily was born with down syndrome. The simple blog is updated on a regular basis and includes posts on topics such as attending the National Down Syndrome Conference in America as well as the problems facing down syndrome kids such as cancer.

8. Baby Number 10

Baby Number 10 is a blog of two parts. The first part contains the main blog, which is updated on a regular basis and follows the life of Patti and Sam who have 10 children. Their tenth child, Lily Anne, was born with Down syndrome and the blog is dedicated to her life. The second part of the blog is a four part story chronicling Lilly Anne’s birth. It is inspirational reading for any parent.

9. Simeon’s Trail

Run by Tara and Shawn, who are an occupational therapist and a stay at home dad. With seven children, their second youngest Simeon, has Down syndrome and as the blog develops they are in the process of trying to adopt a child with Down from Serbia. Containing reports, thoughts, photographs and more this blog proves it is good to share and show how life can be normal no matter the problem.

10. Starr Life

Starr Life or Life Decanted as the banner says, is about a married working mother with an eleven year old daughter with Down syndrome. The blog is about being a mother and also about life in general. It covers a range of topics from cats to music, reading and writing. There is also a page with some photos of flowers and a blogroll of sites to check out if you have the time.

11. Swiss Family Carter

The Swiss Family Carter brings together an American, a Brit and Switzerland. The couple met in Luxembourg and have two children, the youngest of whom has Down syndrome. The blog began in Switzerland before the birth of their youngest and developed as they moved again to Bondi Beach in Australia. The blog contains information on Guernsey, Bondi Beach and the life of the Carter family including their many travels and travails. The blog is very personal and illuminating.

12. The Amazing Ella Grace

Kacey Bode’s blog, The Amazing Ella Grace began when Kacey’s life was turned upside down with the birth of Ella Grace, her down syndrome second child. This blog is picture happy and chart’s Ella Grace’s journey from birth to her final day of preschool and beyond. If you are looking for an intimate look at how special life can be with a child with Down syndrome and are looking for inspiration, this is the place to go.

13. The Blessing of Verity

With a family of 11, Joe and Susanna have created The Blessing Of Verity in honour of their daughter Verity who was born with a hole in the heart and Down syndrome. The committed Christian family have posted regular updates on Verity’s life from the first time their discovered her heart problem and onwards. Since then they have also adopted Katerina from Bulgaria and provide information on Bulgarian adoptions. This is a very eloquent portrait of a family.

14. The Chilli Tribe

The Chilli Tribe at the heart of this blog comprises six children, the youngest of whom has Down syndrome. Inspired by the birth of Russell in 2009, the blog follows the family’s life as it was changed forever with Russell’s birth. Full of pictures and insight into an ordinary family’s life, it is an inspiration for anyone wanting to learn how life can change in an instant, but it does not have to change for the worse.

15. The Flege Farm

Founded by Amy Flege, the Flege Farm blog is about Amy and her daughter Mayson who was born with an extra chromosome. Seen as a blessing to her family, Mayson’s life has been charted in this affecting blog, which covers not just Mayson, but the rest of the Flege family too. It is full of valuable life lessons and for parents of child with Down syndromeren looking for a little advice and inspiration.

16. Unringing the Bell

Unringing the Bell is a blog is a continuation of a blog from Blogger, but now on Typad. Updated on a regular basis, the blog follows the life of a mother with a child with Down syndrome as they grow up. It is a place for a person to focus their thoughts and memories and provides an excellent platform to help other parents do the same thing. In addition to this it follows the writer’s artistic interests and a little fiction.

17. All Are Precious in His Sight

Get your tissues ready for this heart warming blog. All Precious in His Sight concerns a very special gift. Not just looking after a child with Down syndrome, but going to another country to rescue an orphan with Down syndrome, take them home and nurse them to health again. This is the story of this blog, how a malnourished boy struck lucky with his adoptive family from across the world. This is a family blog with plenty of pictures and insights into life helping an orphan have a better life.

18. Bridget’s Light

Bridget’s Light is a blog following the early life of a down syndrome girl called Bridget. The blog later merged with another one being run by the same family called Loving Alina when they adopted Alina from abroad. Alina, like Bridget, was born with Down syndrome. As well as running the blog, the owners are more than happy to answer any questions people may want to ask about bringing up a child with Down syndrome.

19. Bringing The Sunshine

Bringing the Sunshine is a blog website run by Andi and is about her life, her husband and her two children. Her youngest, Nathan has Down syndrome. The site is full of regular blog updates about the family’s life including their rescued schnoodle. It also contains an about page, a meet the family page, a range of sunny topics pages on subjects such as friendship and thoughts, two pages about their photography hobby and an FAQ section.

