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AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, and it is a condition that derives from the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV. Home tests do not look for AIDS itself, but for the HIV virus that causes it. The virus is transmitted from person to person in exchanges of bodily fluids, most commonly via unprotected sex or infected blood. There is no cure for HIV and AIDS statistics 2012 world suggest that there are 34 million people living with HIV AIDS worldwide. Testing is key to raising awareness, helping to limit this continuing epidemic and in effect using HIV treatment as prevention. It also ensures that individual sufferers receive the best treatment available.

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The HIV PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test is a complex technology that can help detect the presence of the virus early on. It seeks to detect HIV DNA in your white blood cells. It differs from traditional tests that look instead for the presence of HIV antibodies as an indicator of the disease. It is important to remember that while it may sound technical, the virus itself is not discerning in who it infects, and AIDS HIV facts prove that it is a problem that can impact of men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds.

Home Test HIV

Tests for HIV can be initiated from home. Some organizations will offer a test where the blood sample is taken by you personally, and then bagged-up and sent off for analysis at a lab. This is great in principle, but in practice it exposes your sample to contamination from any number of outside influences, which can potentially degrade the accuracy of the result. At KwikMed you can order a test where your sample will be taken professionally. It is as simple as creating an online account with KwikMed and partaking in a standard consultation phase that will enable a Physician to approve you for the test. After printing the necessary requisition form you then just drop into a local lab, who will draw the blood sample in a sanitized environment. Your results will then be accessible from the comfort of home within 5 days.

Instant Home HIV Test

The prospect of a quick test result is very tempting if you are afraid that you may be at risk. The reality is that in order to definitively detect the presence of HIV, a blood sample is tested for two types of antibodies. Although this takes a little more time it is a highly accurate method. Left untreated the HIV virus will run amok in the body, and HIV symptoms in men yahoo can include things as innocent as headaches, sore throat and fatigue. It can be easy to dismiss the symptoms and the test result as nothing, but it is critical to your ongoing health that you don’t ignore it. Get help, as quickly as you can to confirm the diagnosis and start receiving potentially life-saving treatment.

Home Rapid HIV Test

Although there is currently no cure for the HIV virus, modern medications can prolong the life of sufferers by delaying the onset of AIDS. The earlier the treatment is started to more effective it can be. Very recent developments in the fight against HIV have shown that it may be possible to use the HIV virus to treat cancer, and it is initiatives like this that may eventually lead to a cure being found for HIV itself. The onset of AIDS sees the HIV virus suddenly multiply and attack the immune system. The trigger for this move to full blown AIDS has yet to be identified, but the results are devastating. It causes even minor infections to become serious problems, and possibly even fatal as the body struggles to defend itself. After testing has produced a positive result, it is vital to seek professional help and advice, and the support of organizations like the aids healthcare foundation Fort Myers can be invaluable.

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