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34 Eye Care Businesses Setting the Standard

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1. Lakeshore Eye Care

Lakeshore Eye Care hail from Milwaukee and offer a comprehensive eye care service that begins with full eye examinations, which look into every possible problem and solution, and finishes with prescriptions and care. The company are also able to help with glaucoma problems, which affects many people. The website is useful for introducing the company, doctors, staff and services. There is also a page of information specifically for patients to read and maps to help find the clinic.

2. Elemental Eye Care

Elemental Eyecare is not just dedicated to helping children with vision problems, but also helping them to improve their visual skills. Their goal is to provide a meaningful experience that will enable children to develop these visual skills. The designed environment is challenging and also comfortable. The website for this fully integrated vision therapy clinic contains pages concerning services, contacting the company, forms that need filling in and dedicated resources for patients. Definitely worth visiting.

3.EyecCare 20/20

Based in East Hanover, New Jersey, the EyeCare 20/20 clinic has been serving patients for over 20 years. Founded by Cary M. Silverman, the clinic has a number of doctors who specialize in eye care. The website is aimed at customers and potential customers in that area, but is useful for general visitors too. The website contains information on general eye care, media, a blog, contact and services pages, as well as information about the company. The FAQ, Their Stories and resources pages are also worth reading.

4. InFocus Eye Care

InFocus Eye Care are based in Bend, Oregon and specialize in eye care, particularly with cataracts. They offer a bladeless custom LASIK vision correction services, cataract surgery and complete before and after eye care. The company helps people with cataracts have not only better vision, but better lives whether it is playing golf or hunting. The website contains pages on the company, services, practices, a video library, blog, a range of useful testimonials and a lot more.

5. Mozambique Eyecare Project

The Mozambique Eyecare Project is training Mozambique’s first professional optometrists who will provide a sustainable and comprehensive eye-care service as an integral part of the national health system. Mozambique currently has 17 ophthalmologists for a population of approximately 23 million, very few optometrists and few mid level ophthalmic technicians. This site is a great resource for people wanting to help train optometrists in countries and regions where there are very few of them to be found.

6. Primary Eyecare

Primary Eyecare have two practices in the Charlottesville area; one on Barracks Road and the other in the Hollymead Town Center area. Founded by Mike DiGirolamo in 1995, the clinic provides a range of eye care solutions and assessments for patients. Keen to be involved in the community, the clinic’s website details how they help in the local area. The site also contains information on the company such as the doctors and its history, pages on eye care, eyewear, a blog, pages for current patients and employment opportunities.

7. The Eye Care Institute

The Eye Care Institute is a clinic of eye surgeons and physicians based in Louisville, Kentucky, but also operating in the Southern Indiana area. Opened in 1984, the clinic has extracted over 100,000 cataracts and has performed more than 5,000 laser vision corrections. The company offer a wide range of services including LASIK and ReSTOR lenses. You will find this information on their simple website, which includes information on the doctors, contact details and more.

8. Natural Eye Care

Natural EyeCare provides eye care research and eye care information with information on eye disease and vision conditions. The conditions covered by this website include cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, dry eye syndrome, macular degeneration and computer eye strain among others. For anyone with an eye problem or think they might be developing one, this is an important website for people to read or to be read on their behalf. The site contains a wealth of information.

9. Optyx

Optyx is about providing our customers with the quality service they expect, from an experienced and established business in the neighborhoods in which they live and work. Each location utilizes state-of-the-art technology for all your examination and eyewear / lens development requirements. We are fully staffed with finest Doctors of Optometry, opticians and personal styling consultants to cover your every need. The site covers eyewear brands, the Optyx doctors, eye care and how to order lenses.

10. Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes Family Vision Care is an independent Optometry office located in West Park Village, in the Westchase neighborhood of Tampa, FL. Bright Eyes is owned and operated by Dr. Nathan Bonilla-Warford and his wife, Cristina Bonilla-Warford. They offer a full range of services for family eyecare, from infant exams to adult exams, specialized contact lenses, orthokeratology, and vision therapy. The blog contains plenty of patient friendly information, lectures and news.

11. Optix Family Eyecare

This is the second website for Optix Family Eyecare. The first one is a technical website with information for patients and services. This site is a blog designed to provide more information for both patients and prospective patients about the whole process of eye care. It is an educational blog that can benefit both existing patients and those who are purely interested in learning more about their eyes and how to deal with any of the problems that may develop.