20. Cheryl Ruby’s Life

The youngest of eleven children, Ruby has Down syndrome and this fact inspired her parents to start a website to chart her life as she grows up. The site contains regularly updated blog posts with photographs, thoughts and ideas as well as many heart warming videos that give parents to new born or newly adopted child with Down syndromeren plenty of hope. A month by month post finder helps readers chart the story from the very beginning.

21. Conny Wenk

Conny Wenk’s site is a bilingual website in both English and German. The blog follows both the ideas and inspirations of Conny herself and her daughter with Down syndrome, Juliana, who was born in 2002. Conny is a massive fan of photography so it is not a surprise to see many wonderful snaps on her well laid out and stylish site. It also contains information on photo sessions, workshops, mentoring, FAQs and internships. It is primarily a site about photography.

22. Down Syndrome Footprint

Down Syndrome Footprint is an organization dedicated to celebrate the lives of people with down syndrome.. Its central tenet is the triangle of advocacy that looks at raising awareness, empowering people with Down syndrome and helping them to find employment. The website contains sections on these three topics plus excellent resource, fundraising, background on down syndrome and other pages for users to read. It also contains a store of products 100% made by people with Down syndrome.


The Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County or DSFOC for short, is an advocacy and education foundation for Down syndrome in Orange County California. It is an excellent resource of information on Down syndrome, on the foundation itself, learning programs and how people can get involved. It is also excellent for helping people start their own foundations in other locations. The site also contains an online store of DSF products and resources for people.

24. Group Hug Apparel

Group Hug Apparel is a clothing company run by Andrew Banar who has Down syndrome. An inspiration to many, Andrew with the help of his mother, runs a blog on the site where he charts his life and his activities within the community. The clothes made by the company are based on Andrew’s doodles, drawings and designs. The site is a fully functioning e-commerce site so take a look and buy a few things.

25. IDSC For Life

IDSC For Life is short for International Down Syndrome Coalition for Life. It is dedicated to helping people with Down syndrome and their families from as soon as it is diagnosed and continuously through their lives. The foundation knows a lot about the condition and about recourses, it is able to help direct people to the right resources. It is open and balanced and not attached to any religious or political view.

26. Lily’s Life is Great

Lily’s Life is Great celebrates the life of Lily, a girl with Down syndrome from her birth to her childhood and beyond. Born in 2000, the blog is not just about her life, but also her faith as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It contains thoughts, emotions, and also a number of resources for people who would like more information on autism, Down syndrome and the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities.

27. My Special KS

My Special KS is blog about five children whose names all begin with the letter K. Written by a military wife it charts the life and times of Kassidy, Kameron, Kennedy, Keeghan and Kellsey alongside issues and thoughts on topics such as down syndrome, leukemia, military deployments and how they affect the family back home and the general chaos of supporting a family of five energetic and diverse kids.

28. Praying for Parker

Praying for Parker is a blog about a young boy called Parker who has Down syndrome. Born premature in Salt Lake City, Parker’s parents have charted the good times and the bad times of looking after Parker and his related medical conditions such as chronic lung disease and a tethered spinal cord. The site contains a wealth of information on frugal living, faith, blenderized diets, special needs homeschooling, sensory tubs, life with special needs and advocacy. A wealth of information for all.

29. The Bates Motel

The Bates Motel is a regularly updated blog about life living with a child with Down syndrome. It charts the ups and downs, good times and bad times and special problems. It also takes a slice of life look at the family as a whole including their pets.

30. Bill and Ria

Bill and Ria is a blog designed to share experiences about life, parenting and Down syndrome. Bill and Ria have two children. Their eldest, Matthew has Down syndrome and the blog charts his life. The goal of the website is to inform people about the challenges and issues, inspire people and to raise awareness about the syndrome. The overriding idea is that Down syndrome should not be a limiter on what a person can or cannot achieve in life.

31. Smith Smiths

The sub-heading for Smith Smiths is “results not typical… proving how fabulous different can be.” As you might expect, it celebrates how different and challenging life is when bringing up a child with Down syndrome. It is a beautifully presented blog that is often updated and contains a wealth of posts covering a wide range of topics related to the condition. Dip in and have a read.

32. Garden of Eagan

Garden of Eagan is a blog about life with a child with Down syndrome. Many blogs are about newborns and very young children. This one covers the life of a slightly older child with Down syndrome and is very interesting for people with older children or who want to look to the future. It includes reports on events such as attending the National Down Syndrome Convention.

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