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Tests for gonorrhea are available over the counter or online, regardless of your physical location. Searching for an std test kit Chicago, for example will throw out any number of available products nationwide. Tests usually take the form of a urine or swab test of bodily fluids, preferably from the site of infection. Results can be available immediately, or after a few short days if your sample is sent to a lab for professional assessment. Gonorrhea is a well known Sexually Transmitted Disease or STD. Also called the Clap or Drip it is a very contagious disease. Contraction most often occurs after sexual contact with an individual who is infected, but can also occur where contact with infected bodily fluids happens.

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Oral Gonorrhea Blood Test

Oral gonorrhea, also known as pharyngeal gonorrhea, can occur where the infection has been transmitted during oral sex, resulting in swollen throat glands and/or a sore throat. A swab is the usual method employed in detection. General gonorrhea symptoms can take only 2-5 days to appear in men, and up to 10 days in women, but it can take up to 30 days before any signs are apparent. In around 50% of cases women show no symptoms at all, but they are normally visible in men. Typical gonorrhea symptoms male could include greenish yellow or whitish discharge from the penis, swollen and sore testicles, and burning in the throat from oral sex, but gonorrhea symptoms in men rash is not normally apparent. In women a similar vaginal discharge is common, along with other symptoms such as a swollen vulva, lower abdominal pain, and conjunctivitis.

Can You Detect Gonorrhea Blood Test

Testing for gonorrhea is usually done via a sample of bodily fluid from the infected area, such as a discharge, or from urine. These are tested for the presence of Neisseria Gonorrhoeae, the gonorrhea bacteria. Blood testing is not normally used for detection. Gonorrhea treatment in pregnancy is particularly important, as in childbirth an infected mother may pass the disease to the newborn child. Early detection in pregnancy will normally allow the disease to be successfully treated ahead of birth, thus eliminating the risk of transmission.

Gonorrhea And Chlamydia Test

These two STDs are clinically similar and are often found occurring simultaneously, so testing for both at the same time is a wise precaution. This service is offered by KwikMed who are licensed in America for this service, and use a urine test not a swab. The urine is tested by a process of nucleic acid amplification to detect the relevant bacteria, a procedure which is known to be more accurate than a swab test. To order your KwikMed test, register online via the website, and following a brief consultation with a Physician your test request will be assessed. If approved, a print of the requisition form sent to you can be taken to a local lab, where samples will be taken and analyzed, with the results being dispatched to your KwikMed account within 5 days. This is a quick and effective way to ensure the test is conducted safely and accurately. It is also independent of your physical location.

Gonorrhea Test Results

Gonorrhea test results will usually give a definitive result showing if you are infected or not. It is important to get medical treatment as soon as possible after a positive test result. If you leave gonorrhea untreated complications can arise. Women could be at risk from pelvic inflammatory disease and increased risk of ectopic pregnancy. In men the untreated gonorrhea can lead to epididymitis, and prostate problems. In extreme cases the disease can spread to the blood or joints in both genders, where it can become life-threatening. There are gonorrhea treatment cdc recommendations, and these include specific types of antibiotics – gonorrhea is resistant to certain types of antibiotics, so careful prescription is required to ensure treatment is successful.

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