12. OZMS

OZMS started off as a blog about Multiple Sclerosis. However, it is now the Australian Multiple Sclerosis’ resource platform, offering information on the disease, events, support networks and medical research. It contains up-to-the-minute news relating to all-things MS, and now runs an RSS feed through the site for MS bloggers, making it a great place to not only track down valuable information, but also to meet people in similar situations.

13. Doctors Vision Center

The Doctors Vision Center website contains all the information a person will need in order to learn about eye related problems. There are basic pages about the company and how to make an appointment along the main bar. This includes pages on office visits, eye doctors and eyeglasses. There are sections on how to find a clinic and how to book an appointment, a promotion and offers page, videos, a digital doctor and pages on specific conditions such as cataracts and dry eyes.

14. Urban Optiques

Located in historic downtown Northville, Urban Optiques offers complete vision health care and one of Metro-Detroit’s most extensive collections of designer eyewear and sunglasses, in a fun, relaxed setting that makes you actually look forward to going to the eye doctor. The website proves that Urban Optiques care about both eye care and fashionable eye wear. The well laid out site offers info, promotions and reviews on both vision care and products such as glasses and contacts. There is even a style section.

15. Total Eyecare

Total Eyecare are an Australian company boasting 240 years worth of combined experience from its team of optometrists. The website lays out the services the company provides, its culture and values, an introduction to the various staff members and its charitable work in the new country of East Timor to the north of Australia. The stylish website includes pages of information on lenses, eyewear, how to find the clinic, contact information, resources and a useful blog with company updates.

16. EyeCare Specialties

EyeCare Specialities are determined to provide the best level of eye care. Founded by James Kirchner, Jim Devine and Brian Hinkley, the company features a round 10 optometrists to help all patients. The simple website includes profile pages on these optometrists, a detailed set of services, information on both frames and contact lenses, employment opportunities and a place where potential patients can request an appointment at the clinic.

17. Total Eye Care

Total Eye Care is a family orientated eye clinic with bases in Colleyville and Keller in Texas. Started in 1995, the clinics were originally founded by Dr. Rich Driscoll and Dr. Alycia Green. The clinic offers full assessments, diagnosis and treatment for both adults and children. This includes injuries, eye diseases and laser vision correction. They are able to provide frames and contacts for patients. The website contains plenty of information from ordering services, registration pages and more.

18. North Shore Eyecare

North Shore Eye Care are a Long Island based eye care clinic. Committed to a good patient-optometrist relationship, the clinic is open to questions and offers as much information as possible. This philosophy is demonstrated by its website. There is a detailed page on LASIK procedures to correct vision, pages on their complete eye care packages, information on cataract treatment, information on the doctors at the clinic and why patients should choose North Shore over other clinics.

19. Today’s Eyecare

Today’s Eyecare are dedicated to friendly, compassionate and on time services for people with eye problems and conditions. The simple website contains a wealth of information in the Acadiana area. The includes information on opening times and the location of the clinic, information on the business, how the eye exams work, information on contact lenses, educational resources and the optometrists. There’s also patient resources such as registering, making an appointment and an online survey.

20. Village Eye Care

Village Eye Care, based in Fayetteville, believe it is important to take the time to get to know their patients. They want to know the patient, their eye history and vision needs. They offer a balanced approach to eyesight in order to deal with vision problems, glaucoma, macula degeneration, eye surgery and eyeglass fitting. They offer routine eye examinations and a full after service care package. The site contains useful information on the business for anyone looking for eye care in the area.

21. Crozet Eye Care

Crozet Eye Care offer a full family service. This starts with comprehensive eye exams and includes both emergency and non-emergency medical services. Their treatment programs include early child care, 600 or more designer frames and the latest contact lenses. They also have a patient referral program that can save existing patients money at a range of businesses should they refer someone. The simple website introduces the company, services, patients, the team and a blog.

22. Vision Aid Overseas

Vision Aid Overseas is a UK based international NGO that works in seven African countries. It helps to fight poverty by transforming the access local people have to eye care. The website lays out the important work the company performs, which includes Vision 2020, a movement to eradicate avoidable blindness caused by poor care or a lack of access to care. As well as information on what the NGO does, it has means for people to help the organization and to help fund it.

23. Wing Eyecare

Wing Eyecare are based in Cincinnati and offer a wide range of services in the Tri-state area. The page is stylish and offers plenty of information through its links. This includes a history of the clinic that was first founded in 1914. The page includes FAQs, news, the company’s guarantee to its patients, career opportunities and a full contact page. Furthermore, it offers information on its products, services and pages where patients can book appointments.

