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STD testing still has something of a stigma attached to it, and for that reason many people choose to ignore the risks they are taking. This is bad news for any STD, but particularly concerning with HIV. You can read many HIV symptoms stories where the vague signs of a problem such as fatigue, sore throat, and headaches have been ignored. It is tragic that a delayed diagnosis that leaves HIV untreated, can allow the virus to propagate and advance the potential onset of full blown AIDS. Anonymous testing is widely available, and quick and easy to conduct. There is currently no HIV treatment cure, but early diagnosis and commencement of medication can delay the onset of AIDS, and prolong life. It also raises awareness and helps to limit the disease spreading.

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Home HIV Test Kit

Awareness of AIDS and HIV research is essential to give individuals an greater incentive to discover if they are carrying the HIV virus. This is more important than ever, as recent reports indicate that incidences of HIV young people Australia as just one random location are on the rise. Australia is a long way from reaching the scarily high levels of the epidemic in other parts of the world, as HIV AIDS statistics Africa show – the region accounts for around 69% of worldwide cases of the disease. AIDS statistics by state 2012 for the US can offer an indication of high risk areas in the US, but remember HIV can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime. It is not discerning.

Over The Counter STD Test

Over the counter tests for STD’s such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are readily available, but should be used with caution. The person being tested must follow a very specific set of instructions in order to maximize accuracy. If precision is compromised, or the environment is not sufficiently sanitized, then the results may be inaccurate. If you are in any doubt at all about the result you should get tested in a medical environment. Your health is at serious risk if you get this wrong. For HIV you will need to have a second test to confirm the results anyway, and if you were infected less than 3 months ago it is possible that the antibodies required to trigger detection may not yet be visible in your blood.

Orasure HIV Home Test

One of the first approved home test kits for HIV, Orasure uses an oral swab to test for HIV antibodies, and results are available in as little as 20 minutes. Whilst these tests are considered to have a good accuracy rate, secondary blood testing is always recommended, preferably at least 6 months after the possible date of infection. At KwikMed a blood test can be ordered following a quick procedure of creating an online account, followed by a consultation phase with a Physician who will approve or reject your request. You then print a requisition form and drop into your local lab of choice for them to take the blood sample for analysis. Results are available online in your KwikMed account within 5 days.

Saliva HIV Test

Oral HIV tests actually test a fluid in the mouth called oral mucosal transudate, not saliva, but the process for taking a swab from the mouth is the same as if you were swabbing for a saliva sample. It needs to be said though that these tests are not definitive and as many as 1 in 12 may show a false negative result. If you truly believe yourself to be at risk from HIV then test and test again, using different methods. The prognosis following early diagnosis is improving each year, with modern meds able to stave off the onset of full blown AIDS for a long time, possibly forever in some cases. Organizations such as the AIDS healthcare foundation Oakland can offer you professional help and support if you need it, such as counselling to help you come to terms with a positive diagnosis and how it will affect your lifestyle.

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