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Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted disease (STD) in the United States, with around 1.4 million cases diagnosed each year. The disease can go undetected for some time, as it often has no symptoms. However, as it can lead to infertility in women, its spread needs to be controlled. The symptoms of chlamydia in women to be aware of include vaginal discharge, a burning sensation on urination and pelvic or abdominal pain. As a woman it is vital you get tested if you notice these and although you can get chlamydia tests San Francisco to New York at clinics, a home test kit make this easier.

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Chlamydia Gonorrhea Test

If you have one STD there is a chance you may have another, which is why you are often offered a range of tests together. Like chlamydia there are often few symptoms with gonorrhea and when they do appear, they can be similar to those for chlamydia, so consider getting tested for both infections at the same time. It is important to know which infection you have so that the right treatment can be given. In both gonorrhea and chlamydia treatment antibiotics are needed, but the type used varies.

Chlamydia Test Accuracy

The accuracy of chlamydia tests depends on the method which they use to detect the bacteria that causes the disease. Those that search for the bacteria’s genetic material from a sample of body fluids are the most accurate. Alternatively tests can look for chlamydia antigens, the markers the bacteria carry that triggers a response by the immune system; these are not quite as accurate as the tests reliant on chlamydia DNA. Sometimes a sample may be cultured to grow bacteria and although this is an accurate method, it takes a longer time to obtain the results. If you are surprised by the results obtained, it might be advisable to ask for a second test to be sure the right diagnosis is made.

Rapid Chlamydia Test

It is advisable that treatments for chlamydia are started as soon as possible and tests that provide you with results in a matter of days enable this. Tests arranged through KwikMed can offer rapid chlamydia results. If you would like to use our service, register for an account if you are a new customer and through this request an online consultation. After asking a few questions to check that a chlamydia test is appropriate, the doctor will sign the necessary form that approves a test to be performed. This paperwork will be emailed to you once you have paid and this can then be taken to the lab where you plan to be tested. A blood sample may be taken in conjunction with a urine sample or swab of the infected area. In less than a week you will have the results to view via your online account. The service offered throughout is on a par with confidential chlamydia testing clinics San Francisco.

Male Chlamydia Test

As in women, men often don’t have any signs that they have a chlamydia infection. In contrast though, men are unlikely to have any long term complications from chlamydia, but as they can spread the disease to their female partners, it is vital men get tested for the infection after unprotected sex or if a previous partner informs them they have an STD. The confidential chlamydia tests San Francisco or anywhere else offers a route for testing and can provide peace of mind that they won’t be infecting their partners. Even if these tests come back negative, it is vital in a new relationship that you use condoms, as you don’t necessarily know the sexual history of your partner; if you wish to cease use of these, you should both get tested for a range of STDs.

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