24. Drs. North & Watson Optometrists, P.A.

For nearly two decades Drs. North & Watson Optometrists P.A. and associated doctors have provided comprehensive eye care for Twin Cities’ families. They see patients seven days a week and welcome walk-ins. The company utilizes the latest technology to obtain detailed ocular health evaluations, precise glasses prescriptions and conscientious contact lens fittings. All of this information and more can be found on their website through its easy to use menu on the right hand side.

25. Eye Care Associates

Founded in 1978, Eye Care Associates operates in the triangle region of Sandhills, Burlington and Wilmington. The 30 doctors on the staff offer a wide range of eye care and eye treatment services to local patients. The website contains a wealth of information on these clinics, the glasses available, contacts, how to make savings, information for patients and for groups, a detailed about page and a lot more. There are handy links to finding local offices and to request an appointment.

26. NVision

Nvision is a LASIK company that offers its corrective vision surgery techniques to eye doctors in the California area. This company is worth looking at for anyone thinking of having such eye surgery. This is especially the case if their eye care provider does not have on site LASIK capabilities. The Nvision website offers comprehensive information for patients and doctors to make an appointment, find an office and worth through what LASIK procedures are required.

27.TLC Laser Eye Centers

TLC Laser Eye Centers offer a wide range of LASIK procedures to patients in a number of areas. The company boasts LASIK centers in Chicago, Seatle, Washington DC, New York, Boston and more. The website contains plenty of information on what LASIK eye surgery is and how it helps, an online assessment to see if LASIK might be the right procedure for each patient, the benefits of the surgery and how it works. The comprehensive information helps answer a wide range of patient questions.

28. Valley Laser Eye Centre

The Valley Laser Eye Centre based in several cities across Canada including Fraser Valley, Vancouver and Calgary, offers precise vision care and treatment. VLEC is one of the top ranked eye centres in Canada and offers laser eye treatment and advanced eye surgery options. Each treatment is tailored to the need of the patients. The website contains full information on what services are available as well as pages on eye conditions, eye treatments, an FAQ and a free consultation.

29. Clearview

There are clear objectives at Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center. These are to give personal attention, care and comfort, to use the best and safest procedures and technologies available and to achieve visual freedom. The Clearview website clearly outlines what the company does, who its doctors are, how to select a surgeon, how to make it affordable and what to expect on your first visit. There is plenty of information for all patients to learn more before they make an appointment.

30. Yonge Eglinton Laser

Whether a person is long or short sighted, the Yonge Eglinton Laser Eye and Cosmetic Centre in Toronto can provide a solution. It uses customized LASIK surgery techniques. Each patient not only receives their personalised treatment, but also comes to understand the main techniques on offer and also the alternatives to LASIK should the patient not want laser eye surgery. The website helps to educated both current and prospective patients in the Toronto area.

31. Optilase

Optilase is the leading laser eye specialist in Northern Ireland. The family run practice is committed to delivering outstanding results combined with a dedicated care programme that helps patients before, during and after laser eye surgery procedures. It has clinics in Belfast, Londonderry and Newry. The website helps to outline the services and care programmes the company provides as well as making available testimonials, pricing and finance information.

32. Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley

The Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley does what it says in its title. Based in San Jose, the clinic offers LASIK vision surgery to its patients in the Bay Area and Silicon Vallry. The purpose built office’s website contains a slew of information on LASIK, the technology, on doctors, patients and most importantly to some, cost. There is also some interesting information on how many NFL players they have helped with LASIK.

33. Tylock Lasik

Tylock Lasik is named after one of America’s leading LASIK eye surgeons, Gary R. Tylock. Based near Fort Worth and Dallas, the Tylock LASIK clinic offers over 25 years worth of experience of helping men and women improve their vision through quality care and the latest pioneering, yet safe technology. The website introduces Tylock’s work, an introduction to laser vision correction, information on eyes, the LASIK experience, restoring vision to ageing eyes and patient forms for making appointments.

34. AVC Advanced Vision Care

AVC Advanced Vision Care are a British eye care company based in Marylebone, London. The website includes an introduction to the treatment process, laser treatments and non-laser treatments, information on the technology involved, background information on the AVC experience, frequently asked questions and an eye treatment glossary. There is also plenty of company information on the surgeons, results and their optometrist network. The site is really useful for people looking for laser eye surgery in Britain.

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